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Who Is There? Part 3

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Comfort and solitude on the inside, danger on the outside!

Comfort and solitude on the inside, danger on the outside!

Easier Said Than Done ..

Moving into the living room, Tracy begins to start a fire in the fireplace. Because the venetian blinds are slightly cracked, Tracy is able to see how to start the fire by moonlight, so she opts to turn off the lights. Once again, she can see the silhouette of the tremendously large animal as he walks pass the window toward the far side of the house.

The phone rings and Tracy nervously answers it.

“You alright, Missy?” It’s Mr. Ellis on the other end.

“Yes, thanks to you! What is that thing?” Tracy inquires.

“It looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Those people at Tannersville Research Center have a lot of explaining to do. What the hell were they thinking making that monster?” Mr. Ellis questions as he continues to drive toward the town.

“I don’t know but I do know I owe you one.” Tracy says gratefully. “The snow was deep and I was moving as fast as I could. If you hadn’t come between me and that creature—"

“Just try to stay alive until the men folk get there. I’m going to place a call to Roger and Mark.” Mr. Ellis says feeling a lot better now that he has put some distance between himself and the beast. He didn’t want Tracy to know just how worried he was for her safety.

“I wish that I could have stayed there with you but I still got a couple more rounds to make. You stay inside and don’t go out no matter what. By the way, that’s the fastest I ever filled a generator.” Mr. Ellis chuckles softly.

“Well—again thanks for everything, Mr. Ellis.” Tracy replies.

“Just stay safe like I said before and make sure you got everything locked up in that fortress of a cabin you’re in.” Mr. Ellis states before hanging up.

Tracy is too edgy to look outside so she slips back into the kitchen and reassures herself that the door is locked and bolted tight. She decides that the chairs need to stay against the kitchen door just in case. Tracy remembers how her mother made such a fuss regarding the added security and extra reinforcements her father specified for the cabin.

The contents of this cabin may not be gold; but his family's safety was just as valuable … maybe even more!

The contents of this cabin may not be gold; but his family's safety was just as valuable … maybe even more!

“You act as if this is Fort Knox and the contents inside is gold bullion.” Chasity laughs.

“As far as I’m concerned you and our only daughter is much more valuable than gold, my love. I don’t think its possible to be over zealous considering where we live. I plan to make sure that regardless of the circumstances—we will all be well protected.” Roger replies giving his wife a gentle hug.

Tracy smiles as she thinks about her parents. They were such a devoted couple. Also, the cautious nature of her father could have very well saved her life!

Feeling the pains of hunger, Tracy decides to fix herself something to eat. She goes to the refrigerator and finds the ingredients she needs to make herself a cold turkey sandwich with all the fixings and a large glass of milk. She then listens carefully because she hears scratching sounds coming from above. It’s still very dark on the upper-level and Tracy is not about to venture forth. Nonetheless, she needs to make sure that its safe.

Lighting one of the lanterns that is kept under the sink, Tracy slowly makes her way to the top of the stairs. She stops suddenly when she hears the scratching sounds again. Putting the lantern down on the top step; she slowly raises the shotgun. Bolting from her room is her adorable French poodle Calamity.

“I almost shot you, girl.” Tracy says noticing how much the little dog is shaking. Looking around, she doesn’t see anything else because it’s so dark. Still, she has the shotgun in the ready mode and the lantern is on the floor.

“I think we are alright for now, Calamity. But you better stay down here with me just in case.” Tracy says as she lowers the gun, picks up the lantern and slowly backs down the stairs.

“I don’t know what frighten you, but unless that creature has wings; there’s no way it can get to the second floor. There are no overhanging branches and without a ladder, it’s not possible—I hope!” Tracy tells Calamity, half believing what she just said herself.

Once in the living room, Tracy reaches for the remote and turns on the TV. The announcer is giving an update to a previous report.

“According to one of our citizens, Jeffery Ellis, the creature was spotted in the vicinity of Roger Edwards’ cabin. Mr. Ellis further states that Tracy Edwards, Roger’s daughter is alone and in grave danger at the home. If you are watching this broadcast Tracy, sit tight. Help is on the way.”

“Yeah, that’s easier said than done.” Tracy replies to the set.

To Be Continued …

Who Is There? Part 4

  • Who Is There? Part 4
    It was good hearing from Mark and Roger but unfortunately it wasn't very reassuring. Until help could come, Tracy was pretty much on her own! Plus, she had a dog with a full bladder! However, Tracy was not aware of that small detail.

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