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Who's Afraid of the Darkness 5

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Вячеслав Bloodline Revealed ...

Jacolby spends a restless night in bed. For the first time in his married life he finds himself concerned not only about his children, but about his wife as well. He knew that his job as Madisonville’s District Attorney would be filled with awkward situations. He had informed Gloria of that fact and she was very understanding. However, what is happening now doesn’t actually go with the territory.

Then there are his children to consider. Although they are both 20 years old—hardly considered babies—he still feels a moral obligation to protect them whenever possible. To think that he had led them into such a predicament gives his stomach an uneasy feeling. It is a long, hard struggle but sleep finally captures Jacolby Arlington Albright II!

The next morning, Jacolby gets his much-awaited telephone call.

“Good morning, Jacolby!” Henry begins.

“Good morning, Henry. So, have you spoken to Madame Zaire?” Jacolby anxiously inquires.

“Yes—and I am afraid that the news I have for you is an unexpected surprise for both of us.” Henry informs.

“Henry, why don’t you come to the house. I’ll let the daytime guard, Charlie Lester know of your visit.” Jacolby states.

“That will be fine. And, make sure that your twins are there. It is paramount that they be present for this.” Henry mysteriously annotates.

About an hour later, the four of them are sitting in Jacolby’s Grecian Gardens overlooking the man-made lake. Jacolby speaks first.

“Okay, Henry we are all here. By the way kids—this is your godmother Jenny Hamilton. Her maiden name is Albright—she’s your cousin as well! You already know Henry, Cody but you don’t Jo.” Jacolby offers in the way of quick introductions.

“So you’re my godfather? Please to meet you, Henry.” Jo extends a well-manicured hand—void of any colored nail polish but still quite feminine, nevertheless.

“It’s good to finally meet you in person. I had a long, interesting talk with Madame Zaire and first I need to inform you that there is no talisman artifact to give you against this current evil.” Henry relays grimly.

“No talisman? How in the hell are we supposed to defend ourselves from this thing? Say— Abracadabra?” Jacolby responds incredulously.

“Actually, you won’t have to use any words. It’s in your blood.” Henry states.

“That explains why when Officer Conway and I had the encounter with the beast, it knocked him down and brushed pass me so fast that I fell over.” Jo deduces.

“Very smart girl. You are definitely going to be an assets to our organization.” Henry boasts. “Now, listen while I explain to you how it came to be that you possess the blood line of Вячеслав. To invoke the spirit of our Protector—I have to pronounce the incantation. You carry it within your DNA.”

“How can that be possible?” Asks Jo in astonishment.

“It seems that Вячеслав was befriended by a beautiful native girl, Amaliya, on one of his visits to the Northern Lands.” Henry begins his story. “As soon as he beheld her beauty; he had to possess her as his own. She fell in love with him as well.” Henry pauses to accept the tea Jo presents to him.

“How very enchanting!” Jo can’t help herself, but her brother looks at her in disdain.

“Will you please stop interrupting and let him get on with the story!” Cody demands giving his sister a brotherly reprimand.


The Seduction of Amaliya …

The Seduction of Amaliya …

“Yes—well, for a very short time, Вячеслав was allowed to have human form for three winters. As a result, the All Bright lineage was introduced. The two sons of Вячеслав proved to be the most intelligent and creative pair of humans being endowed with the ability to combat the presence of evil.” Henry takes another sip of the wonderful herbal tea.

“Eventually, Вячеслав had to return to his former state. Amaliya had another son, but he is not a true descendant. However, since the girl never married, her boy Justin still bore the Albright name!” Henry concludes, stopping to finish his tea before it gets cold and Jenny takes over.

“So you see—by that police officer being in your very proximity—you were able to protect him. And, you didn’t even know that it was YOU who was doing it and not him! My married name was Albright, before I became Mrs. Hamilton, but not the same family!” Jenny proclaims smiling.

So, why did I fall when the beast brushed passed me!” Jo asks but Coby speaks up now.

“Your skills need to be refined. You are new to your abilities and you are going to have to be trained. In fact, I think the family will need renewed skills.” Cody adds.

“I agree—it will be necessary that we leave Madisonville. Only Madame Zaire and the woodland creatures of the Perpetual Forest can give us the skills necessary to defeat this menace. Unfortunately, when we are gone, the good people of Madisonville will be powerless to combat this evil. They will be completely unprotected—that is unless you can stay awhile, Henry.” Jacolby looks at his friend.

“I would love to—but I am afraid that I am the Guardian of the North! You and your family are universal guardians because you actually have the blood of Вячеслав running in your veins. Perhaps, they will not be totally powerless.” Henry says.

“What do you mean, Henry?” Jacolby is intrigued.

“This is a creature of darkness—he will never present himself to light! Just make sure that your police department maintain a strict curfew. If not—then there is nothing they can do about this terror until you return.” Jenny informs Jacolby.

“I have brought with me some special illuminating lights. They are a gift from Madame Zaire. While they cannot defeat the beast—their glow will be a source of resistance against him. Other than that—there is nothing until the three of you return!” Henry drives the point home.

“Then, a lot of lives will be lost.” Jacolby states. “I’m going to talk to my wife Gloria. It’s about time she knows everything. I don’t want her coming back here. She can just stay in Detroit until—” He then looks at his children and back at Henry.

“Until this evil is contained or eliminated.” Henry concludes.

“Does this evil have a name?” Jo inquires.

“Пожиратель—Devourer!” Both Henry and Jenny proclaim.

To Be Continued …

Who's Afraid of the Darkness 6

  • Who's Afraid of the Darkness 6
    Now that the local members of The Enlighteners have been thoroughly schooled by Sheriff Hamilton along with his wife Jenny, the only thing that’s left to do is to inform the townsfolk. The District Attorney is not looking forward to that task, so he

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