When Love's Not Enough Part 15

Updated on March 29, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

It Just Ain’t Happening ...

Temporarily, Bridget decides trying it his way because she wants to please Joe and to keep her family intact. It is not that Bridget doesn’t love her family; she dearly loves her husband and her twins Madison and Mackenzie. Bridget possesses an even greater love for her ability to create pictures with words. Bridget misses writing.

Only too soon Bridget finds that her lack of writing creates such a void in her life that she develops an eating disorder and her hair thins even more. She has lost a total of 21 pounds and her eyes sink into her once beautiful face. Many of her friends fail to recognize her and a good friend Officer Stacy Abbott thinks Bridget may be on drugs!

“Is there something you need to tell me, Bridget?” Officer Stacy asks Bridget one day when he sees her at the shopping mall.

“What do you mean, Stacy?” Bridget asks bewildered.

“I’ve noticed how much weight you have been losing and your hair looks like hell.” Officer Stacy never minces words.

“I’m not on drugs; if that’s what you’re thinking.” Bridget says.

“Thank heaven, then what is wrong with you, girl?” Officer Stacy asks keeping an eye on a very active pair of twins.

“Joe hates my writing. He gives me nothing but trouble.” Bridget confesses.

“Hmm, I never could understand why you married that man. Doesn’t seem to know that writing is the lifeblood of your existence? I remember you in college. Your eyes would light up every time you wrote one of your short stories. Remember, I had you write a special monologue for me to present to Connie for our wedding day?” Officer Stacy says smiling.

“I remember there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when you recited it to her.” Bridget returns the smile. “I even cried.”

“Do you want some brotherly advice?” Officer Stacy asks.

“Even if I say no; I’m going to have to hear it anyway.” Bridget smiles at her friend.

“Right, so here it is. You have a wonderful talent and a great gift to offer the world. You have the ability to paint pictures with words! Bridget, you have to do what makes you happy.” Officer Stacy begins.

“I didn’t like the idea of Connie working after our daughter Jessica was born. She moped around for over two months. Just like you; she began to lose weight. It took me a minute, but I begin to realize her need for a life outside of our marriage. Connie wasn’t complete until she could blend a sense of accomplishment into her private life.” Officer Stacy finishes.

“You are a wise man, Stacy.” Bridget says hugging her friend.

“Let’s just say that I learned a lot from reading a friend’s books.” Officer Stacy smiles, “You know I am one of your biggest fans.”

“So, what do I do?” Bridget asks.

“You start to live again. If Joe really loves you, and I believe he does; he should understand.” Office Stacy says.

“And, if nothing changes?” Bridget asks.

“Then you will know. Either way, at least you will have done something.”

“Those are the exact words Joe’s mother told me after the twins were born and I needed some time to recover.” Bridget thinks back.

“Well, if your mother-in-law can tell you this, I can’t be wrong, huh?”

Officer Stacy gives Bridget a brotherly hug and then leaves her to think it over.

Officer Stacy has always been a level-headed and dependable friend for Bridget. She knows he will always have her best interest.
Officer Stacy has always been a level-headed and dependable friend for Bridget. She knows he will always have her best interest.

You Leave Me Know Recourse ...

The next day Bridget returns to her writing career.

Once Joe realizes that Bridget has returned to writing, he is anything but cordial. Bridget finds the atmosphere intolerable. They barely speak other than a civil “good morning” and “have a nice day.” Bridget has less and less patience with her twins. Every time she wants to talk to Joe about even touring just a couple of months out of the year; Joe will give her such a look she quickly retreats and changes the subject.

Bridget honestly knows that she will not be able to continue the nightmare this marriage has become but still wants to wait on the outcome of the award. It will mean her independence!

One particular day Bridget decides to work on a chapter in her second novel. Her daughters are safely tucked into bed. The household staff is off, so Bridget has just finished tidying up the kitchen. Bridget settles down in the living room with her lap top and a glass of Pinot Noir. The hour is late, but Bridget is determined to finish the chapter.

Joe comes into the living room every 15 minutes to see when she will be ready to go to bed.

“How much longer are you going to be with that book?” Joe asks vexed.

“I’m almost finished.” Bridget replies just as annoyed, not looking up at Joe.

“You said those same words 15 minutes ago.” Joe complains.

“And, if you continue to interrupt me, I will be saying them again.” Bridget replies verminously.

“I can’t go to sleep without you, Bridget. I just wish you would try to see my point. We could have such a wonderful marriage.” Joe tries to soften his complaint, massaging Bridget’s shoulders. He knows that she loves it when he does that.

“Ok, Joe let’s go to bed.” Bridget says dryly and ends another chapter in frustration. She follows her husband upstairs; splashes cool water on her face in the master bathroom and follows him into bed.

Their intimate times together are more mechanical on Bridget’s part and Joe, so involved in the moment, never notices anything different. Bridget will mourn and sigh at the appropriate times and when it is over; she gives a silent prayer of thanks.

To Be Continued ...

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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