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Who Is There? Conclusion

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

A trail that leads to The Devil’s Gap! Will they find salvation or destruction?

A trail that leads to The Devil’s Gap! Will they find salvation or destruction?

Finishing the job ...

Rachael stares into space after ending her previous conversation.

“Yes indeed it will be dangerous—after all, I know that creature better than anyone! Unfortunately, I created it!” Rachael says out loud to no one in particular.

Just then her assistant Shirley Crenshaw enters her office.

“You look like you’ve got something major on your mind, Boss Lady. I sure hope it doesn’t have anything to do with Experiment 697?” Shirley asks.

“It has everything to do with old beasty boy.” Is Rachael's response.

“Don’t tell me you’re going after that monster wearing that perfume?” Shirley’s brown eyes look like two saucers on a pixie face.

“OK, I won’t tell you.” Rachael retorts looking directly at Shirley.

“But this is what you’re going to do, isn’t it?” Shirley probes.

Rachael merely nods.

“You’re insane, woman!” Shirley declares.

“You may be right, but I’m doing it just the same. And, since this is a company project—I’m taking the company credit card to purchase some of that Joy!” Rachael informs Shirley.

“That should be an interesting transaction.” Shirley adds.

“Just make it happen. Get the necessary endorsements and I’ll meet you at the front entrance. I need to contact Hunter McDonald.” Rachael says.

“Oh brother, you are in this pretty deep if you’re going to lookup that old beau of yours.” Shirley teases.

“Well, desperate times call for desperate measurements.” Rachael returns amused.

Shirley smiles, then leaves the office closing the door quietly behind her.

As Rachael reaches for the telephone; it rings.


“Hey, Ray! Roger says that you have an assignment that calls for my expertise.” Hunter McDonald (Mac) says. Even though he’s migrated from the UK and then Canada; he still possesses a slightly British accent.

Rachael begins to brief Mac on everything that has happened. He shakes his head and then speaks.

“I know you don’t want me to say, I told you so but—” Mac let’s his voice trail off.

“Please, Mac—let’s not go into that. I know that you’ve never been please with my genetic engineering but—” Now Mac speaks his mind.

“Ray darling, I told you that its not right to tamper with nature. I understood your reasoning behind it but now you see where it leads.” Mac firmly states.

“One failed project doesn’t mean the entire concept is wrong.” Rachael defends.

“We can debate this later. What you consider doing is dangerous. I understand that the beast has burst of speed and power; then requires rest but what if he caught up with you before you get him into that cave?” Mac can’t hide the concern in his voice.

“Mac, because of me, many people are in danger and a couple of good lab assistants were killed. It was my tampering with nature, as you call it, that caused it and by golly, I’m going to finish this!” Rachael proclaims with determination. Mac knew not to mess with Rachael once she sets her mind on something.

“OK, Ray ... I’ll be at the Devil’s Gap Caverns within the hour along with Roger and Mark. Do be careful as you’ll be on your own until we see you. But just in case, make sure you’re packing some serious fire power.” Mac proclaims.

“You bet! I knew I could count on you, Mac!” Rachael replies, smiling into the phone.

“Like always, baby!” Mac expresses with endearment.

As they simultaneously hang up the phones, Rachael grabs her fur-lined parka and heads for the front entry.

The Devil's Gap Caverns …

The three men meet at the appointed place at the chosen time. Each man has his individual job to do and it is done with speed and precision. One person’s life depends on them getting it right the first time—Rachael. There will be no second guessing.

“Mac, you got those charges placed in the designated area?” Roger asks wearily. “Rachael’s my second-best friend.” He adds.

“Damn straight—Ray’s my girlfriend!” Mac acknowledges.

“I think we all have a stake in this coming off smoothly!” Mark adds, not wanting the two older men to get into a debate over the safety of one Rachael Weinberger. “Let’s stay on track!”

The Devil's Gap … BEWARE!

The Devil's Gap … BEWARE!

Troubling the Waters ...

Rachael has made the necessary purchases and saturates her backpack in the captivating fragrance.

“I can understand why Tracy swipes this scent from Chasity whenever she can. It smells marvelous—as well it should consider the price.” Rachael decides to keep the remainder of the perfume for herself.

“After this, I am going to indulge myself. I know Mac will be pleased.”

Rachael boards her snowmobile and makes the ride up toward Roger Edward’s luxurious cabin; ever mindful of every sight and sound. To say that she is a little concern would be an understatement. Then she hears it.

Grrrr ...

At first it seems a little faint but as she gets near the Edwards’ home it becomes more and more present. Tracy hears the sound of the motor and looks out her back door. She slowly opens it just in time to see Rachael streak by with the beast in hot pursuit.

“GO RACHAEL, GO!” Tracy screams—knowing that Rachael doesn’t have time to reply or if she even hears her. She just knows that Rachael had better hang on for dear life!

Tracy rushes to the telephone to relay the information to her father and the others.

“Hello?” Roger answers the call.

“Dad ...” Tracy states breathlessly. “Rachael is on her way with that monster hot on her heels. I sure hope she’ll be alright.”

“Ray is a pro on the snowmobile. However, I appreciate your concern. Also, thanks for letting us know. Talk to you later, kitten!” Roger Edwards says affectionately.

“Be safe dad—that thing’s a killer!” Tracy adds then hangs up. “I sure wish I could be there.”

While Rachael drives like never before, navigating the curves like an Olympic star, the others prepare both entrance and exit for their plan. Roger and Mark are hidden near the front of the cave to set off the charges while Mac is conveniently located at the rear exit. All now depends on Rachael.

The beast is beginning to tire as they both make it to the mouth of the cave. Rachael hops off the snow mobile and makes her way toward the back of the cave. This is a relatively narrow area and she has no problem until her foot gets entangled in a root.

“Mac, HELP!” Rachael screams.

The beast, also completely out of breath makes his approach toward Rachael when Mac reaches her first. Throwing a smoke bomb at the creature’s feet; he untangles his girlfriend and they make it to the exit. Mac sets off the first detonation and hearing the sound, Roger sets the second charge off.

Within minutes there is a rumbling sound as if the Devil’s Gap is responding to the intrusion.

“Let’s get out of here!” Mac demands as Rachael and he hop on his snowmobile. Roger and Mark are already half-way down the slope when a mountain of snow thunders toward them.

Traversing as they never have before, they manage to miss the avalanche by minutes.

“Not even King Kong could have survived that!” Mac exhorts.

“Let’s hope not!” Rachael replies looking toward the Devil’s Gap. “That was much too close to call.”

“How about we meet up at Roger’s house and have ourselves a large cup of hot chocolate?” Mac suggests.

“You’re on!” Rachael answers squeezing Mac as they rocket toward the cabin.

~The End~

Sequel: One Step Beyond Madness

  • One Step Beyond Madness
    When Roger and the others trapped the beast under hundreds of tons of snow—he thought that was the end of it. Then, Dr. Sydney Holloway came on the scene and matters took a turn for the worse.

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