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Who Is There?

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

What started out as a simple ride home became so much more!

What started out as a simple ride home became so much more!

A Full Moon Can Poison the Mind ...

Tracy Edwards has been working nonstop for 48 hours, trying to help her father sort out records and do a damage report caused by an avalanche that took the lives of eight of his employees as well as part of his ski resort. The men just got too close to an area known for its unstable activity and although they were warned, they were determined to assist in aiding some amateur skiers.

“I feel totally to blame for what happened to those fellows, Tracy.” Roger Edwards laments rubbing his stylish beard nervously. “If I had been more insistent.”

“Dad—you told those skiers to steer clear of the Devil’s Gap. How could you possibly know that they would be foolhardy enough to disobey you?” Tracy says, knowing that once her father’s mind was set—there was no turning back.

“But I am responsible for the safety of everyone under my care. Those were eight good men, Tracy!” Roger rises from the desk and goes to the window overlooking the peak near the Devil’s Gap.

“Yes, they were very good men and we are going to see to it that their families are well taken care of. Dad please—you’re tired. Why don’t you call it a night? We’ve been at this forever.” Tracy replies while trying to get the kinks out of her neck.

“Daughter, I am so sorry for getting you involved in all this. Here you are, working right beside me to sort this mess out and you’ve not only neglected yourself but that handsome fiancée of yours as well.” Roger tries unsuccessfully to make light of the situation.

“Father, I would never leave you to sort this out alone.” Tracy chides.

“I know but you look all done in, my child. Why don’t you go on home and have a nice relaxing bath? I’ll be joining you soon, in about another hour, and we can both enjoy a peaceful night in front of a warm fire.” Roger states moving over to the coat rack and handing Tracy her warm cashmere coat.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Tracy asks, unable to stifle a yarn.

“Yes, I’ll be just fine. Now, get going.” Roger states firmly while ushering Tracy out of the door. Tracy reluctantly obeys.

There is a beautiful full moon that reflects upon the snow-covered ground in an eerie manner. Tracy walks over to her 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee (fire engine red) and looks up once again at the severely damaged roof of the elegant Edwards Resort Lodge. Her father had taken years to make this the most sort after vacation spot in upper New England and now this!

Just then, Tracy thinks she hears a faint sound ...

Grrrr ...

Hurriedly, she starts her vehicle and begins maneuvering it down the road in the direction of her father’s comfortable cabin. It’s a very pleasant drive and the moon shines over the tops of the heavily wooded area as she carefully makes her way toward their home.

Suddenly, Tracy hears a thundering noise behind her. Then she is startled as she stares into her rearview mirror. She observes that a very large tree has finally “given up the ghost.”

“I told dad that it was just a matter of time before Old George would breathe his last. I’m just glad he decided to do so after I got clear.” Tracy mumbles aloud. “I wonder what dad is going to do now.”

Tracy grabs her cellphone and decides to give her father a call. “Old George just died.” Tracy tells her dad solemnly.

“Are you alright?” Roger asks very concerned?

“Sure, it missed me, but I don’t see how you’re going to get around that monster.” Tracy chuckles.

“I can take the mountain pass; it’s the longer way around but with this full moon; we’re be able to make it just fine.” Roger replies.

“We ... what are you talking about dad?” Tracy inquires quite confused.

“Hi honey, it’s me!” Mark is now on the line.

“Mark, what are you doing there?” Tracy exclaims in surprise.

“Well—I came up here to surprise your father and you—mostly you when I was the one who got it! I packed a bag of goodies and everything.” Mark states imagining the disappointment on his fiancée’s face. Tracy is a petite young lady at 5’2” but she truly enjoys a great spread.

“Now see dad, you had to insist on me going home!” Tracy pouts.

“You were barely holding up, young lady. Another minute and you would have been down for the count.” Roger replies.

“Don’t worry, honey—we will save you something!” Mark laughs.

“You’d better!” Tracy chastises as she notices what looks like a large shadow some distance from the cabin.

“Is there anything wrong?” Roger says noticing how silent his daughter has become.

“Not really, I just thought I saw something. I guess my eyes are playing tricks on me.” Tracy assumes as she hurriedly steers up the concrete driveway. Using the remote, she opens the garage door and closes it behind her. As soon as she turns the motor off she hears the sound again.

Grrrr …

To Be Continued …

Who Is There 2

  • Who Is There? Part 2
    It was like nothing they had ever seen before. Similiar to a panther but with tremendous strength and size. Plus, with the cunning of a man!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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