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When Love's Not Enough Part 8

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Joey's life evolved around him and his accomplishments and he wanted his wife's life to be the same.

Joey's life evolved around him and his accomplishments and he wanted his wife's life to be the same.

Some Things Never Change ...

The next morning, Joe wakes with a smile as wide as Texas. It is like when they first married. He is the gentle but masterful leader and Bridget is the submissive, willing follower. This is the way Joe feels it should always be.

“This is what being married is about,” he thinks to himself. “I wonder why Bridget doesn’t realize how wonderful things can be if she’d see things my way?

Joe can smell the aroma of bacon and sausage and hear Bridget humming in the background. The music is romantic guitar with the ocean waves breaking on the shore. The solitude is soon to be broken.

“Well—I guess this means an end to the globe-trotting.” Joe says with a satisfied look on his face.

“What are you talking about, dear?” Bridget questions cautiously.

“Now that we’re going to have a family, surely you’ll be staying at home and preparing scrumptious meals like the one we had yesterday.” Joe says still not noticing the change in Bridget.

“I just took a couple of days off to celebrate, but I plan to be working full steam ahead on my book promoting. I am planning to take an extended leave of absence from the station; I may even resign, but I am NOT giving up my career.” Bridget turns back to the electric grill where the bacon is turning a golden brown.

“You can’t be serious.” Joe says with a frown.

“Yes, I can be.” Bridget counters.

“I don’t believe you. This is what I’ve had plan for us all along. We’d get married. You’d wrap up your job at the station and then spend the rest of your life taking care of my needs and that of our children.” Joe says aspirated.

“But what about my needs, Joe?” Bridget says softly. It is so soft that Joe almost doesn’t hear her.

“What about your needs?” Joe repeats as if he couldn’t believe she could have any other than his.

“Yes, Joe what about my needs? I do have them.” Bridget says starting to slam pots down on the counter top.

“You’ve had fun playing writer and production manager. Now that the baby is coming it’s time to be serious and settle down to the responsible career of wife and mother.” Joe insists.

“Joe, I can’t believe you. You sound like someone out of the 1950s.” Bridget’s voice shakes.

“My mother and father seem to be pretty happy.” Joe states flatly.

“Yes, I’m sure they are very happy, but that was a decision your mother made.”

“Yes and my mother gave up everything to be the best wife ever. My dad always takes precedence in my mother’s life.” Joe continues to drive his point home.

“My mom, on the other hand, found the love of her life, went to college to get a great education, married my dad, had me, and then started teaching. My mother was able to teach school and provide love for my dad and me for years without sacrificing anything. And now, she has her own art gallery!” Bridget says.

“Maybe so Bridget, but my mother believes that a good wife should sacrifice everything for her husband—everything!” Joe insists.

“I understand Joe, darling but I am not your mother. I love writing. And besides I can write and be with our child.” Bridget insists rubbing her temples.

“Are you going to drag our baby all across the United States while you attend one book signing after another?” Joe asks angrily.

“I can get a nanny to come in and assist. Lots of celebrities have them.” Bridget is starting to get a headache. What has started out as a wonderful day is getting out of hand.

“Look baby; let’s not talk about it now. I can see you are getting upset and I don’t want that happening. I’ll call in and get my manager to pitch hit for me. They have my cell phone number if anything crucial comes up. Let’s go to the park after breakfast and enjoy the day.” Joe says trying to pacify his wife who he is very much in love with.

Bridget was beginning to buckle under the weight of Joey's demands and her career. Making a choice was inevitable!

Bridget was beginning to buckle under the weight of Joey's demands and her career. Making a choice was inevitable!

A Chance To Spread Her Wings ...

As the weeks turn into months, Bridget finds it harder and harder to get up in the morning, prepare Joe’s breakfast and then catch a quick nap before work herself. Joe feels utter contentment when he envisions the day that Bridget can no longer comfortably work at the station. He silently cheers when Bridget gives him the news and decides to be home every day. Joe feels that this is just the beginning in his long reign as being king of his castle.

With tears and hugs similar to those she experienced at her celebration party, she bids a fond farewell to her co-workers and the many friends she has made at the studio.

Dynamic Electronic is going public with stock selling for $200 per share. Joe is busier than ever with board meetings and seminars. Joe Harrington III is becoming as familiar as the Wall Street Journal©. In fact his face graces the cover of the August issue with the title: New Boy Genius of Wall Street. Bridget is elated regarding her husband’s exposure; it means he will be spending less time at home.

It is also at this time of Joe’s peak exposure that Bridget starts to perfect her writing. Bridget thanks the heavens for her laptop. It gives her the ability to work anywhere without being confined to four walls and a desk. She is also able to rest in her recliner for hours while she is at the computer without any interruptions and without being nagged. And the results she produced are pure quality!

Bridget is finally able to devote her skills on her first novel: When Darkness Falls. This is a gothic tale involving an evil, diabolical Baron who has some very strange practices that are done after dark. Other characters in this novel include a dying research professor, a multi-talented psychologist and the mysterious man from the future. They all share the Baron’s bloody secret. Brian is the mysterious young man telling the story.

Eventually, things begin to quiet down at Dynamic Electronics, and Joey begins to spend more time at home. His old nagging ways return.

“Why don’t you get some rest, Bridget?” he asks.

“I just have one more chapter to add to this book.” Bridget says.

“You said that you would be finished fifteen minutes ago.” Joe complains. Bridget recognizes the makings of a nagging session and decides to concede.

“Ok, Joe let’s go to bed.” Bridget says quietly. Picking up her laptop; she arise from the living room recliner to head for the bedroom.

“Why don’t you let me carry that for you?” Joe asks pointing toward Bridget’s laptop.

“No, thanks anyway; it’s not at all heavy.” Bridget gives Joe a curious glance. He has never offered to take her laptop before. She suspects that he will attempt to do something to it and decides that it will be safer with her.

“I’d better make sure that I backup everything on my laptop to my mini drives.” Bridget thinks to herself just in case.

And … her suspicions prove to be valid.

To Be Continued …

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