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When Love's Not Enough Part 18

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You Just Don’t Get It ...

About five minutes later Bridget comes down the stairs to greet Joe. Just the little time she’d spent at her parents’ home makes a visible difference in Bridget. She looks a little rested although her eyes still hold that haunting look and her hair is in a feeble looking pony tail.

“Hello how are you, Bridget?’ Joe asks sheepishly.

“I’m trying to maintain Joe. I’ve got to get myself together for the awards programs in a few months.” Bridget says.

“Let’s go for a little walk, Bridget.” Joe suggests.

“Just a moment, Joe I need to tell my parents.” Bridget returns.

“Bridget, you are my wife. You don’t need permission …” Before Joe can finish his sentence Bridget has given him such a cold stare until he just shakes his head and goes outside. It is a moment later when Bridget joins him with a lightweight jacket.

Joe and Bridget go walking while the twins stay with their grandparents.

Bridget shows Joe the park where she plays as a kid and they walk over to a bench to sit down. Joe notices how out of breath Bridget is from just the short trip, however it doesn’t stop him from hammering in his cause.

“As long as you insist on this writing thing I don’t know what will become of this marriage.” A frustrated Joe says to Bridget.

“I understand, Joe. And you need to understand that I can’t go on playing house with you. This is why I am going to file for a divorce. We can have joint custody of the twins.” Bridget says.

“A divorce; are you out of your mind, Bridget? I will never agree to give you a divorce. You need to see things my way.” Joe says.

“I have been trying to see things your way, Joe.” Bridget begins sifting her gaze from the ground to Joe. She is no longer uncomfortable about how to handle Joe. Her parents support have meant everything.

“I have tried to stifle my desires in favor of your dreams. Even the house was your dream, Joe. You never consulted me regarding what I would like in a home.” Bridget finishes feeling strong than she has in months.

“I let you decorate the house.” Joe is still not gasping what is going on.

“You let me decorate, Joe? You insist that your mother supervise every decision I make. Then you make changes where you think it will best compliment your lifestyle. You and I didn’t decide anything together. In the end it is still what you want.” Bridget says almost in tears.

“Baby don’t cry. I just want to take care of you. I want things to be like they are with my mom and dad.”

“You just don’t get it do you Joe, you just don’t get it.” Bridget is crying now more than ever.

Yes, You Had Plans ...

Although Angela stays home with the grandkids, Bennie follows from a safe distance. He does not want to interfere with the affairs of his married daughter, but things seem to be getting out of hand.

“Is everything alright?” Bennie asks coming from behind a tree; surprising both Bridget and Joe.

“You asked your father to follow us?” Joe asks in disbelief.

“Bridget didn’t ask me to follow; I did this on my own realizing the state that both of you are in.” Bennie offers.

“Yes, daddy for once everything is fine.” Bridget says rising to get up.

“But we haven’t settled anything.” Joe says.

“Maybe you haven’t settled anything Joe; but I’ve settled everything. I am staying here until after the awards. I have arranged with my Aunt Angie, Jim and Emily to get the rest of my things. They will be put into storage until I am able to return for them.” Bridget says firmly.

“No, you can’t do this to me. I have plans.” Joe says in disbelief.

“Yes, you had plans, Joe. I have plans too; being the damn best author in the United States and Canada, maybe even the world.” Bridget says holding her head high.

“You’re taking my girls?” Joe asks.

“They are my girls, too Joe. I carried them for 9 months. I ached and stressed the whole time. And, if you give me any trouble about them; I will make you regret the day you were born!” Bridget’s final parting words shock both Joe and Bennie Hathaway.

Bridget is totally exhausted when she reaches her parents’ home. She collapses on the sofa. Angela is so worried about her daughter that she decides to take her to the emergency room. Bennie stays at home with the twins and Joe goes with Angela. Once Bridget is carried back to an examining room; Angela has a talk with Joe.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you, Joe; but you are killing my daughter.” Angela says frowning.

“She’s my wife and I love her.” Joe says with hurt feelings.

Normally, Angela has a sunny disposition. But when the happiness of her only daughter is in jeopardy, she's a badass waiting for a showdown!

Normally, Angela has a sunny disposition. But when the happiness of her only daughter is in jeopardy, she's a badass waiting for a showdown!

“I think what you are in love with is an image you have of what the perfect wife should be: beautiful and smart but definitely submissive with no separate career desires.” Angela says.

“And ... what’s wrong with that picture?” Joe replies stubbornly.

“What’s wrong with that picture is that you don’t want your wife to exercise any of her God given talents. You want a 21st century wife with a 19th century mentality! This is NOT the Victorian Era!” Angela accuses, her voice raising an octave.

“I want the woman I first met!” Joe insists, stinging from the remarks Angela makes.

“When you first met Bridget; she was well on her way to a career in writing.” Angela says hauntingly.

“I don’t know why you all think that writing is a real career. It’s a hobby at best.” Joe says.

“And, I don’t know why you see writing as just a hobby. I do see that my daughter made a very grave mistake when she married you, Joe.” Angela says vindictively.

“How can you possibly say that? I’ve given her everything. My mother does the same for my dad. Is it too much to want the same thing for myself?” Joe wails.

“Yes, it is when you try to turn a person into a replica of someone else. Everything I do and I’m sure that everything your mother does is done because this is our choice. Not because our husbands are mandating us to do it.” Angela informs Joe, knowing that it is falling on deaf ears.

“Then Bridget needs to understand that her desires should be for her husband. Doesn’t it say so in the Bible?’ Joe flings at Angela.

“This is very true Joe, but the Bible also talks about being unequally yoked. A wise man will honor and cherish his wife.” Angela flung back.

“I do cherish Bridget.” Joe says getting a little tired of defending himself.

“Do you really, Joe? Do you honor your wife?” Angela probes.

“Honor and respect are all you people can talk about. The woman belongs to her husband. Her whole life and being should be centered on pleasing him. My mother worships the ground my father walks on. She gave up a real career as an Interior Designer to be my father’s support system.” Joe is starting to lose his temper; however the doctor enters the waiting area.

To Be Continued ...

When Love's Not Enough Conclusion

  • When Love's Not Enough Conclusion
    “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. My friend, I'll say it clear. I'll state my case, of which I'm certain. I've lived a life that’s full, I traveled each and every highway. And more, much more than this, I did it my way!”—I Di

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