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Who's Afraid of the Darkness 6

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This means WAR!

This means WAR!

Strategic Planning ...

After seeing his guests to their car and wishing them a safe return trip—Jacolby makes that telephone call to his wife—dreading her reactions.

“Gloria darling, how are things in Detroit?” Jacolby begins the conversation.

“What’s wrong, Jay?” Gloria knows that Jacolby is not in the habit of calling her during the day unless there is a crisis at home. Normally, when she’s away—they have intimate conversations after hours.

“Sweetheart, I am going to explain some things to you that you probably only guessed about concerning my connections with Sheriff Hamilton.” Jacolby says.

“You mean other than your military days, right?”

“Yes, darling that is right.”

“Does it have anything to do with that secret organization The Enlighteners?”

“You know about this, Glo?” Jacolby is shocked by this revelation.

“Of course I know about it. I didn’t get to be a hard-hitting reporter by just sitting on my bottom picking lint off your suit.” Gloria replies sarcastically.

“How did you find out?” Jacolby still can’t believe what he is hearing.

“It was about two years ago—during the commotion in Portville. Those two fellows who were involved with a Therianthropy.” Gloria retorts. “You had a clipping of that article in one of your trouser pockets. I did some further research—even talked to the guys. A lot of hush, hush!”

“The article didn’t refer to the incident as anything to do with a Therianthropy.” Jacolby mentions.

“No but somebody mentioned seeing a cat fall from an apartment building. I found a couple of witnesses and they gave me a few details that didn’t get printed. Like I said—I talked with Eddie and Kevin.” A satisfied look is on Gloria’s face.

“Well damn, girl! You can keep a secret—can’t you?” Jacolby marvels.

“When I deem it necessary, yes. Now—what’s this all about?” Gloria leans back in her recliner.

“It’s back!”

Cody and Jo have spent many hours doing research on various occurrences. This time, it's a little bit different!

Cody and Jo have spent many hours doing research on various occurrences. This time, it's a little bit different!

Meanwhile, Jo and Cody take the refreshment trays into the kitchen. The staff has previously been given the day off—for privacy reasons—and it is up to the twins to tidy up.

“The Devourer—Пожиратель, that is a fitting name for a nemesis such as the likes of this!” Jo retorts taking items from Cody and loading them into the dishwasher.

“I’m going to need to take some time off for our training.” Cody adds. “This isn’t going to be easy—considering that WE are the talisman. That makes the lives of the citizens of Madisonville our responsibility.”

“How did this mess get started in the first place?” Jo wonders as she closes and starts the machine.

“Apparently, when that witch imputed her soul into that cat Phineas—the cycle was recreated, giving evil just the boast it needed to move forward!” Cody answers. “And now, it’s up to people like us and Sheriff Hamilton, along with his crew to combat this force; helping to restore balance in the universe.”

“You sound like the writer of a dime store comic book. Let’s go talk to father—I’m sure he is arranging everything with Madame Zaire.” Cody and Jo leave the kitchen, returning to their father’s study.

“I had a good long talk with both your mother and Madame Zaire.” Jacolby commences.

“How did mom take it?” Cody questions.

“Hell—she already knew all about the incident in Portville—Therianthropy, the hold nine yards.” Jacolby shakes his head.

“That’s mom alright, now what about Madame Zaire.” Jo queries.

“Well—I’ve had a talk with the good Madame also. We’ll be leaving on Thursday and staying at the Christmas Cottage Inn.” Jacolby relays the information to his twins.

Remember the Christmas Cottage Inn

Remember the Christmas Cottage Inn

“The Christmas Cottage Inn—why there?” Jo cries.

“First, it has been completely renovated on the inside and there is no trace of the beast or her handiwork. Second, it’s the best place to call Base Operations since the Hamilton Family have taken it over. Third, it’s been decided and my dears—that is that.” Jacolby states with finality.

“Okay, just asking.” Jo replies. “That’s day after tomorrow—what do we do in the meantime?”

“Each night, we journey into town. We make sure that everyone who needs a lantern has one. They are defenseless against this present danger without it. There will have to be a town’s meeting, stressing the need for a curfew. Also why it’s being enforced due to the death of four people. They will need to keep their homes secure—always leaving a hall light on—and under no circumstances go outside without a lantern.”

“Who are the principle characters in this town meeting?” Cody questions.

Chief Inspector and I will let everyone know in no uncertain terms that we will not be responsible for the safety of anyone who breaks curfew. No police will patrol the area after dark. Only if there is an extreme emergency will fire and ambulance drivers be permitted to venture after dark accompanied by several lanterns.” Jacolby affirms.

“There will be a need to set up some type of shelter for our few homeless individuals—thank goodness we only have about three or four that we know of. Any others, well ... they are on their own.” Cody suggests.

“Our radio station KZAM will give daily updates and reminders. Perhaps the first thing in the morning and then later before dark. The people who work the night-shift will have to be on special vigilance. I suggest they be given walkie/talkies to check in on their way to and from their jobs, as well as having their lanterns.” Jo states.

“I think we have a plan in place. Of course, its going to be rougher going when it’s necessary for us to go out of town. I wish one of us could stay here but the three of us will need to learn this first hand. Let me get on the phone to the Chief. It will be dark soon and we’ll need to head out.” Jacolby turns to his phone and the twins leave the study, both in deep thought.

“If it’s our DNA that protects as well as repels the creature, it would be wonderful if it will be possible to create something from maybe a pint of blood we’ve donated?” Jo wonders.

“It would definitely take a lot of it to secure the entire town while we are away. I’ve not given but the usual amount every year.” Cody says.

“Yeah—and if there was a way to remanufacture it and make talismans, it seems that somebody would have suggested it.” Jo concludes, realizing that her early comments weren’t helpful.

“The good citizens are going to have to do their bidding during the day and heaven help them if they venture out at night. I hope that if Martha Jean thinks she might go into labor—she better secure a room at County General during daylight hours.” Cody smiles.

“Amen to that, Cody.” Jo agrees. Then they both go to their father’s car to load up the lanterns.

To Be Continued ...

Who's Afraid of the Darkness 7

  • Who's Afraid of the Darkness 7
    There are some people you can warn of impending danger and they listen intently—there are others that won’t believe you until it bites them on the asphalt!

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