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Who's Afraid of the Darkness 2

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Evil personified!

Evil personified!

Ailuranthropy ...

When Jo finally pulls up into the driveway—her father is standing outside the front door waiting for her.

“You took your blessed time coming back home.” Jacolby scolds.

“I’m sorry dad, but I was caught up in a conversation with Mr. Morgan.” Jo hugs her father and apologizes.

“What was the old rascal gabbing about this time, some movie he saw on the TV?” Jacolby gives his daughter a hug and ushers her into the house.

“No, the incidents at The Christmas Cottage Inn and werecats.” Jo replies jokingly and is alarmed by the look on her father’s face.

“What’s the matter, dad?” Jo asks her father as she follows him into his Study.

“What exactly did Mr. Morgan tell you about the incident?” Jacolby goes back to insure that both his wife and son are sound asleep.

“Dad, you don’t really believe in this werecat nonsense, do you?” Jo looks uneasily at her father.

Jacolby fires up his computer and then types in the word Ailuranthropy. This is what appears—

Ailuranthropy comes from the Greek words ailouros meaning "cat", and anthropos, meaning "human" and refers to human/feline transformations, or to other beings that combine feline and human characteristics. Its root word is also used in ailurophobia, the most common term for a phobia of cats. —Wikipedia

“But it’s just mythology—isn’t it?” Jo replies nervously. Her father shakes his head.

“No, it’s not. Mostly you hear about it happening up North, the area where Henry Hamilton lives. There is an organization called The Enlighteners.” Jacolby whispers to Jo.

The Enlighteners? Dad, are you trying to tell me that you are a member of some elite secret organization? Mom and Cody don’t know anything about this?” Jo feels as if she doesn’t know this man that she’s been calling father for 20 years.

“Look, Jo. I didn’t think that you or your mother needed to know anything about this. When the case surfaced two years ago in Davis County, Madame Zaire contacted me to put me on alert.” Jacolby explains.

“Madame Zaire? And is Cody a member as well?” Jo asks incredulously.

“Yes—and a great asset as well. I just didn’t want to wake him right now. He put an exceptional amount of time and effort into that Miller Case and now it seems that we may be in for even greater peril.” Jacolby looks at his daughter.

“Mr. Morgan must have told you what I thought I saw.” Jo shakes her head knowing full well that Mr. Morgan can’t keep anything from her father.

“Yes, he told me.” Jacolby responds solemnly.

“And, you think it may have been an Ailuranthropy that I saw?” Jo sits on the ottoman in front of her father’s recliner.

“Cats don’t normally climb nines stories to peek into a window.” Jacolby replies looking intently at his daughter.

“I saw it again in the alley.” Jo adds.

“Let’s keep this under wraps. No need in panicking the city. Just keep your eyes open. By the way, do you remember what size the cat was?” Jacolby grabs a couple of peppermints he keeps hidden in his chair.

“Oh about the size of a black tiger.” Jo replies and retrieves the peppermint her father drops before it hits the floor.

Henry Hamilton, also known as ... выбрали один!

Henry Hamilton, also known as ... выбрали один!

Making a Call to Davis County ...

After Jacolby advises Jo to go on to bed and not discuss their conversation with anybody, Jacolby decides to make a phone call to an old friend. The phone rights several times before a sleep Henry Hamilton answers it.

“Hello, this better be important.” Henry replies sleepily.

“I got one word for you—Ailuranthropy!” Jacolby responds and Henry shoots straight up in bed, waking his wife, Jenny.

“Henry, what’s the matter—who’s calling at this hour?” Jenny replies, feeling a little cross from being awaken from a pleasant dream.

“It sounds a lot like Jacolby Albright, and he said the word Ailuranthropy!” Henry tells his wife—covering up the phone to muzzle their conversation.

“Oh no ...” Jenny replies also sitting up in bed now.

“Right.” Henry states then removing his hand, he resumes his conversation with Jacolby. “Now tell me what you know. It’s Jacolby, right?”

“Yep, it’s me Henry. I wish I was calling under better circumstances. How’s Jenny?” Jacolby inquires.

“She’s great!” An impatient Henry informs Jacolby, “Now tell me about this siting?”

“Possible siting from my daughter.” Jacolby corrects.

“Your daughter?” Henry is surprised at this revelation. “Does she know about the organization? It was about time you let her in on it. If she is anything like your son—we could definitely use her. Twin sister, right?” Henry asks.

“That’s right on both counts. She has fantastic instincts, but they need fine tuning. Anyway, she was working late on the Miller Robbery Case—” Jacolby is interrupted by Henry.

“That was great work your son Cody did in cracking that case. No one would have guessed that it was an inside job. That boy’s a genius!” Henry brags. “Reminds me of his old man back in our military days.”

“Anyway—Jo was working late last night on the story when she sees a pair of eyes watching her from a window—a pair of feline eyes.” Jacolby adds.

“It could have been just a stray cat, curious as to the light it saw.” Henry offers.

“Jo’s office is on the ninth floor. That is some curious kitty, don’t you think.” Jacolby chuckles.

“The ninth floor—I’ll say that’s a curious cat. What else you got?”

“When she was getting into her car—she saw the same pair of eyes.” Jacolby informs Henry.

“Did she give you any indication of how large this kitty is?” Henry questions.

“Yeah, the size of a black leopard!” Jacolby responds.

“Damn!” Exclaims Henry.

“My sentiments exactly.” Agrees Jacolby.

“Let me get in touch with Madame Zaire at the Perpetual Forest and get back with you.” Henry says.

“That would be an excellent idea.” Jacolby says.

“You tell Jo to be careful. I would hate anything happening to my goddaughter. I bet you’ve never told her who her godfather is.” Henry admonishes.

“Actually, the subject never came up. Talk to you later, friend!” Jacolby replies.

“Yeah, later Jacolby.” Henry says, then looking at Jenny “Honey, pack a small bag—looks like we may be going to Madisonville!”

To Be Continued ...

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