Who Is There? Part 4

Updated on February 11, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Sometimes, being isolated and on your own is not the best thing in the world!
Sometimes, being isolated and on your own is not the best thing in the world!

Things Are Starting to Get Interesting ...

Tracy goes into the kitchen to find a doggy treat for Calamity. She also decides she’ll indulgence herself with a slice of chocolate cake to help calm her nerves.

When Tracy and Calamity finally return to the living room the telephone rings.

“Hello?” Tracy says.

“Darling, Mr. Ellis told us all about what happened at the cabin. Are you alright?” Mark states unable to hide the worry in his voice.

“Hi Mark, I’m ok for now. I don’t know what that thing is but I’m scared.” Tracy admits.

“I know, sweetheart. Your father and I left 45 minutes ago from the lodge. Then we ran into the obstacle you told him about—that tree really is blocking the path but good.” Mark replies shaking his head.

“That’s exactly what I told dad. He said you guys would be taking the long way around. Is there a problem?” Tracy inquires feeling uneasy.

“Yeah—there is a problem. The snow accumulation is much heavier than we anticipated making it slow going. In fact, I’m not sure that we’ll be able to reach you before morning.” Mark states.

“Oh Mark, are you serious?” Tracy laments.

“I’m afraid so darling; just sit tight and you’ll be fine.” Mark says not very convincingly.

“Sit tight—sit tight, is that all anyone can tell me? There’s a predator outside my door the size of a mac truck and the thing paces around the perimeter like a member of the Gestapo!” Tracy feels she is coming close to the breaking point.

“We’ve contacted the Tannersville Sheriff’s Department and your father has been in communication with that research center.” Mark says trying to feel confident that all will be fine but he is just as nervous as Tracy. Then her father comes on the line.

“Tracy, whatever you do, don’t go outside. From what the research center tells us—this predator is highly dangerous. It’s a cross-species developed for the military and somehow got out of its controlled environment.” Roger explains.

“Well—that beast seems to be stalking me, dad. I heard a growling sound after I left you at the resort.” Tracy admits.

“Why in heaven’s name didn’t you say something?” Roger asks raising his voice an octave.

“At first, I thought I was just tired. But then I started to see shadows near the house. Dad, I’m scared!” Tracy repeats her first confession.

As long as Tracy stayed in the house; she would be safe. But if she ventured outside …
As long as Tracy stayed in the house; she would be safe. But if she ventured outside …

“I know you are, darling. I’m sorry I insisted you go home. It’s all my fault.” Roger states feeling the pressure of more guilt.

“Dad please—just tell me what I need to do!” Tracy responds.

“You know how to use my old shotgun, don’t you Tracy?” Roger asks.

“You know I do, dad.” Tracy answers.

“Then get it. Also keep Calamity near. She can’t tackle that monster, but she can keep up enough noise to confuse it.” Roger states feeling completely helpless.

Mark returns to the phone. “Thanks to your father—you are in an impregnatable fortress. Everyone may have thought he was a bit over-the-edge but this is your salvation. Even the glass is tempered! Just don’t go outside—not even to relieve Calamity. You are going to have to put down paper or something.”

“You know—I don’t think she wants to go outside. She came charging out of my room like her butt was on fire. I don’t understand why the upstairs is still dark. Mr. Ellis filled the generators.” Tracy replies.

“That’s because Mr. Ellis did a quick fill. It will work a lot like an auxiliary generator until he’s able to get back out.” Roger states.

“He told me he had done the fastest refueling in history. I just assumed he was able to completely do the job.” Tracy replies now able to find the humor in the speed in which that old gentleman moved.

“A quick fill will generally cover ¾ of the house. That’s enough to take care of the most important parts; first floor, garage and heating. The second floor will be dark, but it’ll be warm.” Mark informs Tracy.

Although this is a very powerful creature—it tires very easily. So, it has to rest a lot. However, once it regains its strength; well …” Roger interrupts and then let’s his voice trail off.

“Don’t worry, dad! I am not about to put it to the test. I’m going to seal up the small doggy flap so that Calamity can’t get out. Oh darn … where is Calamity?” Tracy hangs up the telephone.

To Be Continued …

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      • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        16 months ago from Memphis

        How would you like to be alone in the house with a dangerous predator just outside your door. And you with only an old shotgun and a terrified pup?


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