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When you believe, It Can Inspire You to Do the Impossible, Part 3

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


When you believe, nothing is impossible, in fact, the word “Impossible” really utter, 'I'm possible.' Your beliefs influence behaviors, to not believe prevents a person from taking actions as they see no need to do anything, but a person who believes, knows, nothing is impossible, and bestow, ‘I’m possible.’

Mark 9:23 KJV shares, “Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” The Bible is a book that cannot lie so, these words are spoken to whoever shall read it and is willing to believe, obey God’s word, you can turn the impossible into a fulfilling prophecy.

These words apply to Dr. Wendell because he was a man who believed all things are possible to whoever believes, He hopes to influence Danielle to believe the same. As he unwraps the bandage from her eyes, he knows she will be able to see, but she needs to believe she can.

Danielle has been living in fear of being blind for almost a month now and so ready to see the light. But upon the removal of the bandage from Danielle's eyes, she opens her eyes there was not a light in sight. Danielle screamed out loud in fear because she looks forward to seeing the light and the darkness immediately going away. “Mother, mother, mother screamed Danielle I cannot see a thing, why has God forsaken me?”

Danielle mother, Wendy walks over to Danielle to calm her down. When she touched Danielle, she screamed even louder in fear because she could not see who was touching her. It is me, baby, said, Wendy.

Danielle immediately begins hugging her mother tightly. Why? Scream Danielle. I thought God loves me and will never forsake me. Dr. Wendell eye begins to twitch as he walks over to Danielle and touches her on the shoulder, she experiences such a great calmness.

After calming her down, Dr. Wendell rubs his hands over her eyes, she begins to see the light, Danielle was so relieved and happy to view light. She stood up and begin jumping up and down.


She starts singing, I once was blind, but now I see, lost my faith, but now I'm redeemed, I believe. Praise God, Praise God, and Praise God for not forsaking me and forgive me for doubting him.

Danielle, please sit back down and let me check your eyes, said Dr. Wendell. It took Danielle a few minutes to calm down and sit down so Dr. Wendell can check her eyes. Beginning able to see light meant so much to Danielle and not losing faith in God was so important to Wendy.

Wendy stood firm on her foundation she builds to love and trust God. God will never leave nor forsake his children, so he sends an angel in the form of a doctor to help Danielle find her way and regain hope.

Danielle feels as if she has missed so much during her days of darkness that she is ready to see the world. Danielle is very excited to be able to see again. She is so excited until it’s hard for her to sleep.

It’s 3 am and Danielle awake rushing daybreak to be able to go outside with her dog Muffin and take a walk to see different things in the neighborhood she misses viewing. For Danielle, waiting until 7 am is one of the longest four hours she ever had to wait for.

She sang songs down low trying not to disturb others, who are asleep. Also, she imagines all the beautiful flowers she wants to view on her long walk through the neighborhood. Finally, it is 7 am and Danielle is still asleep.

She fell asleep shortly before 7 am and did not awake at 7 as she wishes. Two hours have passed and Danielle is still sleeping. She finally awakes three hours pass the time she wants to awake.

It’s 10 am and Danielle is getting dressed to take a long walk through the neighborhood to view all the exciting things and enjoy walking her dog. She misses the walks they shared, comes on, Muffin said Danielle to her pet dog.

She ready to take her walk and want her pet, Muffin, to come with her. Muffin was an Akita chow with black and white beautiful fur that Danielle kept brush to look beautiful at all times.

Muffin was a very active dog that loves running slowly alongside Danielle as she walks. Danielle loves talking to Muffin a lot about the thing she shared with nobody else. As she walks, she loves viewing beautiful flowers, Mrs. Lawson a few blocks down had a beautiful rose bush in her yard that blossom nicely and Danielle really love viewing them.


She even saw a beautiful butterfly on one of the flowers that made her smile. As Danielle continues to walk, she begins to think how blessed she is to be able to see so many beautiful things.

Danielle was so excited and happy to be able to view a lot of beautiful things until she wandered so much farer than she usually walks or plans to travel. When she notices she travel more distance than she plans to travel fear overcame her, I do not know how I attained such distance, but I must find my way back home.

As Danielle look around nothing familiar has entered her view; her ears have yet to encounter familiar sounds to guide her in the right direction, and her heart beat very fast, she wondered how I traveled so hopelessly far.

Danielle begins to cry and muffin begins to bark as Danielle picks her up and cringe to her and pull her close to her. A man walks past her that really brought about fear. She tried to act as if she’s okay and not lost in the hope the male would continue to walk forward.

Danielle remembers how her mother taught her to pray to God in her time of need, so she begins to pray to the Lord. "Lord, I am afraid and really need you, I pray you to stretch out your hands to help me." I am gripped with an unimaginable fear. I wandered too far and need your guidance back home.

