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When You Believe, It Can Inspire You to Do the Impossible, Part 1


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


When a task is hard and challenges your strength, it always seems impossible until it is done, but think about it, isn’t that always the case? Another way to look at a challenging situation, the more you think about how difficult the task is instead of putting forth the effort, the harder it becomes.

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy, even with plans and goals, finishing a worthy mission can sometimes seem impossible. When you believe in yourself and put forth the effort, it can inspire you to the point where things appear easier and, you can do the impossible.

This is the story of a little boy named, Charles. He was a very kind and happy boy who grew up like any other advanced child. He had his mother and two sisters. Charles was greatly loved by his teachers, classmate and pretty much anyone who meet him.

Charles lived in one of greatest city. It was known for its busy lifestyle. Most people who lived there considered the town a dream city, where you can find happiness. It was well-known for its schools, hospitals, parks, and museums.

The city has been rated among the top for having happy people, the analysts say the level of stress is very minimal. That city is the great Bellan where some of the neighborhood is marked with huge rivers.

Some of the people in the city of Bellan brags of having the president and his family residing there hence they have an army barrack too. It boasts too of beautiful streets and skyscraper buildings, some of over ten floors to cater for the huge city population.

Its early morning, most of the cafes, restaurants, and hotels are busy. At the street corner, there seems to be a favorite café, people stream in and out causing the staff to sweat a lot. It’s the Charlie café, fitted with wooden chairs and tables, hot coffee aroma calls from far, its best known for its spiced tea and coffee.

At the counter by the huge cash register is an ever-smiling middle-aged woman, and very pleased customers as they pay. Her eyes busy on the staff to make sure all tables are attended to.

Her name is Madam Clara, the sole proprietor of the café. She opens the doors early and ensures thorough cleanliness before the first client steps in. On the walls, there are army officers’ hangings best reasons known to her.

Madam Clara is a single mother of three children, Charles the eldest and a set of twin girls, Sandra and Sasha. Her husband, a former army officer, died in Vietnam, on the battlefield.


Madam Clara was left single-handedly to care for the children alone and hence her daily hard work. It has not been easy for her and early morning before she leaves her bedroom door, she kneels down and seeks divine intervention and guidance throughout the day. Her prayers seem to always been answered because not a single bill does she fail to pay.

Charles was born eight years ago through a cesarean section operation. The doctors had performed an ultrasound on Madam Clara and when they noticed the embryonic cord was around his neck choking him slowly, they opted for an emergency operation to save the baby.

Charles had to be incubated for the next four weeks since he was delivered at eight months. He was a lovely prince and his mother spent those four weeks watching over the incubator. Charles was her first child and she would die if anything happened to him.

Charles grew up to be a very sweet and affectionate boy, the entire neighborhood loved him. He would hug anyone he knew and kissed his mother at any chance he got. He was very disciplined in his manner of speech and character.

He was most known for his cleanliness, however, as he would go picking any paper he found and putting it on the trash can when he was out on the streets with his mother.

Charles began preschool at age three; his school was not far from his home and most of the time the teacher would pick him from their gate. Teachers loved how intelligent he was considering his age, he always did very well in class.

He became very social at school, so much so that he would invite his friends and teachers to have dinner at their home. He was a very friendly and kind to everyone he met.

When Charles was four years old, his mother gave birth to lovely twin girls. The already happy boy had become overjoyed at the thought of talking about his siblings to his friends.

The bond between Charles and the twins was so great that he rushed home every evening just to watch over them. He was able to go out on weekends but rarely did, as he prefers to stay with his sisters.

He helped them to walk at during their first year, and influence them to start singing at age two. They would play in their backyard and the bond just grew stronger and stronger.

Their mother was a full-time housewife and enjoyed watching her children play together. Their father was an army officer always in the battlefields. He would constantly call the house through Skype and talk to everyone. He was a loving father who brought home gifts on the few days he was able to visit his family.

Charles was a hardworking boy who loved cleanliness. When he was not watching over his sisters, he would help his mother to sweep the floor, set the table or put out the garbage. His favorite thing to do were sing lullabies to his sisters and teaching them new songs which he learned at school.

