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When Time Became Irrelevant

Irrationality started becoming rationality, and sense started to be questioned.

Destruction, chaos and cold.

Ice bursts start flying around the room, freezing everything in its path, or just plain destroyed it. Amidst my panic and shock, I just discovered one of my gifts. Shortly after, Duane just grabbed me from behind and held me close. Actually kinda a nice feeling, but I assume he is of the straight kind.

'Whoa Trayton, calm down bud, take it easy.' He says.

'Take it easy? There is another person in my head!! What the actual fuck is happening?' I yell.

'It could just very well be Trent in there that's fused with you on a molecular and atomic level.' Talitha said.

She is our bio nerd scientist lady. She deals with all the nerdy stuff.

'So you're telling me I am now two people?' What just happened?

Next moment, with all the confusion, it's like I started to heat up like a stove. Steam started to exert from my skin.

'Okay, and n-...' I was about to ask.

'Don't worry, that's just me trying to thaw out the room' I heard the voice again!

'Trent?' I ask.

'Correct. You're taking this quite well for someone that's new to this.' He replies.

'And you're not?' I ask, confused.

'Actually no, I've been here quite a while. I was in S.A. too, till they tracked me down like they did you. I've been waiting for you the whole time, so that I could get you up to speed with all this as quick as possible.'

'What? This is all so confusing?' I said

Everyone just kind of stared at me in silence.

'What?' I asked?

'What the hell was that about?' Duane asked?

'What about what? Oh, I must have looked really mad.' I said.

'I was kinda having a conversation with Trent in my head. I would really like some clarity on what the fuck's going on?' I asked.

'Where did Trent come into the party? How did you guys know about me, and him even? What's going on?' I almost demanded this time.

'Well, as we have been fighting a war most people don't even know about. Our enemies have been constantly leaving cryptic clues, almost as if to say there is more of us out there and we don't know about them. So we made it a point to know about them. We found out about you and Trent. Trent was the easiest to convince without freaking out, but we needed him here before you. You were our last missing puzzle piece, and unfortunately you needed to be fused together on a molecular level.' Talitha said very informatively.

'Thank you for that info. Still kind of doesn't explain as to what happened in the simulator?' I asked.

'It wasn't a sim.' Duane confessed.

'It was an actual event, we just had to make you think it was a sim.' He continued.

'But, why?' I asked confused.

'It so happens, when dark matter affects someone on the atomic level, in order to be 'activated', for lack of better terminology, you basically have to die, and how it sort of works, it's somewhat complicated, but in the manner that you suffered in a way becomes your super power.' Talitha tries to explain.

'Okay, it makes sense. It makes sense. So did you get to choose my gift then?' I asked.

'Well, yes and no. It was kind of preset in a way what you would have. This is why I say it's confusing. It has to be quite a devastating accident, we just found one of the best ways to fuse your powers together.' She says.

'And just so by the way, you have a while mixture of some of the best gifts. You have two people, ice and fire. That combination is one hell of a power. You are basically one of our strongest here.' Talitha adds.

'And Duane? You some super fast lighning dude. What happened with you?' I asked.

And in my head, Trent started to say:

'By the way, now make as if I said nothing. But, I think Duane likes you hey. I've been seeing the way he looks at you. Just don't say anything please.'

Nice to know, I think to myself. He is quite attractive, but he is gonna have to come to me. But Duane, gay??? Nooooo... really?

'It's almost as simple as getting hit by lightning as the dark energy fused with me at that time.' He said.

'But enough of this, Let's start training!' He says excitedly.

'Um, okay, I got two gifts, so this could be interesting.' I agree.

'You'll get the hang of it soon, I'm sure. I have faith in you, and us.' Trent says.

Thank you, I think to myself, or should I say ourselves.

As we start heading to the training part of the building, a huge alarm starts sounding, and everyone's vibe just went stiff, like it's not a normal alarm.

'Everyone strap up. No time for training now, sorry kid. Learn on the hob is how we gonna do it.' Duane warns.

'What the heck is going on?' I ask.

'Oh, kid, you don't want to know. We don't even want to know right now. Just know we gonna fuck shit up...