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When Love's Not Enough Part 17

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Awake up, Bridget!

Awake up, Bridget!

Should Have Seen It Coming ...

Joe’s temper returns but there is little he can do. He jumps back into his car, pumps the accelerator and does not stop until he reaches a deserted place just outside of town. There he parks his car and cries hysterically as he keeps mumbling to himself:

“How could she do this to me? I gave her everything!” Joe sobs.

A police car drives up beside him, seeing that it is Joe and he seems distraught the policeman asks, “You alright, Joey?”

“My wife just left me.” Joe sobs. Turning around to face the voice he sees that it is Bridget’s friend Officer Stacy.

“Are you talking about Bridget?” Officer Stacy says in disbelief.

“I only have one wife.” Joe replies still sobbing.

“What happened, Joe?” Officer Stacy says getting out of his car and coming around to sit with him.

“I gave her everything: a beautiful home, twins, and lots of money! She had clothes, a good housekeeper, everything.” Joe continues.

“Did you respect her, Joe?” Officer Stacy asks.

“What kind of bull-crap question is that?” Joe says taking in a gulp of air.

“It’s a good question. Did you respect her?” Officer Stacy repeats.

“I gave her my heart.” Joe says defensively.

“You didn’t answer my question, Joe.” Officer Stacy says. “Did you give her respect? Did you understand her wants and needs?”

“Her place is at my side as my wife and the mother of my children.” Joe says stubbornly.

“I think you’ve answered my question, Joe. Let me explain a few things to you.” Officer Stacy says and Joe listens.

“Bridget is a talented, beautiful and sensitive woman. I’ve known her since our college days. She’s always been a writer.” Officer Stacy says.

“How well did you know Bridget?” Joe says. He has stopped crying; noticing the warm smile on Officer Stacy’s face as he speaks about her.

“No, it wasn’t like that at all, Joe. Don’t I wish?” Officer Stacy says smiling.

“You mean Bridget never dated you?” Joe asks incredibly.

Officer Stacy tries to be sympathetic with Joe but its hard to have sympathy for a JERK!

Officer Stacy tries to be sympathetic with Joe but its hard to have sympathy for a JERK!

“Oh sure, I dated Bridget. She was my escort when my fraternity had its annual cotillion. I even asked her to marry me?” Officer Stacy says.

“So, what happen?” Joe pumps Officer Stacy for more information.

“Bridget turned me down. I knew that it would have to be a very special guy to capture that lady’s heart.” Officer Stacy notices a rise in Joe’s chest and a small smile.

“So what happened between you two?” Joe probes further.

“Bridget introduces me to her best friend at the station—Technical Director Connie Turner. Best thing that Bridget could have done for me.” Officer Stacy smiles.

“How is that?” Joe questions.

“Bridget realized that her man would have to have an appreciation of her career. I was a little like you. Thought that a woman’s place was in the home and nowhere else.” Office Stacy says.

“And what’s wrong with that. My parents find the arrangement very suitable.” Joe defends.

“Your parents are from a different era, Joey. No doubt it was still by mutual consent.” Officer Stacy informs Joe.

“My parents have the perfect marriage. Bridget just never understood that’s what I wanted for us. She is just being difficult.” Joe insists.

“You had a real jewel, Joe. You had someone that any man would have been proud to have. But you failed to recognize your diamond. I pity you, Joe.” Officer Stacy says getting out of the Maserati and heading back to his squad car.

“I’ll get her back, you’ll see!” Joe yells from his car. Watching Officer Stacy turn the cruiser around and points the vehicle in the direction of town.

“Yes, I’ll get her back. I’ll show you. I’ll show her she can’t leave me.”

Joe also turns his Maserati around and shortly reaches home. The carport looks strange. The men have left with Bridget’s car.

“She’ll be back … I’ll see to it and she’ll never leave me again.” Joe swears.

"How dare she leave me? No one leaves Joey Harrington ... No One!" Joe declares.

"How dare she leave me? No one leaves Joey Harrington ... No One!" Joe declares.

Taking Back What Belongs to Me ...

The next morning Joe is on a plane to Lambert with the determination of bringing his family home. Bennie goes to pick him up at the airport.

“I am not going to tell you how to run your life Joe, but Bridget is a pretty unhappy lady.” Bennie says.

“I am pretty unhappy too, sir. Bridget left me.” Joe says defensively.

“You mean you didn’t see it coming son?” Bennie asks.

“I gave her everything a woman could want, dad.” Joe says.

“You gave her everything but the freedom to be herself, Joe. Bridget has always wanted to be a writer. From the very beginning when Angela and I would buy her books; she wanted to be able to writer her own.” Bennie says.

“But that’s not like having a real career.” Joe insists.

“That’s not for you to judge, Joe. It is real to my daughter. A good many people make a living out of writing. You should have supported her in her dreams as much as she supported you.” Bennie says.

“You don’t understand. My mother never works, and she does not find it any less demeaning to be there for my dad; encouraging and supporting his dreams and being a part of his life.” Joe defends.

“Maybe so, Joe. All I know is that Bridget is a very special lady and I have never seen her so unhappy.” Bennie says. “Plus she is losing weight and her hair!”

“I’d like to talk to her.” Joe says.

“I’ll ask her if she wants to talk to you, Joe.” Bennie says.

“It’s not a matter of what she wants—she’s my wife!” Joe says straightforward.

Bennie gives Joe a look that floors him. “Like I said before—I’ll ask her.”

To Be Continued ...

When Love's Not Enough Part 18

  • When Love's Not Enough Part 18
    There's nothing in this world so sweet as love, And next to love the sweetest thing is hate. —--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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