It was one early morning when the air smelled different to Madam Clara. She had a long night. Every time she closed her eyes, she had horrible nightmares, she could not sleep.

Restless, she wandered around the house, mostly checking on the children who seemed to have a peaceful sleep. When she still couldn't sleep, she cleaned the house. And after that, when she was unable to rest, she baked the breakfast cake.

It was still dark when Madam Clara finally gave up. She took a heavy blanket and covered herself as she sat at the staircase watching the stars disappear one by one, giving way to another day.


She stared into the dim lights in the lawn outside stretching to the gate. Her mind was blank but her heart felt heavy. She could not figure out as to why.

Her heart skipped a beat and her stomach felt like lighting had cut across her when an official government car rode into her driveway. She wondered why her husband had come home without an earlier call.

Madam Clara wondered whether he was hurt and had come to recuperate at home. She rushed outside to meet the two officers who were now ringing the bell at the door.

Good morning, Madam Clara.” They saluted her. Her husband was not among them; their faces were carefully blank and they had a briefcase with them. Fear gripped her, she sensed the worst had happened and her legs started getting weak.

The officers helped her to the couch as they explained to her that her husband did not make it off the battlefield in Vietnam. They assured her of compensation and handed her the briefcase and a fold American flag. With their heads down, they left her to grieve. All this time, Charles was at the top of the staircase and heard the entire story.

He yelled, “Why, how can this be?” No! No! No! I want my daddy, I want my daddy! The screams echoed loud and his heart pounded very fast, unanswered questions raged through his head.

That day was his ninth birthday, he had woken up early to share the great news with his mother and instead, the morning greeted him with this horrible fate. He looked forward to a warm hug and kiss from his mother; this was too much for him.

Charles banged his head on the wall as he cried out loudly; he lost consciousness and rolled over the staircase. Upon seeing his almost lifeless body, his mother screamed, prompting the leaving army officers to rush back in the house. They quickly took Charles to the hospital in the military base.

That very day was supposed to be a very happy day for Charles. He plans to enjoy and thought it would bring about many laughs and smiles. Instead, he was forced to face the reality that life isn’t easy. To Charles that day felt like everything was impossible.

Charles spends three days in the hospital before he was released to go home. He was silent and didn’t have anything to say to his family. He felt angry and hurt to know he will never get to see his dad again.


Charles did not even make it to his father’s burial for he was still weak and sad in the bed. Therefore, he was unable to view the body or give his last goodbye. It was still hard for Charles to believe his daddy will no longer be a part of the family.

The doctors told Charles’s mother that he was deeply shocked and that his brains were affected. He also had deep bruises that needed to heal from him banging his head hard on the wall. The doctors promised to do their best to assist Charles each visit. He went back in forward on a regular and probably will be doing so for another four months till the doctors were assured his condition was better.

When he returned home the neighborhood welcomed him with a big party. Everybody was concerned to not see the little happy boy with a big smile. The smile was gone, he just stared; Charles was no longer the jovial boy they knew.

Madam Clara noticed this change on Charles as days went on and confirmed from the doctors that her son had succumbed to depression. His father was the only other male in the house and his role model and now with him gone, never to come back. Charles loss all hope for his life completely.

Madam Clara tried to show all the love and support she could in hope Charles recover. Aunties and uncles invited the family to their homes on weekends hoping a change of location would help. Except nothing changed.

September came knocking and schools reopened. Sasha and Sandra joined preschool as Madam Clara started a café at a street corner and named it Charlie café. She had to earn a living to foot the bills.

She and her husband owned the block, so she only gave notice to the previous proprietor who understood her predicament and gave way for her to continue with the business.

Due to the demand at the café, she opens early enough for the staff to start preparations and closing late at night, Madam Clara moved her family to one of the rental houses upstairs. It made it easy for her to work between home and the café.

Back at school, Charles had a lot of work to catch up on having missed out on quite a bit of the academic year when he had been hospitalized and under the doctor care. Madam Clara briefed Ms. Leakes of Charles’ sudden change.

