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Who's Afraid of the Darkness 12

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The final confrontation is nearing …

The final confrontation is nearing …

Returning to Madisonville …

Time seems to move swiftly as each member of the Albright family boosts their acquired skills. Because they are directly in the lineage of Вячеслав; their courage is enhanced triple fold. This is due in part to the heightening of their other attributes. Jenny talks with Jo alone.

“This totally explains why Пожиратель desires you so much. Just imagine if he had been able to mate with you. Henry told me how magnificently you resisted him during your twilight experience.” Jenny brags. “It will be wonderful having you here!”

“I have always known that Madisonville would not be my permanent residence. Remember how I told you I felt that I had been here before?” Jo recites.

“Indeed, I remember it well. Cody will have no problem adjusting to living up North as well. I can see him on numerous crusades with Henry. I believe that eventually he will find a wife in our beautiful territory. However, your father is the Guardian of the Southern Plains now. His universal status has been transferred forever. Cody is versatile—that is his allegiance is equally shared between the Southern Plains and the Northern Lands, just as you are!” Jenny informs Jo.

“I know that I will miss my father so very much—the newspaper that I worked on will be a personal loss to me as well.” Jo laments.

“This is definitely true, Jo.” Jenny agrees.

“However, I will visit my parents often—that is if it is alright with you and Вячеслав?” Jo inquires.

“I know it will be—less you are needed here.” Jenny reminds her. “It is unfortunate, but the Therianthropy threat seems to be growing.”

“You don’t suppose Viktoria has somehow escaped the abyss?” Jo inquires.

“No—at any rate the evil exists nevertheless.” Jenny answers.

“I believe this threat manifest itself before Viktoria willed her spirit into Phineas. It was just waiting for a vehicle in which to traverse between the spirit world and the mortal realms.” Jo acknowledges.

“You are right! Indeed, your brother and you are just the persons The Enlighteners need. You and I are both Seers, Seekers and Zoolinguist. I have seen in you the ability to talk with the animals.” Jenny informs Jo.

“That’s amazing!” Jo exclaims. “I have never tried this before—I will, though!”

“Plus, you are a Searcher and Protector—like Henry! You are the first of your kind to display all traits of The Enlighteners. Your brother has this as well, and will need to perfect his skills as a Zoolinguist. The combine forces of you twins embody all that is in crux—The Valiant Vigilantes!” Jenny replies in awe. “It may be necessary for us to change our name.”

Both laugh hardily.

This pendant evokes fear in the hearts of all the Therianthropy Clan! For it is the mark of the true Protector of the Northern Lands plus the Southern Plains!

This pendant evokes fear in the hearts of all the Therianthropy Clan! For it is the mark of the true Protector of the Northern Lands plus the Southern Plains!

“In the meantime, my brother and I will be preparing for our return trip to Madisonville.” Jo reminds Jenny.

“This is true.” And Jenny gives Jo a brief hug.

The men have packed the car for the return trip. The ceremonial robes are the property of the Albrights—along with 12 more lanterns and special necklaces bearing the claw of the tiger. Jenny is again talking to Jo as Henry relays some parting words to both Jacolby and Cody.

“You will be able to defend the town against this enemy. Be sure to put his spirit into the earthen urn. Then, it can be transported back to the Northern Lands and disposed of in the abyss.” Henry explains.

“Will this be necessary every time we encounter one of the Therianthropy Clan?” Jacolby inquires.

“Yes—every single time.” Henry affirms.

“Alright then—let’s be off. Jo, come along. I want to drive straight through so we can reach Madisonville by nightfall. No telling how many others have been foolish enough to venture after dark.”

Jacolby and Cody exchange handshakes and brief pats on the back with Henry while Jo and Jenny do the same through tears.

“I am truly going to miss you, my little goddaughter. I am unable to have children but if I could—I would want her to be just like you, Jo.” Jenny states through tears.

“I have only known you a very short time—it seems, however as if I have known you all my life. Thank you for your friendship and love!” Jo says equally through tears as the women embrace before Jo follows her family to the waiting vehicle.

A Fatal Encounter ...

It is just before sundown when the Albrights arrive at Summerlake Village. They are happy to see Percy Morgan at his post inside the guard shack with his lantern shining brightly.

“Glad you’re back!” Morgan replies.

“Why—what has been going on?” Jacolby inquires.

“Plenty! There was a family that decided to go out to eat in Madisonville, then they got back here just as the sun was going down.” Morgan begins.

“What happened?” An impatient Cody insists.

“That creature must have followed them back here. The Wyler’s didn’t have their remote and I couldn’t find mine. They screamed from me to bring my lantern—it was awful. That creature just tore them apart. The entire family—and there was nothing that I could do about it. I couldn’t get that blasted door open to shine my lantern. I killed them!” Morgan begins to sob.

“No, you did not kill them, Percy.” Jacolby states.

“No, Mr. Morgan—they knew the dangers. My father made it perfectly clear. If you had gotten the door open—who knows if you could have saved anyone.” Jo adds.

“It is unfortunate, but you did the right thing. You followed orders. Dad told you not to get out that guard shack during the nighttime hours. He told the citizens that reside in Summerlake to have their remotes. Perhaps, even if they did get the gate open—that creature may have had access to others in our community. No, you did the right thing.” Cody reassures Morgan.

“You guys have got to do something about that thing. No one is safe at night. It’s not fair that we have to live in fear like this.” Morgan looks at the Albright family in a pleading manner.

“Don’t worry, Percy. We are going to rid Madisonville of this menace. But until then—be on guard!” Jacolby warns him as he turns into the gate and heads toward his home.

To Be Continued …

Who's Afraid of the Darkness 13

  • Who's Afraid of the Darkness 13
    Madisonville is on Code 9—total lockdown. No one is allowed on the streets for any reason. Violators are completely own their on without help from the Police Department, Fire Services and any Medical Facilities. No help ...

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