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When Love's Not Enough Part 13

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Bridget and Joey have been wading in turbulent waters!

Bridget and Joey have been wading in turbulent waters!

Hard Work Paying Off ...

The four years and six months that follow the birth of the twins are busy as well as turbulent years. The girls are exceptionally smart and get whatever their little hearts demand. Joe eagerly rushes home to a waiting family, a warm meal and a relaxing night once the girls are in bed. Nothing could be better in his world. All this will change soon enough.

Bridget hasn’t noticed that her book When Darkness Falls has been receiving very positive reviews. It has been translated in eight different languages and is distributed in both large print and condensed versions. Walter Rand’s book, The Mint Julep Surprise won The Writers of Excellence Award last year. Barbara Parker’s book The Education of Latoya Perez won the award the year before. When Bridget hears from her long-time publisher and good friend, Emily Pharaoh, it’s extremely good news.

“There is a rumor that When Darkness Falls will receive this year’s coveted The Writers of Excellence Award” Emily says.

“Are you serious, Emma?” Bridget asks.

“Yes … it is not uncommon that even established authors like Rand and Parker wait years before receiving a nomination from the Board of Writers of The Writers of Excellence Award. There is a small minor of others who get the actual award with their first full-length novel! It looks like you will be ranked among the latter!” Emily continues.

“And if it does, you will be swamped with guest appearances. This could be your big break. I am talking some great money here. Also, Shaun Goodman of Metro Canadian Movies (MCM) and Goodman Productions wants you to do a screenplay on the book! I knew this book would be a good one!” Emily finishes.

“Wow, looks like I am going to need to give Andréa Dupree Latimoore a call!” Bridget says excitingly.

“Now my only concern is who will do the main character justice.” Bridget says.

“Alexis Palmer would be superb as Walter Murdock!” Emily says.

“Alexis Palmer is a good actor. He’s English isn’t he?” Bridget asks trying to mentally picture Andréa opposite Alexis.

“Alexis is a great actor. Also he is very good with rising stars. And, he wouldn’t be intimidated by Andréa’s beauty. He has a bit of an ego, I’ll admit but he’s a good person.” Emily adds.

“Can you just imagine seeing When Darkness Falls on the cinema?” Bridget replies dreamily.

“You are really going have to consider going on the road again, Bridget.” Emily says.

“I know. I also know how Joe is going to react to the news.” Bridget looks dejected.

“Why don’t you call your dad and have him talk to Joe?” inquires Emily.

“It will do no good. I will still have to face the music. Joe has never taken my writing serious. When he hears about the nomination for the award and screenplay he will just be even more upset because this will beyond any shadow of a doubt prove him to be wrong.” Bridget informs Emily.

“If you let this opportunity pass you by, you will deeply regret it.” Emily admonishes.

“Yes—I know I will.” Bridget answers sadly.

Ease on down … ease on down the road!

Ease on down … ease on down the road!

The Last Straw ...

It is a beautiful September day when Bridget finally decides to approach Joe with the news and Emily’s suggestion. The twins are dropped off at his parent’s house in Arlington Heights to return the following Sunday, so they are alone. As Bridget predicted Joe is livid.

“I got a call from Emily the other day.” Bridget begins.

“Oh, and what did she want?” Joe stops eating and lays his fork down beside his plate.

“My novel has been nominated for a writer’s award and I’ve been asks to do a screenplay.” Bridget continues cautiously.

“Really … and what does all this mean, exactly?’ Bridget has Joe’s undivided attention and he is NOT smiling.

“It means that I will be back on the road again.” There she has said it. The thing that happens next shocks Bridget beyond words. Joe slams his fist against the table and throws his plate across the room.

“No wife of mine is going to be tramping around the country, leaving me to cook, take care of myself and the kids. It’s either me and the kids or your career; you can’t have both of us. I am not buying into Mr. Mom and that is my final word!”

“But Joe …” Bridget starts to get frazzled.

Before Bridget can finish her sentence; Joe pushes pass her and storms out of the house. When she goes to the window she gets a quick glimpse of him driving down the road. Bridget has never seen him that angry before. She knew he would be upset. They’d had their squabbles and misunderstandings in the past but never of this magnitude. This has surpassed anything he has ever done. It is a 10.5 on the Richter scale!

Bridget finds her hands shaking uncontrollably as she calls her aunt.

Bridget is standing at the door when both Emily and her Aunt Angie arrive.

Bridget is standing at the door when both Emily and her Aunt Angie arrive.

Enough IS Enough ...

It doesn’t take Angie long to reach Bridget’s home. On the way to Bridget’s place Angie tries to think of what she should tell her distraught niece. Angie feels that it is a shame that Joe is so hard against Bridget’s writing career. Bridget is a natural as a writer.

In fact, Bridget is one of the best writers in the country. Her style is fresh, and her ideas always have a natural, logical flow. Angie is extremely proud of her. On the way to Bridget’s house, Angie calls Emily on her cellular phone.

“I think you need to meet me at Bridget’s.” Angie says.

“Why … what’s the matter?” Emily asks with concern in her voice.

“I’m not sure but it sounds like Joey has gone ballistics.” Angie says.

“I’m not that far. I’m on my way.” Emily replies reversing the vehicle and heading in the direction of Bridget’s home.

Moments later Angie and Emily are simultaneously pulling up into the driveway. Both women look at each other. Angie knows what she will need to tell her niece and she is not looking forward to it. Emily can sense it as well.

“I’m ready to go.” Bridget says wiping the last of her tears with a tissue. Bridget has been waiting by the door. Her nose is running, her beautiful hair is disheveled, and eyes are red from crying.

Angie has never seen her looking so unkempt. Bridget is wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a white T shirt that has seen better days.

“I think it will be better if she comes with me, Angie. I don’t think Joe will try to contact her at my house.” Emily states.

“I think you are right. Thanks for meeting me here so quickly. I felt my little jewel shouldn’t be alone.” Angie explains.

“You are right, Angie. Tell your sister about it but please tell her not to say anything to that husband of her. We know that he would be down here with a shot gun.” Emily tries to laugh.

“In a heartbeat that brother-in-law of mine would have the entire town of Lambert up here for a lynching.” Angie does chuckle. Then she gives Bridget a big hug and goes back to her car.

“Take good care of her Emma!” Angie calls back.

“You better believe I will.” Emily replies then she turns to Bridget.

“Get into the car, Bridget!” Emily orders.

Emily grabs the laptop from Bridget’s hands and flings the overnight bag on to the back seat of Jim’s Chevy Tahoe. Then she ushers Bridget into the passenger side. Emily has never seen Bridget looking so badly. She silently curses the ground that Joe walks upon.

To Be Continued ...

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