Please, God, send me a sign which direction to turn, I need your guidance and I am willing to follow your lead. I come to recognize that I cannot do this alone and my fear is a handicap. I also know if I continue to question my movements, my motives, my past, my decisions it will change my course forever. Lord help me to decide, should I keep going? Or make a U-turn and begin going back to my destination. Lord, I do know if I keep wandering; I will never find my way home.

Lord, I am very alone and inevitably feelings of sadness have enveloped me. My mind is trying to tell me I will not find my way back home and I feel tired and I want to be free of this captivity.


Lord, you have never forsaken me even when I doubted you. I know at this very moment you are watching my every move, trying to guide me in the right direction. Clear my mind of fear so I can allow you to guide me, to realize which way to go to begin traveling in the right direction.

I ask you, Lord, to forgive my wandering way. Guide my steps so they may find the direction that leads me back home. I accept that when I first begin walking through the neighborhood you have been traveling with me. Lord, I beckon you to help me, for you have always been there, and you always will be.

As Danielle was praying, Mrs. Lawson, who lives a few blocks down from her, stops beside her as she was on her way back home and said, “Danielle, what are you doing way down here?

Danielle, replied, I was out walking and I am on my way back home, May I catch a ride with you back home? She never told Ms. Lawson she lost her way, but she knew because she prayed and believed, Ms. Lawson was sent to rescue her and help her find her way back home.

When Danielle made it home she shared with her mother and she was so proud of Danielle, and she warns her never to put herself in such a position ever again. Wendy understood she loves walking Muffin, but asks her to be aware of her surroundings and careful NEVER to wander too far again.

When we get the victory and win to believe there is always a test of faith waiting to challenge our faith in the hope we lose the next time.

Danielle gets that challenge as she returns home from school and notice Muffin didn’t meet her at the door. Where is Muffin mother, asks Danielle? I have bad news said, Wendy.

Bad news, reply Danielle. Yes, Muffin is run over by a car today and she did not recover she died. No… cried Danielle, how could that happen? Well, she was running behind a Frisbee and it flew toward the road and Muffin continue to chase it and ran in front of a car and the car hit her.

Who threw the Frisbee to Muffin? Asked Danielle. Mrs. Lawson’s niece came by with a Frisbee and want to play fetch with Muffin and never was the intention for her to get run over. An accident happens and I will buy you another pet dog. No, there is no replacement for Muffin. We had a special bond that another dog will never understand.


Immediately, Danielle went into a stage of depression, she barely ate and slept a lot. Her grade begins dropping and she no longer desired to lead the class activities. The teacher sends home a notice to have a parent, teacher conference concerning Danielle’s grade.

Normally she tutors the student in need of assistance with their grades, but now she needs assistant getting her grade back in tip-top shape. Danielle no longer rushes to dress with excitement during the time to go to church.

Wendy knows she has to find a way to bring Danielle out of depression but wasn’t sure how. Maybe if I buy her another pet that she will grow to love, she will smile and be her old happy self though Wendy. She rushes to the pet store and walks around looking for a pet she felt would steal Danielle's heart.

After Wendy walked around looking for a little over fifteen minutes, she finally decides to purchase a Siamese fighting fish. It was a beautiful fish that swim in an elegant way. It was blue and black strip blend with gold.

Then she picks out a beautiful fish aquarium to put the fish into with hope Danielle will fall in love with it. After all, Wendy felt a Siamese fighting fish is a well-chosen choice for a pet for a little girl who needs to find a way to fight back from depression.

Wendy felt it was like a start over for a pet replacement for a child who needs to overcome losing a pet she loves so much. She wanted to see a smile on Danelle's face and want to contribute to that smile.

Wendy brought the fish home to meet Danielle. She names the fish Hope, in the hope it will bring a smile to a little girl’s face who have not smiled in a while. Wendy walks up to Danielle’s room, Danielle was sleep.

She placed the fish aquarium in a nice spot so Danielle will notice it when she wakes up. Wendy has made a powerful attempt to draw her daughter out of depression, but she can’t do it for her, the ball is in her court.

Will Danelle appreciate Wendy effort and put forward an effort to be happy? When she awakes and see such a beautiful fish in an adorable aquarium will she smile as Wendy hope and start loving and caring for it?

Will Danielle regain hope and believe, it was Muffin time to leave and she has fulfilled the time she was given to be with her? Now a beautiful Siamese fighting fish has been brought into her life to assist her to fight and to find her way back from depression.

Stay tuned, as I reveal the outcome of Danielle's fate, whether she will appreciate her mother’s effort to assist her and what part her mother plays in her going forward and so much more in part 4 of, when you believe, it can inspire you to do the impossible.

When you believe, It Can Inspire You to Do the Impossible, Part 3!

© 2018 Pam Morris

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