Ms. Leakes was Charles’ favorite teacher since Preschool and they both had a great bond. She loved Charles so much like he was her own son. Charles would hide pieces of cake that his mother loved baking so he could take Ms. Leakes a piece.

On Ms. Leakes birthday, Charles asks his mother to bake a cake for his teacher. She appreciated Charles surprise so much that she sobbed almost all mornings after he presented it to her. Charles no longer hugged or kissed her, he could only walk to his desk, remove his books and stare into thin air.

Sometimes Ms. Leakes would go over, cuddle and kiss him but Charles always looked distant. He could stare at his teacher like she was a stranger. She was so worried about Charles that she made it a habit of having lunch with him every day. She tried to talk to him but Charles responded in very short sentences, sometimes he would only nod or grin.

Things are not getting better and Charles life is changing for the worse. Everybody that loves him hated the big change in Charles’ life but was not sure how to help him. Since preschool, Charles always scored best in his class but things were different now.

He no longer competed with his classmates to answer class questions. He no longer sang to his sibling like he used to. This worried his mother and teacher too. His grades had dropped tremendously in mathematics.

It seemed anything that needed deep concentration was a problem to him. Solving the arithmetic solutions seemed to give Charles a hard time. Ms. Leakes and Madam Clara agreed that he needed extra tuition and suggested to get a teacher who would tutor in the evening.

Ms. Leakes talked to her colleague Ms. Lakes who lived a block away from Charlie café and she agreed to tutor for free. Charles would rush home after school, take his bath and eat something then head for Ms. Lakes apartment for one-hour tuition.

After one month, there was still no change. His mother booked endless clinics at the hospital to try and help her son but the doctors could not do much. The only improvement was that he could now take his bath, take out the garbage and even help to set the table.


Charles became a child of fewer words and would sleep long hours. He avoided noise and disturbance as much as he could. He no longer played with his sisters instead he would lock himself in his room and sleep.

One Saturday afternoon, Ms. Leakes took Charles out to watch a rugby game. She took care of the tickets and bought ice cream for both of them. They were walking to their seats when Ms. Leakes noticed a familiar face.

“That must be Mindy,” she told herself trying to clear her doubts. Mindy was her high school colleague. They last saw each other twenty years ago on the last day of high school. She has never heard from Mindy since, but today she sat right in front of her licking a vanilla ice cream cone, waiting for the game to commence.

Ms. Leakes and Charles made their way next to Mindy. “Hi Mindy”, Ms. Leakes whispered hoping she was right. Mindy turned to see who had greeted her in an area she barely knew anyone.

On seeing Mindy, her ice cream dropped as they hugged in excitement. It has been a long time; the young girls are now young career women. “This must be your handsome Prince,” Mindy said as she extended her hand to greet Charles.

“Not really but almost” Ms. Leakes responded, confusing Mindy. They had a long chat all throughout the match that they barely noticed which team really scored. Charles, on the other hand, enjoyed every second of the game as he could not understand anything on their long-ago tales.

When the match ended, the trio took a walk in the park. It was a warm afternoon with very favorable weather. “Charles, meet aunt Mindy once again” Ms. Leakes introduced Charles to Mindy once again.

She then went ahead to narrate to Mindy of how Charles was a once jovial boy and the sudden change after his father’s death. Mindy cuddled Charles with pain in her heart and assured him she would do her best to see him smile back to the world.

Mindy worked as a coordinator at a new in the city charitable organization called “YES WE CAN”. The organization had branches in almost all major cities in the world, especially in calamity-hit areas.

The organization worked hard to change people’s lives especially those hit by depression due to various reasons.

Mindy had joined the organization after her University graduation and for over ten years, she had worked in Africa. She had worked and transformed so many lives which gave her energy and motivation to work in more serious cases.

She had seen traumatized children after losing both parents in political and tribal wars. She had dealt with malnutrition cases, divorce cases amongst many. Tribe or religion was not a question to her, healing and watching her clients smile again was her main drive and goal.


