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When Love's Not Enough Conclusion

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You’ve Done Enough Damage ...

“How is my daughter?” Angela asks.

“Bridget is in pretty bad shape. I seriously doubt if she’ll be able to attend the awards banquet.” Angela and Dr. Clarke look strangely at Joe when he smiles and says “good.”

“This is her husband, Joe Harrington. Joe this is Theodore Clarke, M.D.” Angela says dryly.

“Bridget has told me a lot about you, Joe.” Dr. Clarke says extending his hand to Joe.

“I just want to take my family back home, Dr. Clarke.” Joe says wearily.

“I am afraid I can’t recommend Bridget returning with you.” Dr. Clarke replies.

“And why not, she is my wife and I have every right to take her out of this hospital and go home.” Joe says smugly.

“No you don’t.” Dr. Clarke says trying very hard not to lose his temper. “First, she doesn’t want to go back with you. Second, if I deem her unfit to leave the hospital; you will not be taking her anywhere. And third, I understand she is divorcing you on grounds of mental cruelty.”

“She’s what?” Joe cannot believe his ears.

“Well Joe, I suggest you get a lawyer. My husband is going to be following you back to retrieve my daughter’s things.” Angela says.

“I don’t mean any disrespect, Mrs. Hathaway but I am not allowing anyone to take anything out of my house.” Joe says.

“With a court order, I don’t think you can stop him. However Joe, what we can do is just get Bridget and the twins some new things. It’s not like any of us need anything from you!” Angela says triumphantly.

“This is just a temporary thing. She’ll see things my way!” Joe says with confidence.

“I know this is none of my business, Mrs. Hathaway, but how in the hell did Bridget get saddled with this character?” Dr. Clarke asks Angela as Joe storms out of the door and heads for the parking lot. Then he turns around and walks back to the hospital to use one of the public telephones.

“I really don’t think Bridget meant to marry Joe. He kinda decided anything for her.” Angela says reflecting on the past events.

“Well, these decisions she’s making on her own. I had a long talk with Bridget. She understates that she’s on the verge of an emotional collapse and that if she goes back with Joe she’ll die.” Dr. Clarke says grimly.

“I’m so glad she realizes that, Theo. This is going to be messy. I’m calling my sister and the Pharaohs and let them know what’s going on.” Angela says.

“Good ideal Mrs. Hathaway, Angela. Now let me get back to my patient.” Dr. Clarke smiles as he goes back through the double electronic doors.

The Road to Freedom can sometimes be as simple as picking up seashells off the beach!

The Road to Freedom can sometimes be as simple as picking up seashells off the beach!

On The Road To Freedom ...

It has been three months since she last saw Joe, and Bridget is ready for his return visit. The transformation is nothing short of a miracle. Her beautiful hair is returning, and she’s managed to reacquire some weight with the help of Mama Gwen’s and Mama Agnes’ good cooking.

“Joe, you should be receiving a preliminary divorce decree from the courts soon.”

“I can’t believe you won’t see things my way? How can you take little Madison and Mackenzie from their father? If you would only see—” Joe is immediately interrupted by Bridget.

“If I could only see things your way everything would be fine.” Bridget finishes the sentence.

“Yes and what’s wrong with that?” Now Joe is on the verge of tears.

“You just don’t get it Joe, do you? From the very beginning it was all your doing. You were so full-of-yourself that you never even sensed my reluctance to marry you. No, you just took charge and decided for both of us that this would be the best.” Bridget looked at him contemptuously.

“Bridget honey, I didn’t think—” Joe stumbles groping for the right words but once again Bridget cuts him off.

“You are right, Joe. You did not think. Had you thought, you would have seen how important a career is to me? Yes, there are women who don’t mind giving up their careers for their husbands, like your mother. Then there are women like my mother who can enjoy the benefits of a wonderful career and still have a family.” Bridget begins.

“Bridget, I am sorry.” Joe lies trying to put his arm around her.

