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When Love's Not Enough Part 11

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Some people just can't see beyond their own self worth!

Some people just can't see beyond their own self worth!

A Very Special New Year’s Eve ...

As the clock sounds out the final seconds of the old year Bridget begins some sounding out of her own. Labor is in progress! Joe gives a hurried good-bye and with family members trailing close behind starts his journey to County General Hospital. Angela and Bennie Hathaway are in town for the Pharaoh New Year’s Eve party and to give Bridget their moral support.

On New Year’s Day Mackenzie and Madison Harrington are born. Those are the two names that Bridget and Joe decide on. Those names just seem to give validation to their union. They are the names of children that belong to the magnificent surrounds they are now sharing. Both Bridget and Joe hope that their love will be stronger because of the new arrivals.

At times, their lives seem to be a personal struggle. However, Bridget feels that it is worth it. She is confident that this will seal their marriage for all time. She knows that Joe will be a devoted and loving father. And, he is.

Mackenzie and Madison are the delight to both parents and grandparents alike. Joe has given Bridget a video camera for Christmas and she is constantly taking shots of her girls and sending them to her parents over the Internet. Even Gwen and Bert are parading pictures of the new additions to friends and acquaintances on their many trips.

Because of Benjamin Hathaway’s declining health, he is unable to travel as much as he used to. Agnes stays home with him and refuses to journey with the Agnews even at the insistence of her husband.

“You’ve been a good wife and have taken care of me. Why don’t you go and enjoy yourself honey?” Ben tells his wife. “I’ll camp out with our son and his wife for a spell.”

“I don’t mind being here with you. Suppose you need something?” Agnes admonishes.

“I think Bennie is capable of handling any situation. Now go call Gwen and Bert and tell them you’ll be right there.” Ben insists. So after much conversation and convincing from the younger Hathaways, Agnes reluctantly goes with Bert and Gwen on a weeklong cruise returning to Alaska.

Bridget keeps up with what goes on with her grandparents and is happy to learn that Mama Agnes is finally getting some time off to enjoy herself. She also understands the necessity of having time off to yourself even when you are taking care of someone you love very much.

Getting away from that house and the responsibilities of motherhood and the nagging of Joey Harrington is EXACTLY what Bridget needs!

Getting away from that house and the responsibilities of motherhood and the nagging of Joey Harrington is EXACTLY what Bridget needs!

The Need For Rejuvenation ...

The twins are six months old now and Bridget is showing signs of wear and tear. Bridget’s parents are urging her to take some time off for herself. Angela understands how hard it is for a mother to leave her young children but sometimes it is necessary so that both can continue to grow.

“But mom, they are so young. What if something happens?” Bridget tries to come up with excuses not to leave them.

“Joe dotes on those girls and besides his mother will have them with her at her home in Arlington Heights. Angie has been giving me a progress report on you and the prognosis is not encouraging. She told me how tired and listless you have been recently.” Angela has concern in her voice.

“I know mom. I told Aunt Angie not to worry you about it.” Bridget says.

“You will soon learn that twins never keep anything from each other. Just observe Mackenzie and Madison when they are older. They will share secrets that you will probably not know until much later.” Angela laughs remembering the many secrets she shared with her sister while growing up.

“Mom … did dad ever try to convince you to stay home with me. Did he ever think that your art was a waste of time?” Bridget questions her mother.

“No, darling he’s never been like that. Your father has always supported my profession. Why the entire town stands behind me— what’s wrong Bridget?” Angela stops in mid-sentence sensing that there is something terribly wrong.

“I haven’t been writing since the girls were born. I had been working on my novel, When Darkness Falls but I got so tired of hearing Joe’s mouth until I just stopped.” Bridget is almost at the point of tears.

“Baby girl, why haven’t you told me about this sooner?” Angela asks her daughter.

“Because I thought that maybe in time things would get better. But with the girls and Joe’s nagging …” Bridget breaks out into a crying spell.

“Darling, tell Joe you need some time off, pack an overnight bag and get out here. I hate to hear you in such a state. A couple of weeks in Lambert will give you just what you need to bring yourself back.” Angela is becoming more and more upset with what she thinks may be going on with her daughter and son-in-law.

A trip to the airport WITHOUT Joey is exactly what Bridget needs right about now!

A trip to the airport WITHOUT Joey is exactly what Bridget needs right about now!

A Temporary Reprieve ...

First Joey calls his mother to make the arrangements for his infant daughters to spend time with her. Mrs. Harrington is more than delighted to have them come.

“Joey, of course you can bring the little darlings over. You have to understand that we women have hormonal issues that can bring us to near hysteria sometimes. Bridget just needs some TLC from her mother.” Mrs. Harrington replies.

“Don’t I love her?” Joe replies not really understanding what his mother is saying.

“Joe, your wife needs to be with her mother for a while. Please try to be understanding about it.” Mrs. Harrington tells her son.

“I don’t remember you acting like this mom.” Joe counters defensively.

“At two months of age, I am not surprised that you don’t remember. I stayed with my Aunt Rose for a month.” Mrs. Harrington confesses to Joe.

“What… what did dad do?” Joe is surprised at this revelation.

“One of the guys had a wife that was pregnant. He took you there and no doubt she had the time of her life!” Mrs. Harrington chuckles silently.

“Oh— should I call in the sitter to stay with the girls until you come?” Joe asks his mother.

“No … why incur the unnecessary expense. They have probably been fed and are fast asleep anyway. I’m sure you won’t have any problems with them. Besides, I can leave now if you will hang up the phone.” Mrs. Harrington tells her son.

“Joe, I will be there within the hour. If the twins awake before then, I’m sure they will be safe with their mother for a little while. Good-bye!” Mrs. Harrington returns the telephone to the receiver not believing her son’s attitude.

Joe sits in his recliner for minutes looking at the phone. He can’t believe that his mother has hung up. As if on cue he hears the familiar cries of one of the girls. Minutes later the other one joins in on the chorus.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got them.” Bridget has been listening in on Joe’s conversation with his mother. She is not surprised that Mrs. Harrington has hung up on her son. She would have done the same.

Singing a simple lullaby to the girls Bridget gets them settled and they quickly fall back to sleep. Thankful for the reprieve, Bridget begins to put a few things into a suitcase and as soon as Mrs. Harrington comes to retrieve the girls she offers Bridget a ride to the airport.

“I can take her to the airport.” Joe states indignantly.

“Don’t worry dear; I’ve got everything under control.” Mrs. Harrington assures her son as she follows Bridget out the front door.

To Be Continued ...

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