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When Love's Not Enough Part 12

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There is something that a marriage needs that is just as strong as love … Respect!

There is something that a marriage needs that is just as strong as love … Respect!

He Just Doesn’t Get It ...

Once Mrs. Harrington has the girls settled in their seats she turns to her daughter-in-law with understanding eyes.

“I’m sorry you are having such a hard time.” Mrs. Harrington tells Bridget sympathetically.

“I guess you think that I am a bad mother.” Bridget whispers with her head held down.

“You are not a bad mother, and neither am I. I just over indulged Joey and now you are unfortunately the benefactor of the results.” Mrs. Harrington offers as a way of apologizing.

“You see, Joey has an extremely chauvinistic view of the male-female relationship that has been much distorted over the years. I begin to recognize it early, but my husband thought it was cute and even encouraged it. Much to his chagrin I believe even he is beginning to regret it.” Mrs. Harrington confided to Bridget.

“What can I do about it?” Bridget asks almost in tears.

“You must do what is best for you and my grandchildren. I love my son dearly, but I hate what he is doing to you. Do you remember our conversation before you married Joey?” Mrs. Harrington starts her Black and Red Bugatti Veyron and slowly backs out of the driveway as she notices Joe’s constant stare at the two ladies.

“Yes, I do.” Bridget thinks back.

“I still believe that Joey loves you. Joey has not been able to get pass his own self-worth. It is a very welcomed ally in the business world. When dealing with the competition he needs that inflated ego. But … I am afraid that when dealing with a spouse it can prove to be very destructive. You must do what you were meant to do!” Mrs. Harrington finishes.

Mrs. Harrington pulls up to a lovely house with a well-kept yard. Bridget is surprised at the medium size of the house and grounds.

“Is this where you live?” Bridget asks her mother-in-law.

“Heavens no, this is where my cousin and her husband live. My aged Aunt Rose owns this home and they are her custodians. I am temporary leaving the little ones here until I get you on that plane. Don’t worry, they will be safe here.” Mrs. Harrington smiles and a short heavy-set lady rushes out of the house to meet them. There is a wide and lovely smile on her face, and she looks like a miniature version of Mrs. Harrington.

“Tabitha, this is Joey’s wife Bridget. Bridget this is Tabitha Cunningham my cousin. She is married to Josh Cunningham.” Mrs. Harrington says.

“What an extraordinarily beautiful young woman. No wonder our Joey is so armored by you. And will you look at that? A perfect pair of book ends. Josh, come out here please.” Tabitha yells at her husband.

“You’ll have to excuse my cousin, she is originally from Memphis and she still possesses some of those darling southern habits.” Mrs. Harrington looks at her cousin with adoration.

“I think she is delightful.” Bridget agrees.

“Well, let’s get those girls out of the night air and into the house. Then you had better get this young lady to her plane. Nice to meet you again, Bridget. If you are wondering, it was at your wedding.” Josh tells Bridget.

“Thanks for everything, Tabitha and Josh. I’ll see you after I drop Bridget at the airport.” Mrs. Harrington says.

“Yes, thanks both of you for your help and understanding.” Bridget says.

“No problem … we know Joey.” Tabitha gives Mrs. Harrington a knowing smile.

Mrs. Harrington looks for a place to park after the quiet drive to the airport.

Mrs. Harrington looks for a place to park after the quiet drive to the airport.

Heeding The Voice Of Wisdom ...

The journey to the airport is spent in silence. Each woman is preoccupied with thoughts of the day. Mrs. Harrington finally pulls up into the airport parking lot.

“I’m fine from here; you don’t have to go in with me.” Bridget says.

“I’m not going to leave you here alone, Bridget. Besides, we need this time to finish our conversation. I know you’re tired and the last thing you want is another lecture. Especially a lecture from your mother-in-law when all you want to do is go to your mother. I really want to talk to you.” Mrs. Harrington tells Bridget.

“I would like to talk to you as well.” Bridget smiles back at Mrs. Harrington. After she finds a parking spot they walk toward the terminal. Mrs. Harrington begins the conversation.

“Try to stick it out as long as you can, Bridget. I won’t lie to you and tell you things will get better because I don’t think they will. Joey is not going to change. You might, though.” Mrs. Harrington says as an afterthought.

“Writing is something I have wanted to do all my life. I won’t ever change how I feel about it.” Bridget tells her with conviction.

“Then, there is nothing more I can say. I have grown to love and respect you. You are a highly intelligent and talented young woman with a beautiful gift that you want to share with the world. I can’t fault you for that. Joey is the way he is … please don’t fault him too much for that. You both love each other, but sometimes that’s not enough. Respect is imperative.” Mrs. Harrington says, “Enjoy your flight, Bridget.”

“Thank you for everything; respect is imperative.” Bridget echoes.

After the two women embrace, Bridget joins the other passengers in line to board the plane. Mrs. Harrington watches as the big silver bird speeds down the runaway to disappear from view. Then she gets one of the security officers to walk her to her awaiting car.

To Be Continued ...

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    "If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were."~ Kahlil Gibran

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