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Who's Afraid of the Darkness 7

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You have been warned …

You have been warned …

A Town Under Siege ...

After securing the house, Jacolby makes sure Percy Morgan is equipped with his lantern and understands that the gates will NOT be managed after dark.

“Morgan—I have my remote for the gate. I will personal inform residences regarding entrance and exit from the community of Summerlake Village during the town meeting. Don’t be seduced outside of your guard shack and under NO circumstances venture out at night without this lantern.” Jacolby hands Morgan one of the thirteen lanterns, courtesy of Madame Zaire and Sheriff Hamilton.

“Don’t you worry none, Mr. Albright. I ain’t setting foot out of my shack until the morning replacement man comes. Six to six is my shift and I plan on sticking to that.” Morgan answers, gladly taking one of the lanterns.

“No night patrol until this creature is either apprehended or subdue.” Cody adds.

“Gotta, Mr. Cody!” Morgan responds.

As they pull away from the gated community, Jo and Cody look back at old Morgan.

“I sure would hate anything to happen to that old soldier.” Jo replies.

“Don’t you concern yourself about Percy Morgan. That’s one man who totally believes in the supernatural and nobody or nothing is going to get him away from that shack.” Jacolby reminds her.

“We’d better get to the Madisonville Community Center. It may be okay now—but just as soon as the sun goes down it will not be safe for most of the people of our fair town.” Cody adds.

Jacolby puts his foot down on the accelerator just a wee bit harder as they head toward town. There is a refreshingly cool breeze and the trio take advantage of that fact by letting their windows down. Jo is reflecting on the story told by Henry Hamilton. She wonders how it would feel to have the love of such a powerful creature as Вячеслав. Then her mind wonders to Пожиратель and a frightening thought enters her mind.

Why is Пожиратель so captivated with Jordan? Could it be personal?

Why is Пожиратель so captivated with Jordan? Could it be personal?

“What if Пожиратель is looking for a human heir to carry on his lineage?” She thinks to herself. “What better vessel than that of Вячеслав’s bloodline?”

“You are treading on dangerous ground.” Her brother warns her.

“You know?” Jo asks him.

“Yes, I know.” Cody replies.

“What are you two discussing? Whenever you start whispering like that, Gloria and I always knew trouble was brewing.” Jacolby jokes but when he reads the looks on both his twins’ faces—he becomes very much troubled.

“It’s nothing, father.” Cody speaks up first.

“Everything is fine, dad.” Jo confirms.

“When Cody calls me father, I know better than to think that everything is even remotely fine. Now—I want to know what is going on between you two.” Jacolby insists.

“We’ll talk about it later, dad. Now we have to focus on the town meeting. We’ve got to get these lanterns in the hands of the people who will need them most.” Jo reminds her father. He nods in agreement and the rest of the journey is traveled in silence.

Every once in a while Cody will look at his sister, then shake his head and revert to other interest. Soon they are pulling up into the parking area of the Madisonville Community Center and Jacolby parks in his reserved spot.

“Cody, you and Jo bring in the lanterns while I secure my position near the center of the table. The mayor, Jill Abernathy should already be there with the Chief Inspector and the rest of the crew.” Jacolby grabs his attaché case and continues through the double doors.

The mayor is most anxious to get things rolling. There is very little time to waste!

The mayor is most anxious to get things rolling. There is very little time to waste!

Jo sees a shopping cart and brings it over to her father’s car. There she and her brother can put the twelve remaining lanterns inside and hurry to join their father. The meeting is already in session.

“So good to see you, District Attorney Jacolby Albright. Chief Inspector Sean Williams has been filling us in on this crisis that our town is facing. Would you like to elaborate?” Mayor Abernathy asks.

“Yes, I would mayor. We are faced with a deadly adversary. The likes of which this town has never seen. We will be enforcing a curfew in the interest of protecting all of you. Other than those who are required to be out after dark—no one else is allow on the streets of Madisonville after sundown.” Jacolby explains.

“Now wait a minute, Jacolby. The Westside Tavern has always been opened after dark. Townspeople look forward to wetting their whistle and partaking in the latest gossip. Now you’re saying we can’t do this anymore?” Pete Yancey, the proprietor of The Westside Tavern complains.

“Pete—Marcie Edwards, Charlie Crenshaw, Bonnie Coltrane and heavens only knows who else are dead because of this creature.” Jacolby replies.

“I hear that it’s just some big animal. Probably escaped from the zoo—a man eater. Why not me and a few of the boys hunt this thing down and then we can return to normal.” Pete brags.

“You don’t understand Pete, this thing has enormous powers.” Officer Conway interrupts.

“So says you—how do we know that you weren’t just exaggerating?” Pete questions.

“Because I was with him. I’m a reporter as you all know. I am trained to give the facts. This is a very real and present danger.” Jo adds her comments.

“Well—I just don’t see the need for all this ballyhoo.” Pete stubbornly comments.

“Yeah, how do we know what was seen.” Someone else yells.

“I think it’s just a hokes!” Another person replies.

By now, the mayor is tired of this back and forth bickering and so is Chief Inspector Williams. He slowly rises and all the undertone comments cease.

“This is a town under siege. Now, if Pete here wants to risk his life and venture out after dark; let me make you all aware of a few things. Is that alright with you, Mayor Abernathy?”

“By all means, Inspector Williams.”

“Okay—it’s like this. Anyone who wants to venture outside after dark—you do so at your own risk. There will be no police patrolling the streets and unless your house is on fire or you have a medical emergency—you better believe you are damn well on your own. You are grown folks and some of you have grown children. This curfew is mandatory. However, my men are not going outside during nighttime hours to arrest you. If your stupid carcass is still alive at daybreak—we will haul your mangy bottom in. Otherwise, Jake here of Jake Gipson and Son Mortuary will pick you up—that is what’s left of you.” Chief Inspector concludes to the satisfaction of the mayor and the DA (District Attorney.)

To Be Continued ...

Who's Afraid of the Darkness 8

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