“Sorry Joe but it won’t work this time. I’m tired of this conversation. Please go home.” Bridget says.

“I want to spend some time with my girls.” Joe states as he regains his smug attitude.

“I don’t trust you, Joe.” Bridget firmly states.

“Do you think that I would run off with them?” Joe says laughing in her face vindictively.

“You’d do anything to get me back into your primeval world, Joe.” Bridget returns blow for blow. Joe winces at the remark.

“I’m not giving you this divorce, Bridget. You are my wife and sooner or later you will bow to my will.” Joe says, “I suggest you pad up your knees.”

“Get Out!” Bridget screams.

With that note, he walks out the door.

On the night of the awards and to Bridget’s surprise, Joe is there. Bridget receives a standing ovation as she approaches the podium and is presented the coveted award.

“In spite of my personal turmoil, I feel blessed this day to receive this award. I would like to thank my parents, other relatives, and my many fans and friends for their support. You have given me a realized dream. I will give you the best I have to offer. My undying devotion to writing stories that will touch both the heart and the imagination; thank you”

Everyone stands again to applaud Bridget but one solitary figure. Joe sits purposefully at one of the front tables with his arms folded. Bridget eyes meet his and smiles. Bridget returns to her seat, her escort, Shaun Goodman of MCM gets carried away and gives her a very passionate kiss. Bridget laughs and touches his cheek. Joe abruptly leaves his table storming out of the room with his date, Lynda running to keep up. The night belongs to Bridget!

The judge and both attorneys are on Bridget's side. How can she possibly lose?

The judge and both attorneys are on Bridget's side. How can she possibly lose?

You Say Hello—I Say Good-bye ...

The day of the divorce finds Bridget calm and relaxed while and Joe puts up a desperate last stand to secure his faltering marriage. Joe doesn’t want to give up anything. However, providence is on Bridget’s side. The divorce judge is a very sympathetic woman plus an avid fan of Bridget. Judge Beverly thinks that it would be tragic not to have any more mysteries by the famous author.

Judge Beverly grants Bridget the divorce along with some really good “perks.” Bridget is awarded the house; the custom powered blue Maserati, joint custody of the twins, a great alimony package, plus pain and suffering pay for all the agony she has endured not being able to write. Joe protests violently.

“Now wait just a damn minute …” Joe started.

“Please sit-down Mr. Harrington. And unless you wish to spend the next 30 days in jail for contempt of court you will keep quiet. Ms. Hathaway has endured enough of your Neanderthal behavior to last a life time. The least you can do is to compensate.” Judge Beverly says.

“Sit down, Joe.” Sam Howell, Joe’s attorney says as he helps Joe to his seat. “The judge is right.”

“What are you saying? You are supposed to be my lawyer.” Joe whines.

“I am your lawyer. I am also a fan of Bridget Hathaway. Your reputation as an antagonist against Ms. Hathaway’s writing is legend. They even did a special about it. You are probably the only person on the face of the planet that is of a sound mind that isn’t a fan of Bridget Hathaway.” Sam says a little too loud and everyone it the court room applauds including the judge.

Then the judge turns to Bridget.

“Is there anything you would like to say?” Judge Beverly asks.

“No your honor I don’t other than thank you for giving me my life back.” Bridget says in tears.

“Just keep writing those wonderful mystery novels. Maybe you could dedicate one to me?” Judge Beverly says smiling.

“I’ll do better than that. I will have you listed in the credits of my new movie When Darkness Falls.” Bridget smiles back at the middle-aged woman.

“All right; let’s have the next case!” Judge Beverly says as she motions her personal assistant to give Bridget a personal card with her address information on it.


My Autumn Love (The Next Chapter!)

  • My Autumn Love
    Autumn can be the best time of the year. We start to reflect, reminisce, and recollect. The pace is steady; but not urgent. We begin to appreciate what we have left. So it is with mature love.

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