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Who's Afraid of the Darkness 13

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The waiting game begins …

The waiting game begins …

Putting the Town on Code 9 ...

As the trio reach their home—there is a calmness surrounding them. It is as if they know that they have existed for this very day. Jacolby and Cody unload the car while Jo unlocks the door. No one says a word. Each knows what has to be done and the manner in which it must be done.

Henry has already anticipated the fact that Пожиратель may have incorporated reinforcements so instead of the usual single earthen urn, three have been brought. Nothing has been left to chance. When dealing with a deadly enemy—you don’t always get a second try!

Even though the descendants of Вячеслав are mighty in valour—those whose alliances are with Пожиратель cannot be underestimated. Their cunning and willingness to use every possible means in order to win this battle of forces are carefully being considered. This is why Jacolby is calling the Chief Inspector Hal Williams. The town must be put on high alert!

“Hal—how are things in Madisonville?” Jacolby inquires.

“Much better than could ever be expected. After that horrible encounter Pete Yancey and Bill Callaway had with that creature; people have been sitting tight. Well—except for that Summerlake Village Caper.” The Chief acknowledges.

“Yeah, that was a bad as well as totally unnecessary scene. Percy Morgan, our night guard witnessed the entire occurrence.” Jacolby informs him.

“That must have been nothing short of a nightmare.” The Chief retorts.

“It was—now poor Percy blames himself for not being able to go out there and flash his lantern.” Jacolby states shaking his head.

Madisonville's Highest Alert ... absolutely no exceptions! No one on the streets!

Madisonville's Highest Alert ... absolutely no exceptions! No one on the streets!

“Well, he shouldn’t. Everybody was warned. I don’t know why those people went to Jefferson County just to eat out. If they had come into Madisonville, then things would have closed down in time for them to get home before sunset.” Hal justifies.

“That’s a mystery to me as well, Hal. Hey—being Chief Inspector aren’t you suppose to have some clues.” Jacolby says sarcastically.

“Now don’t you get started on that. If it wasn’t for the fact that you are very much needed on this case—I’d send you to County General Hospital for observation.” Jokes the Chief.

“You and whose army?” Jacolby joins in the battering. “Hey, enough of this nonsense, Hal. The twins and I will be pulling into town in about an hour. Please, make double sure that nobody is on the street. And, this includes the folks with lanterns. I think that our perpetrator will not be alone and will try anything to stop us.” Jacolby cautions.

“What? You have got to be kidding, right?” The Chief questions incredulously.

“Not this time, my friend. Contact those involved on a scrambled radio frequency and let them know to pack it in. Just tell them that this is a Code 9.” Jacolby states emphatically.

“Will do—I don’t have to tell you to be careful.” The Chief adds.

“Always!” Is Jacolby’s response and both hang up.

Chief Williams moves swiftly to his basement and radios both Officer Conway and the medical group.

“This is a Code 9, I repeat a Code 9. No one is to be on the streets tonight. Officer Conway use your bullhorn to stress this fact. There is to be absolutely no exceptions. Jacolby Albright and the twins will be in town in about an hour from now. Code 9 with maximum enforcement. That is all.”

The mayor and the entire staff of Madisonville must be put on Code 9. Everyone is aware of the consequences of violation!

The mayor and the entire staff of Madisonville must be put on Code 9. Everyone is aware of the consequences of violation!

The same message is then repeated to the mayor. The medical staff is put on lockdown with no one going either in or out of the hospital regardless of lanterns. The coroner and his staff are ordered to return home with instructions that no one will be picked up until sunrise. The Chief stresses that every single person with or without lanterns are urged to stay in their homes. He reiterates that they must turn every single light on in each room and under no circumstances let the dogs out to pee. Seal every door flap and if by chance their dogs do get out—don’t allow them access back into the house. Everything must be secure!

Cody goes to pick up Morgan and personally takes him to his home. He also gives him a stern reminder.

“I don’t care who calls you—even if they say that they are me or dad—don’t go out! Do you understand, Mr. Morgan?”

“You don’t have to tell me twice. I saw what those creatures are capable of doing. And, if they try to disguise their voice or try to mimic me—the password is In Your Face!” Morgan states.

“That’s great, Mr. Morgan! I think I’m going to pass that bit of information down to dad. Let me get back to him before we lock up.” Cody shakes his head in amazement—wondering why he never thought of that.

Cody arrives back at the house and relays his conversation with Morgan to his father. Although Jacolby thinks that this is a great idea—he’s afraid that it’s a little late, explaining to his son that since it’s already nightfall the enemy may have access to even secured radio transmissions.

“We are just going to have to be careful and depend on our people to understand that it’s imperative that they remain indoors. I wish that I had thought about a password myself. We’ll have to stand firm on the old Code 9 system.” Jacolby tells his son. With everything in place, the Albrights are now on their way to Madisonville.

To Be Continued ...

Who's Afraid of the Darkness Conclusion

  • Who's Afraid of the Darkness Conclusion
    And now—The Final Confrontation! The stage is set. The curtain goes up! The theme—complete annihilation of Пожиратель and his henchmen! Once again order is restored to the Southern Plains!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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