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When Love's Not Enough Part 9

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Some people will do anything "in the name of Love!"

Some people will do anything "in the name of Love!"

Sabotage ...

Joe leaves earlier than usual to go to work. Bridget thinks this is very odd. She looks beside her night stand and retrieves her laptop. Bridget has always done her writing on a laptop. It started with her aunt’s present and she finds the convenience without parallel. Besides, it means she has no need for a desk or a separate room.

When Bridget turns on her computer she can tell that something is wrong. She had gotten Shannon Castleman her friend and computer guru at Dynamics Electronics to secretly build her a laptop with a regular size keyboard and numeric pad. Shannon also put a 19” screen for excellent viewing of documents. Shannon would know what to do.

“Hi Shannon, I’ve got a problem.” Bridget begins the conversation.

“It’s your computer, isn’t it?” Shannon asks.

“How did you know?” Bridget asks in surprise.

“I can’t talk now. Meet me at Blair’s Café.” Now Shannon is speaking in whispers. “And, bring your laptop. Whatever you do … don’t tell Joey you’re having lunch with me.”

“Don’t worry, Shannon. He still doesn’t know who built this machine for me.” Bridget is also whispering then starts to smile at herself.

Bridget brushes her lovely tresses and throws on a beige linen top with matching capri’s. She feels a little concern about the secretiveness of the meeting but believes she understands why.

It’s a twenty-minute drive to Blair’s Café and Shannon is already waiting for her in a corner booth. They give each other a small hug greeting and Shannon begins to talk.

“I heard Joe talking to someone over the phone about computer viruses. I begin to get suspicious because after he got off the phone he gave me a lame excuse and left.” Shannon pauses.

“Are you telling me that Joe put a virus on my computer?” Bridget’s voice raises an octave and a menacing look replaces the otherwise beautiful features.

“Did he have access to your computer yesterday, by chance?” Shannon inquires.

Bridget rendezvous with Shannon at Blair's Café, away from prying eyes and suspicious ears!

Bridget rendezvous with Shannon at Blair's Café, away from prying eyes and suspicious ears!

“He wanted to carry it for me, but I thought that was suspicious. He was up during the night, but I thought it was to work on something in his den. He told me to go back to sleep so I didn’t think anything more about it.” Bridget says.

“So, it’s very possible that he could have done something to it while you were sleep. Ok, let me see it. Joe is going to be out of the office most of the day, so we’ve got a little time. At any rate, keep a sharp lookout while I check a few things out.” Shannon replies as she takes the computer away from Bridget and boots it up. She recognizes the problem immediately and begins to boot up her own computer.

“This virus usually works during the initial loading up of the various programs. It’s a nasty little number but I, Dr. Shannon, have the cure!” Shannon laughs.

“Bless you Shannon; you are truly one of my very dear friends.” Bridget tells Shannon.

“Just keep your mouth shut about what’s happen. And whatever you do—don’t confront him with the problem. If you act like nothing is wrong he will think that it just didn’t work. However, I am putting a booting password on this computer. I am also going to suggest that you get a new computer bag with a lock. You’re a writer and you wouldn’t want to risk information about your books getting out before time.” Shannon smiles at Bridget.

After continuingly thanking Shannon for both her help and friendship, Bridget heads for home. During the drive she thinks about Joe and is appalled at the lengths in which he would go to keep her from doing the one thing she enjoys more than anything—writing!

Bridget beats Joe home by twenty minutes. This gives her time to splash water on her face and re-brush her hair. Bridget is glad for having the forethought of putting a roast in the crock pot along with new potatoes, carrots and English peas. She serves dinner as if nothing has happened.

“And how was your day today, Bridget?” Joe asks expecting to hear her cry and complain about her computer problems.

“I got out of the house a little and just generally lounged around.” Bridget replies conveniently leaving out the part out her luncheon with Shannon.

“Oh … really?” Joe sounds a little disappointed and Bridget smiles again.

Joe's dream home ...

Joe's dream home ...

Joe Reveals His Master Plan ...

The next morning after breakfast Joe invites Bridget into his study. In the study Joe has pictures spewed across his desk and some blueprints. Bridget is surprised to see the disarray because he is such a man that demands order in his life. This development didn’t seem to annoy Joe in the least.

“These are the blueprints of our lake front home and these are the pictures of the inside that Philip Brothers built for us in the beautiful subdivision of Evanston.” Joe says proudly.

“You mean you’re having a house built for us where my aunt and uncle live?” Bridget asks in surprise. Joe has never mentioned anything about a house to her in the five years they are married.

“It has already been built and I plan on us moving in just right before the twins arrive. See the various rooms I have constructed? This will be my study and here is the nursery that will be equipped with a separate area for an occasional sitter to spend the night when I want to take you on an overnight trip or something.” Joe says expecting Bridget to be thrilled.

Bridget thinks how this room will come in handy when she is out promoting her book; she dare not bring the subject up just yet. Joe is in his environment discussing how everything will be.

“We will be able to walk outside and gaze into infinity. We can watch the sunset and the light slowly sink into the horizon.” Joe says.

“Joe, that’s very poetic. Maybe you should …” Bridget is stopped before she could go any further.

“Nope, that is definitely not for me or any other he-man. Just because I can appreciate something doesn’t mean I want to waste my time writing some nonsense for someone else to read.”

“Estúpido …” Bridget mumbles quietly.

“What did you say honey?” Joe asks.

“Let me see those pictures again, Joe.” Bridget says. She is sure Joe heard her and she is also sure she will not repeat.

To Be Continued ...

When Love's Not Enough Part 10

  • When Love's Not Enough Part 10
    A house is not a home when there's no Love as it's foundation. Sometimes, people confuse obsession, possession or fantasies with Love. It's much more than these things as both Joey and Bridget Harrington will discover … when Love is NOT enough!

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