When Love's Not Enough Part 7

Updated on March 15, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Even in a hurricane it's calm in the eye!
Even in a hurricane it's calm in the eye!

An Unexpected Turn of Events ...

Bridget thinks that maybe Joe is right, and the doctor is just going to suggest that she slow down and prescribe some vitamins. Well, the doctor does advise her to slow down and he does prescribe some vitamins—prenatal vitamins. Bridget is pregnant!

“So, Dr. Holliday … I need to slow down because I am working too hard, right?” Bridget concludes.

“Yes, I’d say you need to slow down just a bit. Not because you’ve been working too hard but because you’re with child.” Dr. Holliday says smiling.

“What did you say?” Bridget can’t believe her ears.

“Yes, you heard me right. You and Joe are about to become parents.” Dr. Holliday says. “And, considering your busy schedule, it’s no wonder you feel tired. I’d suggest taking off a few days.” Dr. Holliday adds.

“I can’t believe it.” Bridget says.

“Well, it’s true, Bridget. I would think that you’d be happy. You guys have been married about five years, right?” Dr. Holliday queries Bridget.

“That’s right Rex. I just assumed that I was like my Aunt Angie.” Bridget replies still bewildered.

“You assumed wrong. Why don’t you see my nurse? She can give you the pre-natal prescriptions and set up your next appointment.” Dr. Holliday says.

“Oh Bridget …” Dr. Holliday adds.

“Yes, Rex what is it?” Bridget asks still a bit shaken up over the news.

“Please break the news to Joe gently—and congratulations!” Dr. Holliday says cheerfully.

Bridget is teetering between a combination of sheer joy and bafflement. For the past five years she has resigned herself to the fact that she will never get pregnant. A fact that disturbs Joe much more than it does her.

Bridget recalls how Joe looks at other couples pushing their strollers through the park but never says anything. He just pulls her close to him with a look that speaks volumes.

“Someday ...” Bridget always replies. Well that someday has finally come. Bridget will soon be a mother!

Bridget sits in the car wondering how she will present the news to Joe. After much deliberation, she decides an intimate dinner for two. Bridget tells her boss the good news and he insists she take the day off to make it special for Joe.

“Bridget, by all means take some time off. I totally want you to enjoy this special time; make it a Kodak moment!” Bill McGuire, her station executive, says jokingly.

“Oh Bill, you are such a comedian. I plan to make it a romantic moment. And, I don’t think cameras will be allowed!” Bridget smiles at Bill.

“Congratulations, Bridget and I hope Joe appreciates the prize he has in you; you go girl!” Bill says giving Bridget a brotherly hug.

For the moment ... here is where all past hurts are forgotten!
For the moment ... here is where all past hurts are forgotten!

A Night To Remember ...

Joe has worked hard that day and is exceptionally tired. As he enters their luxurious condo, he finds the environment cool, quiet, and very inviting. The Michael Jackson CD is playing softly in the background, the same tune that was playing when he first met her. Joe can’t help but smile and sigh remembering that moment.

He looks around the room and his eyes focuses on the dining room table with two tall candles illuminating a soft deductive light.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about.” He says to himself enjoying what he is experiencing more and more.

Joe calls out to Bridget softly not wishing to break the spell of the evening while loosening his tie and hanging his coat on the dining room coat rack. Joe prides himself with being a neat and organized man and never does anything that will spoil his projected image. Even at home, Joe insists on a neat and well-organized environment.

“Bridget.” He says again softly.

“Here, I am.” Bridget replies just as soft bringing in a tray of entrées.

Bridget is dressed in a black satin laced teddy which compliments her 5’ 8” frame by showing her beautiful legs and sensuous hips. She wears her beautiful sandy-brown hair loose and flowing provocatively down her back. She is the mirror image of her mother! With an exaggerated sway of her hips she glides across the room and holds the tray out for him to select his snack.

“Whatever has gotten into you …” He doesn’t finish the sentence, but his smile tells volumes.

“It’s not what’s gotten into me; it’s what’s coming out.” Bridget says with a soft sigh.

“What are you saying?” Joe asks cautiously not wanting to get his hopes up to high. “Are you saying that …?”

“We’re going to have a baby, Joe!” Bridget announces.

“WOW, that’s …” Joe can’t find the words, then tears begin to swell in his eyes as Michael Jackson starts singing—There’ll be no darkness tonight …”

Joe takes the tray away from Bridget and puts it on the table. Then he goes over to the stereo system and punches ‘repeat’ takes Bridget by the hand and begins dancing with her rubbing her hair and kissing her neck. As the music plays they are transformed to that August, six years ago when he and Bridget first meet.

“Bridget there will never be another like you. You are the woman I have been waiting all my life to have and to hold!” Joe whispers lost in time.

“Oh Joe, I never knew it could be this good.” Bridget coos.

“It can be even better …” What Joe adds to himself is “… once you quit that job and your silly writing.”

To Be Continued ...

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS




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