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When Love's Not Enough Part 5

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If you judge people, you have no time to love them.--Mother Teresa

Till Death Do Us Part—Perhaps …

After the wedding, the couple entertained well-wishers in the same auditorium that housed Bridget’s graduation celebration. Because anything in her hometown of Buford Junction would have been too small, the entire event was done in Collinsville with Ben Hathaway Jr. & Sr., Joseph Harrington I & II and Mark Stevenson taking turns being Man-in-Charge or MIC as Bridget affectionately called them. The MICs ensured that everyone’s glass was refilled, food flowed, and the music never stopped. By the end of the day everyone was exhausted.

When it came time for the new couple to make their exit; Bridget appeared in a stunning ivory-laced pantsuit followed by Joe in a beige linen leisure suit. Bridget had the bouquet in hand poised for tossing.

“Okay, all you single ladies; are you ready for the toss and skirmish?” Joe joked in his most authentic sports voice. The excited ladies began to gather around the stage at the head of the auditorium. Bridget turned her back on the crowd and threw the bouquet. Helen Barnet, an attractive spinster teacher caught it and smiled brightly at her escort, Bill Leatherwood.

“You’re in for it now, Bill.” Someone from the audience yelled.

“Better go pick out that tuxedo, Bill.” Another voice chimed in.

“We’ll just see what develops.” Bill replied and walked with Helen to his car.

“I predict within a year’s time those two will be hitched.” Mark stated shaking his head.

It was time for Bridget to go and she felt a combination of joy and dread. All the parents and family members wished them the best. Her publishers and dear friends Emily and Jim Pharaoh gave the newlywed couple a honeymoon cruise trip as a wedding gift. It was an enchanting occasion.

“Shall we go, Mrs. Harrington?” Joe asked.

“By all means, Mr. Harrington.” Bridget said.

A beautiful honeymoon cruise cut short!

A beautiful honeymoon cruise cut short!

Heading For Dangerous Waters ...

The wonderful cruise was interrupted by a telegram from Dynamic Electronics’ Office Manager, Sandy DeAngelo. It read:

Come quick. There is a problem with the records. The entire accounting department has been detained.

Joe excuses himself, but tells Bridget that there is no need for her to return with him a day early.

“Bridget … there’s a problem in Dynamic Electronics Accounting Department. They are sending a helicopter to pick me up. No need for you to return though. Just finish this last day and I’ll see you when you get back.” Joe suggests.

Bridget protests saying, “How could it be a honeymoon without you?”

“It could get messy, and I don’t want you involved.” Joe replies getting his clothes together.

“I thought we were in this thing together?” Bridget counters.

“Yes, you are right. Come along then.” Joe says in a straightforward way and their two-week honeymoon cruise ends with the approach of financial rough weather.

“I think it’s wrong that they didn’t let you at least enjoy your last day of the cruise." Bridget laments.

“What’s wrong with that?” Joe replies.

“Is the problem that paramount that one more day could make a difference?” Bridget asks incredulously.

“Apparently so, otherwise I don’t think a telegraph would have been deemed necessary.” Joe argues. “Like I said before you could have stayed here on board.”

“Joe, that wouldn’t make any sense at all. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself knowing that you are facing some kind of issue back home.” Bridget interjects.

“Well, the chopper will be here in a minute. I don’t think it will be able to handle all the things that we have acquired on this cruise. Now that I think of it; why don’t you just stay here and get everything ready. I’ll see you tomorrow and that’s MY final word.” Joe dismisses any further discussions with Bridget and hurries to the waiting machine.

“How long have you two been married?” An elderly gentleman asks Bridget after he has overheard most of the conversation.

“Almost two weeks ...” Brijet replies turning around to look at the older gentleman.

“And he doesn’t mind rushing back home to put out financial fires leaving his new bride alone to get things settle here?” The gentleman replies shaking his head in disbelief.

“The business is very important to Joe, sir. And it looks like its about heading for dangerous waters.” Bridget makes a feeble attempt to justify her husband’s lack of consideration.

“If you pardon an old man’s observation ... I’d say that your marriage is heading for some pretty rough waters as well.” The gentleman said realistically.

“I’m afraid you are right.” It was almost a whisper but the old man caught every word.

“My name is Stewart Jennings and my wife and I would be more than happy to give you a hand getting your things together.” The gentleman offers.

“That’s very kind of you sir but I’ve got to learn to handle this myself. By the way my name is Bridget Hathaway ... I mean Bridget Harrington.” Bridget replies seeing how the new name just doesn’t feel comfortable.

Bridget was slowly beginning to understand what she had gotten herself into.

Bridget was slowly beginning to understand what she had gotten herself into.

Trouble In Paradise ...

There are a lot of accusations about double-booking and money laundering for kickbacks and favoritism. The federal government is launching a full-scale investigation because of all the money involved. Records are falsified regarding government accountability. None of the three auditors Terry Giovanni originally recommends are involved. However, Ellis Epps has a few accountant buddies that are in “deep water.”

It is to Joe’s credit that he has a good friend that is a corporate attorney. “It pays to have friends in high places.” Joe thinks to himself. Terry has introduced Joe to quite a few men that prove invaluable.

Following many meetings and the near threat of losing everything he has personally invested in the company plus government funding Joe and Dynamic Electronics comes out smelling like a rose and some despicable accountants end up behind prison bars.

After proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the integrity of Joe and Dynamic Electronics; the government is satisfied. Everything is finally going well.

Meanwhile, Bridget is promoted from Associate Producer to Production Manager. At the same time Bridget’s short stories are becoming extremely popular. Bridget and Emily Pharaoh are gone weeks at a time attending book promotions.

At first, Joe is busy putting out fires of his own, so he doesn’t notice how much time Bridget spends away from home until after everything settles down and he is ready to assume the role of dominant provider.

“I never realized how much time your hobbies take.” Joe observed one afternoon.

“For the one-millionth time, this is not a hobby, Joe. Writing is something I was born to do.” Bridget said starting to get disenchanted with the whole idea of explaining it to Joe.

“Bridget, how can writing be a career?” Joe asked. “At best, it’s a form of entertainment.”

“What about those technical journals you are always reading? Do you think that was somebody’s hobby?” Bridget shot off.

“That’s different and you know it. These are highly technical, well written journals on pertinent subjects that will assist in people making innovative steps toward methodological excellence.” Joe defended. “Now if you ever decide to write technical journals, then I might just see the relevancy in it.”

“I am not a technical writer. I am a mystery writer.” Bridget repeated stubbornly.

“Right, you are a mystery writer. Like I said before, a nice hobby.” Joe concluded. With that comment, Bridget threw down some papers she was reading and walked out of the living room.

“Wait a minute, baby!” Joe called out and caught up with Bridget. “Let’s go to the park and calm down. Please, I don’t like it when we have a disagreement.” Joe gently pulled Bridget close to him and started nibbling on her ear. This was always a tactic he used to get his way and it always worked.

To Be Continued ...

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