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When Love's Not Enough Part 4

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No … all that glitters in NOT gold!

No … all that glitters in NOT gold!

Dropping the First Bomb ...

Bridget ignores the warning bells and answers Joe with one word, “yes.”

With the swiftness of a gazelle Bridget and her family prepare for the wedding event of the season. With just eight months left to prepare (it is now November and Joe wants a June wedding) everyone has to be accommodating. The invitations are superbly done and sent out with lighting speed.

Everyone works non-stop. That is everyone except Joseph Henry Harrington III. He feels that the entire preparatory scenario is woman’s work and is abhorred to think that he would be asked to help.

“It’s your wedding, too.” Brijet reminded Joe one day.

“That’s strictly woman’s work. I’ll come to the rehearsals but everything else is your responsibility. Doesn’t give you much time for that writing thing of yours does it?” Joe gloats happily.

“That writing thing as you call it is my career. Besides I can come back to it later after I’ve finished with this wedding thing.” Brijet threw back at Joe wondering if she was doing the right thing.

“You’re referring to one of the most important events of my life!” Joe replies incredulously. He can’t believe that Brijet would consider getting married to him in the same league as her writing.

Two days before the ceremony, Joseph II insisted on speaking to Bridget alone.

“I want to talk to you about our family and give you a little background about Joey.” Joseph II began. “Not that I don’t expect you to be the perfect bride for my son, you are definitely pretty enough, I just want you to understand what is expected of you, that’s all.”

“What do you mean what is expected of me, Mr. Harrington?” Bridget asked feeling very nervous.

“My mother was a ruthless and domineering woman. She ruled both her household and my father with an iron hand. Fortunately, she died of a massive heart attack at age 41.” Mr. Harrington paused to look at Bridget to measure her reaction to this bit of information. Then he continued.

“The good news is that my father remarried a loving and considerate woman the 2nd time around. Piper Conley-Harrington was like the mother I never really had. The change in the Harrington household was phenomenal! There was love everywhere. It took me a long time to find someone like Piper, but I did. If it’s possible, Marian is even more loving!” Mr. Harrington paused again to light his pipe. Bridget was thankful that Joey didn’t have that smelly habit. However, she was wondering where the conversation was heading.

“Ok, so what does this have to do with Joey and me, Mr. Harrington?” Bridget asked starting to feel annoyed.

“What I am saying is that Joey is used to an environment of complete love and devotion. His mother made sure that I want for nothing and in turn I provide her with a hefty allowance, a lovely home, occasional outings, expensive cars, a breathtaking wardrobe and lots of love. Since we have been married, she has never had to work or long for anything. Marian, on the other hand, has always been there for me. She gave up an extremely promising career as an Interior Designer. A woman’s place is in the home taking care of her husband and children. Not having an ambitious career and globe-trotting around the country.” Joseph II finished. Bridget became offended by his blatant remarks regarding her book signing and her career with the station.

Being an astute businessman, Mr. Harrington was always one who didn't mince words and laid his cards on the table.

Being an astute businessman, Mr. Harrington was always one who didn't mince words and laid his cards on the table.

“Mr. Harrington, has Joey complained to you about my careers?” Bridget asked the hairs on the back of her neck rising.

“No, he hasn’t actually complained about them, but from time-to-time he mentions your hobby keeping you so busy.” Joseph II started to feel that he may be treading on very shaky ground.

“My book writing is not a hobby, Mr. Harrington. And, if there is ever a problem between Joey and me, I am sure we will be capable of handling it without outside assistance.” There was a menacing look on Bridget’s face. Bridget found this conversation hard to stomach two days before her wedding day.

“Oh, I am sure everything will be fine. You just enjoy your special day. We have all put a lot into making this day exceptional for both Joey and you.” And with that Joseph Henry Harrington II excused himself and hurriedly went in search of Marian.

Bridget began to question her decision to marry Joey Harrington. “What do I really know about Joey and his family?” Bridget asked herself. She began to think about little remarks he had made whenever she mentioned her writing career. Before further consideration could be made Joey came quietly into the room.

Feeling the warm and secure comfort of his arms, Bridget pushed back any doubts she had regarding her love for Joey and his love for her. And when he started to hum “The Lady in my Life” it was all she could do to stand up and be supported by his strong arms. “I am sure everything will be fine” she thought to herself—if only there was more time.

Mrs. Harrington was always the diplomat when it came to helping her husband. Loving him unconditionally, she helped smoothed the rough spots and calmed the raging seas in his life.

Mrs. Harrington was always the diplomat when it came to helping her husband. Loving him unconditionally, she helped smoothed the rough spots and calmed the raging seas in his life.

The Stage Is Set ...

Bridget now finds herself standing in front of the mirror admiring the perfect fit of her wedding gown. Not counting that small incident with Joey’s father, everything is going without a hitch.

Bridget’s mother has some last-minute arranging to do. This was a prime opportunity for Joey’s mother to pay Bridget a last-minute call. When she walked through the door, Bridget’s lovely smile turned into a grimace. Marian was able to pick up on this immediately.

“Bridget, I know you had a talk with Joseph, and I didn’t come to add my two cents to what he said. I just want you to know how proud I am for having you as a daughter-in-law. I have always admired your work and sometimes at my meetings, we do readings from passages in your short stories.” Marian smiles.

“Thank you so much, Marian. I …” Bridget is interrupted by Marian.

“Let me go on, dear. It was my decision to give up my career when I married Joey’s father. However, I am still able to do what I was called to do through the designing of my own home and my friends’ homes. Granted, I don’t receive monetary supplement for the work, but the self-satisfaction I receive is worth the effort.” Marian explains.

“Joey’s father had a hard, young life with an unloving mother. I understood that, but his stepmother more than compensated for that deficiency. What I did for my family was my choice and my decision. He had no right telling you what he did, but it does give insight on the type of person Joey is—spoiled and indulgent!” Marian is continuous.

“In my love for my family, I never thought of how difficult it may be for the wife of such a son. What I am trying to tell you, dear Bridget is that you must choose your own path and make your own way. And, if Joey loves you as much as I think he does, all will be well, if not …” Marian ends her conversation, gave Bridget a caring hug and left.

Bridget sat on a small stool with tears in her eyes. “I’ve truly misjudged you Mrs. Harrington.” Bridget said to herself. Then her mother came into the room and states, “They are ready to get started now, good luck!”

To Be Continued ...

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