Mindy had come to Bellan when the organization opened an office in the city and has many years’ experience, she got a recommendation to work there. She and Ms. Leakes had grown up in another agricultural town not far from Bellan.

Mindy desired to start working with Charles to see a smile on his face, a few days later after meeting Charles, she went to visit his mother at the café. She was willing to help and she knew for sure she could and would.

Mindy narrated to Madam Clara of the many stories she had faced as she worked in Africa and assured her Charles’ case was just minor. With joy in her heart, Madam Clara gave her the go-ahead to consult her if she needed any information on Charlie.

On Sunday morning, Mindy went over to pick up Charles and his sisters and headed for church. She wanted to observe his character in all areas, how he behaved when in a crowd.

She was surprised at his smile when the children sang. Though he could not sing loudly like he used to, he smiled and danced a bit all through as the song went on. After church, she took the three of them for a walk and started singing songs which they had to follow up and sing.

The Sundays became wonderful to Charles that he longed for every other Sunday for Mindy to come over. He started to brighten up every time he saw Mindy.

Mindy told Ms. Leakes of the new developments but Ms. Leakes commented that he had not made any changes in class. They were so worried about the final exam that was two months away.

Ms. Leakes and Mindy knew they had to get Charles back interest in his work to catch up in class because it would be bad for Charles to repeat a year, they feared if he fails the exam it would affect him more.

They had to get answers before it was too late. Ms. Lakes too reported of no progress in her evening tuition. All this had begun to affect Madam Clara, lines had started showing on her forehead. She was worried about her son’s future. She never gave up, not in seeking divine intervention neither any assistance from anyone who volunteered.

Now that Mindy was the closest friend to Charles and having a career that understood his case. She registered Charles at the “YES WE CAN” foundation and applied to be assigned to his case.

She spent hours in books and internet researching what would have been wrong with Charles and how to help him. She consulted her colleagues in the foundation. Her case was urgent as she was determined to see Charles pass his exams to fourth grade. His smile to her kept flashing in her dreams that made her work harder.


Mindy wanted to not only place a smile on Charles face every now and then but witness him being his old joyous self. She thought of the smile Charles shared when the children begin to sing.

The doorbell rung, Mingy open it to see Charles, she was happy to have him visit her.

There was silence for a few minutes when all of a sudden Mindy started to sing. Her voice and words captured Charles attention. He stared at her like every word she sang was an answer to his questions. Mindy continued to sing: it was the song she wrote especially for Charles, below are the words.

‘When things get hard that you do not know what to do

When you feel too afraid to keep on trying

When you are not sure if you should try to win again

Wipe your tears and take my hand, and follow me

I am here to remind you that, you can win again

Even though you feel like you cannot win again

Yes, we can if we just believe, it is possible

Yes, we can make it through our trials

Yes, we can and we can do anything

Yes, we can if only we believe and try

When you feel the whole world closing in

Do not give up or run away from it

Because if you do, you can’t win

To be the greatest you have to believe and try

When you try Never will you be defeated

Giving up is not about us

We should keep trying even when we lose

Yes, you can if you believe

Remember never to give in

Keep trying because yes you can

Mindy was crying as she sang the song, it reminded her of one occasion when she was in Africa and a boy had lost both parents in a political war. He had been left all alone. Yes, We Can foundation found him among many. The boy wanted to grow up and revenge against the government that killed his parents but the strong warnings from his mother held him back.

Charles kneel down on his knees, ‘Why?” Will Mindy song work and assist Charles to bounce back to his old happy self? Or is he unhappy and kneeling in sadness? Hopefully, Mindy will be able to assist Charles to understand, when you believe, it can inspire you to do the impossible.

Charles is in desperate need of the impossible to bounce back and get his grade up to move forward to the fourth grade. Stay tuned to learn Charles’s fate, and if Mindy were able to help him, as I reveal this and so much more.

When you believe, It Can Inspire You to Do the Impossible, Part 1

Fantasia Barrino-I Believe-American Idol Finale

© 2018 Pam Morris

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