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When Love's Not Enough Part 16

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Time to make a hasty retreat ... When Love is NOT enough!

Time to make a hasty retreat ... When Love is NOT enough!

I’m Outta Here ...

It is the 1st of November when Bridget receives the letter stating that she is the recipient of The Writers of Excellence Award. Bridget laughs and cries at the same time. It is now that Bridget decides to leave home to stay with her parents. She grabs the phone to call Emily.

“I’ve been made recipient of The Writers of Excellence Award.” Bridget cries.

“Whoopee, let me tell Jim.” Emily says and Bridget could hear him in the background echoing Emily’s sentiments.

“Alright, now what are you going to do?” Emily asks cautiously.

“The twins are in the nursery. I am going to throw some of their clothes into a large suitcase. Then I want you to come over in Jim’s vehicle. We are going to the airport. I’m going to my mother’s house.” Bridget says slowly and clearly.

“Are you sure about this, Bridget?” Emily asks holding her breath.

“I’m sure.” Bridget says steadily.

“Then I’m on my way.” Emily says with a sigh of relief as she hangs up the phone.

Bridget then begins to pack a few things for the twins and a couple of items for herself. She will definitely need new clothes since she has lost so much weight. The twins just think they are going on a trip to see their Nana as Bridget’s mom is called and will be back home soon.

Bridget tries to breathe steadily and calmly as Emily pulls up with Jim. She is concerned that they may not finish in time, and she doesn’t want to experience another episode like the one in September.

“Let me get those bags for you Bridget.” Jim says gathering the several pieces of luggage Bridget has neatly arranged by the entry hallway.

“Hello Uncle Jim …” pipes the twins.

“Hello pretty girls …” returns Jim.

Jolene has already left with a big bonus check to keep her mouth shut. Jolene is in fact on Bridget’s side anyway because she loves her writing and thinks Joe is a louse. However, she isn’t paid to think, and the money is very good. The reference Bridget has written for Jolene will land her another good job.

“I really appreciate everything, Jim and Emma.” Bridget says smiling for the first time in months.

“It is your own hard work that earned you that award, Bridget.” Jim says returning her smile.

“Let’s hurry up and get out of here before Hurricane Joe makes his arrival.” Emily says.

“I agree. Mackenzie and Madison come on darlings it’s time to go.” Bridget calls to her adorable girls who are nearly five.

If Steve McQueen could do it ... so can Bridget Hathaway Harrington. (MGM all rights reserved ...)

If Steve McQueen could do it ... so can Bridget Hathaway Harrington. (MGM all rights reserved ...)

The Great Escape ...

Bridget is glad that Joe has to work a little later so that she can take the seven o’clock flight to Lambert. By that time she arrives, it is evident to her mother that she has lost a good deal of weight and her hair looks so thin and lifeless that she can only pull it back into a ball. Her mother and father can only look at her and shake their heads. Then they each start hugging Bridget and crying.

“Bridget, my darling I am so glad you’ve come.” Angela says very happy to see her daughter.

“Mom, I love you, I love you, mom.” Bridget nervously says over and over.

“You are safe with us, darling. No one will ever hurt you again.” Bennie says.

“Nana and grandpa hello … we love you!” Mackenzie and Madison say in unison. The twins are overjoyed to be with their grandparents.

“Daddy makes mommy cry, Nana.” Mackenzie whispers in Angela’s ear.

“It’s alright darling, your mommy won’t be crying here.” Angela whispers back.

“Good!” Mackenzie returns hugging her Nana even tighter.

Bridget’s mother is very concerned regarding Bridget’s mental and physical state of health. Angela wonders how Bridget lost so much weight and how she will help repair her badly damaged hair.

“Was it that bad, Bridget?” Angela asks Bridget holding her daughter in her arms and talking softly.

“Mom, he just didn’t try to understand my need to write. Where did I fail as a wife?” Bridget whines.

“It’s not your fault, honey. You did your best to be a good wife for Joe.” It is Bridget’s father. He too is worried about his only child.

“Stay here as long as you like. I had a guest house added. The bedroom has a built-in computer center. There is another room for the twins’ that’s filled with all kind of kid stuff. We had it especially set up for visits from you guys.” Bennie laughs.

“Thanks, dad I appreciate it. This looks like one of our extended visits.” Bridget says between sobs.

“Hey, guest house is your mother’s idea.” Bennie confesses, “After you came for that visit when the twins were infants, Angela suggests that we have it built, knowing that it would get future use.”

“Mom, you are the greatest!” Bridget says and her mother cries.

“You women are going to drown me!” Bennie laughs.

“Bennie go check on the girls.” Angela replies.

There comes a time when remaining in the nest is not in the best interest of everyone concerned!

There comes a time when remaining in the nest is not in the best interest of everyone concerned!

Little Birdies Have To Fly ...

It is nearly 8 o’clock when Joe finally comes home from work. The house looks normal with Bridget’s Honey-beige Ferrari Enzo still nesting in the spacious carport. Once Joe enters the house he knows something is wrong.

“Honey, I’m home!” This is Joe’s 1950’s cadence. This time there is no return sound. There is no grunt from Bridget or squeals from the twins as they come running down the stairs to meet their dad. There is only silence to greet Joe.

“What’s going on around here?” Joe questions as he goes from room to room trying to find some sign of life or at least a note.

When Joe enters the nursery, he finds some of the twins’ clothes missing and several pairs of shoes. The same thing is evident in the master bedroom when he enters there. Bridget’s best clothes are gone! A torn sheet from a magazine lay on the bed. It shows a mother bird watching one of her young leave the nest. The caption reads:

So long, Kiddo!”

It is at that moment that Joe realizes that they have gone. He goes berserk throwing things and using profanity. He becomes so unnerved that he gets into his car and starts to drive away when he sees a big truck drive up. Two burly men get out, one with papers in his hands. They approaches Joe.

“I’m here for the Honey-beige Ferrari Enzo Mr. Harrington.” One of the men states looking him unsmilingly in the eyes.

“The hell you are … you’re not taking …” Before Joe can finish the sentence the man shoves the paperwork in his hand.

“Your wife has requested that my company transport this vehicle to Lambert. She made us aware that you might object. The car is hers and she wants it, bud. I’m within legal rights and I hope you’re not going to give us any trouble.” Paul the first man says.

“Yeah … I’ve heard about you. Man from the Stone Age who doesn’t want his famous wife to pursue her career.” Jerome the second man chimes.

“What would you two know about that?” Joe asks surprised at the attitude of the two men.

“Paul and I used to do work for the TV Station. Some of the mechanics around there told us about Mrs. Harrington and her problematic husband. Real beautiful woman you had, bud. It’s a pity you didn’t know what to do with her.” Jerome ends.

“What do you mean?” Joe knows he’s no match for either man, but what is being said is of interest to him.

“Just that when a woman leaves town, then requests that her car be sent to her parent’s home—doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.” Paul adds smiling.

“She’ll be back—she’s just a little upset.” Joe stubbornly replies.

“I don’t think so, bud. Besides … we ain’t getting paid by the hour. So, if you’ll excuse us, well get on with our job.” Jerome gives Joe a look, shakes his head and then heads for the car.

To Be Continued ...

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  • When Love's Not Enough Part 17
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