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When Love's Not Enough Part 10

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When Love is NOT enough ...

When Love is NOT enough ...

Joe’s Master Plan Continues ...

The pictures of the land reveals that it truly possessed a beautifully view of the lake and will make a wonderful backdrop for a romantic novel. However, there are more rooms than four people will ever need.

“Joe, there are certainly a lot of rooms in this dream house of yours.” Bridget says as she reassessed the blueprints.

“Our dream house, Bridget will be not only for us but for guest that come over, for clients, in case we want to expand our family …” Joe says.

“In case we want to expand our family; Joe we are having twins. We will have two children. I think that’s plenty.” Bridget corrects.

“I think having a large family will be nice.” Joe is thinking she will have to be at home then.

“I just bet you do.” Bridget offers. Joe turns just in time to see Bridget’s lips turn downward. Joe reached over and gives her a soft caress.

Bridget is silently thinking “After I have the twins, I am going to make sure that there won’t be anymore. I am not allowing Joe to saddle me with a half-dozen little offspring. I am just not that type.”

“It would be nice to have your parents from Lambert visit sometimes or my parents from Arlington Heights. I know my mother would just love giving you some decorating pointers.” Joe says.

“Yes, that would be nice.” Bridget says sarcastically.

“I could take my dad fishing on the lake or we could go sailing.” Joe says grinning.

“You don’t have a sail boat, Joe.” Bridget notes.

“I’ll buy one … hey, with my stock soaring, I could buy a yacht.” He says.

“Does your father even swim?” Bridget asks.

“Yes, he can swim. Remember Arlington Heights isn’t that far from the lake.” Joe adds indignantly.

“Why didn’t he ever by a boat?” Bridget asks.

“Because he is more of a hunter; he and some of the other men would take their sons to Canada. It has some great wild life.” Joe says reminiscing.

Joe continues until it is time for him to leave for work. Joe seems very happy about the new home. He hasn’t even noticed Bridget’s reluctant behavior toward his latest venture. Not that he even cares anyway, Bridget thinks pensively. It is all about what Joe wants. At any rate Bridget is happy for the reprieve so she can spend more quality time on her book.

Like jumping off a cliff and not expecting gravity to work ... it just ain't happening!

Like jumping off a cliff and not expecting gravity to work ... it just ain't happening!

Let’s Just Face Facts ...

About an hour after Joe leaves, Bridget receives a visit from Emily. Bridget can’t wait to explain to her in detail what Joe has in mind.

“Sounds like Joey has your life all mapped out for you.” Emily says.

“Yes it does, and he doesn’t even bother to ask what my thoughts are on the matter.” Bridget says.

“Hey, you knew when you married Joe what you were getting into. Remember that talk you had with his dad?” Emily questions.

“Yes, I remember. He told me that Joe’s mother never had to work a day in her life and never lacked for anything. He told me that Joe is used to seeing a man providing for his woman and the ‘little woman’ staying at home cooking, clean, etc. He went on and on for about an hour.” Bridget says in exaggeration, shaking her head.

“What did you expect from the son of a man like that?” Emily asks.

“I don’t know. I was just so much in love with Joe at the time.” Bridget remarked.

“I think you were more in love with love than you were with Joe.” Emily says with a rational attitude.

“What do you mean, Emma?” Bridget sounds intrigued.

“Okay, here are the facts. You meet Joey Harrington and after 15 months the two of you are married. You had six months of courtship and nine months of wedding preparation.” Emily commences.

“It was a beautiful wedding.” Bridget interrupts.

“It was a very enchanting wedding. Actually, I don’t see how you did it in just nine months.” Emily says remembering the moment.

“I did it with a little help from my friends.” Bridget laughs.

“You mean with a lot of help from family, friends, strangers …” Emily joins in the merriment.

“Yes, it was lovely wasn’t it?” Bridget has to repeat.

“Yes, now I’d better make that drive back to Arlington Heights and home. That man of mine will think I moved out.” Emily chuckles.

“Hey, Emma thanks for being my publisher and my friend!” Bridget says trying to hug Emily around her huge belly.

“And thank YOU for being such a talented writer and friend.” Emily says and is out the door heading for home.

Sometimes, you can get more action from a fallen tree!

Sometimes, you can get more action from a fallen tree!

Feeling Out of Sorts ...

December comes bringing a change of scenery in more ways than one. Bridget and Joe move into their new home in Evanston and the twins are expected the second week in January. Bridget is huge and grumpy. She spends a lot of time in bed and when she does get up it is only to go to the bathroom.

However, there is still a positive side to being home in bed that Joe isn’t aware. It gives Bridget the opportunity to write because of her wonderful voice-activated software. Shannon had outdone herself when she created this program specifically for her. Also, the view from her upstairs bedroom window gives her the most breath-taking scene she could have imagined. Winter kisses the lake and leaves a loving impression! Bridget toys with the idea of writing her first romantic novel but decides she will postpone it until her relationship with Joe improves. It seems that she snaps up his every remark.

“Hi Honey, how was your day?” Joe asks one afternoon when he arrives surprisingly early from work.

“What do you care?” Bridget snaps as she closes the laptop and returns it to its case clicking the lock.

“Oh … you have a lock-type case now. Hmm, did I catch you at a bad time? You’re probably tiring yourself out with that writing of yours.” Joe admonishes Bridget.

“The only thing that’s tiring me out is your attitude toward my writing.” Bridget knows that she would never have had the nerve to say such a thing to Joe had she not been pregnant.

“Don’t get so upset, honey!” Joe tries to redeem himself. “I just don’t want you to over extend yourself, that’s all.”

“Why don’t you go downstairs Joe and have some iced tea? I made a fresh pitcher this morning. There are some croissants in the bread box and some chicken salad in the refrigerator.” Bridget says feeling a little ashamed of her behavior. After all like Emily says she knew what she was getting into when she married Joe.

“That sounds like a good idea; are you going to join me?” Joe inquires.

“No, I really don’t feel up to navigating those stairs one more time today. I think I’ll lie down. But you can bring me up a tray; if you don’t mind?” Bridget says her voice becoming more normal.

“I’ll make two trays and join you.” Joe is determined to be a nice as possible, considering Bridget’s present condition.

“That will be fine.” Bridget concludes waddling toward the bed.

Joe decides that it might do Bridget some good if she got out of the house and accepts the invitation for the Pharaoh’s annual New Year Eve’s Bash in Arlington Heights.

To Be Continued ...

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