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Who Is There? Part 2

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

It had the agility of a panther but the size and strength of a polar bear!

It had the agility of a panther but the size and strength of a polar bear!

Just My Imagination ... NOT!

After double checking the contents of the garage, Tracy enters the cabin. The lights seem to flicker every few minutes and she wonders if her father remembered to have Mr. Ellis refuel the generator. Shaking her head, she realizes that she had called Mr. Ellis last week but because he was shorthanded he was behind schedule.

Tracy knew how preoccupied her father has been with both the death of his men and the abrupt departure of his wife because of her ailing mother. This is why Tracy had obligated herself to call Mr. Ellis. She also wanted to accompany her mother to Montpelier, but Chasity refused.

“Your father has enough on his mind without worrying about the two of us. Besides, you need to help him get things straight. It was hard enough on him losing those men—now your grandmother is ill.” Chasity Edwards replies as she gets into the cab.

“Mom, why don’t you let me, or dad drive you to the airport?” Tracy questions.

“Because, your Uncle Jeff sent me enough money to rent a limo! I don’t know why he felt he needed to but I’m glad that he did. Your father is going to need every dime we’ve got to get the resort back on its feet.” Chasity tells Tracy as she closes the cab door.

“I hadn’t thought about that!” Tracy exclaims.

“Well I have—now get inside. Your father and you have been working on getting things right around-the-clock. You look like a walking zombie!” Chasity throws her daughter a kiss and rides away toward the Tannersville Airport.

Tracy’s thoughts are returned to the present when she notices a large silhouette move toward the front of the house. After securing the back door; she moves into the living room and watches as the phantom seems to pause just short of the main walkway and then backtracks to the rear of the house.

“What is that?” Tracy questions herself. “It looks like it could be some type of animal, but I’ve never heard of polar or grizzle bears coming this far.” Tracy contemplates as she retreats into the kitchen to make a snack before the men arrive. However, the lights blink several more times before she is standing in the middle of a dark kitchen.

“Oh darn—Mr. Ellis hasn’t refueled the main generator yet! The backup auxiliary should kick on soon. However, it will only provide light for the kitchen, the living room and the two back bedrooms. The upper-level of the house will be in total darkness and cold!”

After a few minutes, the auxiliary generator comes on and the kitchen is once again well lit. Tracy can hear the sound of a very large motor and sees something running away as if startled. Mr. Ellis has arrived, and he is refueling the main unit. It takes about 30 minutes to do that, so she throws on her coat and goes outside to greet him.

“Hello Mr. Ellis, you got here just in time!” Tracy replies.

“Sorry about that but ever since Bret has been on leave to help take care of that new baby of his; I’ve been double clutching with all gears!” Mr. Ellis states.

Just then they hear the sound of growling.

“Tracy, you get back in the house, you hear? I hear tell that there is some type of critter that escaped from the research center this morning.” Mr. Ellis states as he finishes his task ahead of normal time.

Grrrr ...

With the speed of a much younger man, Mr. Ellis disconnects the hoses, closes the gates around the generator and heads for his truck.

At the same time Tracy is trudging through the snow to reach the back door when she hears a loud thump, a shriek and Mr. Ellis zooming through the snow-covered lane. He has situated the truck between Tracy and the creature to give her time to make it to the reinforced back door which she does.

First, she grabs two kitchen chairs to prop them against the door. Next, she makes sure that the windows are secure. Finally, she grabs her father’s old shotgun and some cartridges and hurries into the living room. Not a moment too soon as she hears moving sounds as if something is trying to force the kitchen door open.

At first it seems as if the door is about to give way under the powerful force of the animal, but it decides to hold fast, and the noises stop.

“Thank the heavens for reinforced steel!” Tracy says softly.

To Be Continued …

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