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When Love's Not Enough Part 2

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!


Under His Spell ...

When the music stopped, he and Bridget were still standing on the dance floor. Someone gave a sigh and the DJ violated by playing the song again. Joe moved Bridget closer to the center of the dance floor this time and began to take center-stage with his ability to not only captivate and hold an audience, but his lady as well. When that tune was over the DJ not willing to break the mood, switched to Human Nature.

“It seems like a night for Michael Jackson.” Bridget said.

“It seems like a night meant for lovers.” Joe corrected.

Bridget remained silent, digesting the remark Joe had just made.

“So, I hear you will be returning to college to collect a Master of Art in Journalism degree.” Joe stated.

“Yes, that’s right. I want to go on and get my education behind me.” Bridget said.

“That’s a good idea. Then you will have more time to devote to a family.” Joe said matter-of-fact.

Bridget was so overcome by the moment that she did not catch the first hints of the type of person Joe was.

“So, give me your telephone number so that we can keep in touch. I have been awarded several government grants for my research in Architectural Design with Computer Technology and I am going to start my own pilot company.” Joe stated proudly.

“Really, that’s fascinating!” replied Bridget. “And what is your company called?”

Dynamic Electronics!” Joe said.

“Dynamic Electronics sounds like a very innovative name.” Bridget said.

“Thanks, it is going to revolutionize computer generated drafting.” Joe said.

“Here is my phone number.” Bridget said handing Joe a small neatly done business card. It read: Bridget Hathaway, Mystery Writer written in bold letters. There was a picture in one corner of a Pyramid type graphic and underneath in small letters read Pharaoh Publishing House with both Bridget’s home and cell phone numbers.

“Are you a published author?” Joe asked.

“Yes, a few of my short stories have been collected within an anthology called: For Those Who Love A Good Mystery.” Bridget said proudly as well.

“A profitable hobby, what a nice idea.” Joe said and dismissing the thought went on to something else. “I hope to put my business on the stock exchange someday soon. In the meantime, I have enough money to cover all my startup costs.” Joe said.

The First Inklings of Trouble ...

Bridget was a little taken aback by Joe’s comment that her writing was nothing more than a profitable hobby. But before she could comment further, her parents came to take her to their hotel before they returned in the morning.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Joseph.” Bridget said.

“It’s Joe and I will be in touch.” With that Joe turned and headed toward a group of young men his age that had been congregating at one end of the auditorium.

“Well, what do you think of Joseph Henry Harrington III?” Angie asked.

Opinionated was the one word that came to Bridget’s mind.

Joe had seen a group of his frat brothers and decided to join them.

“My man Joey, it’s good to see you. How are the plans coming?” Roger asked.

“You are looking at the owner and Chairman of the Board for Dynamic Electronics.” Joe beamed.

“Cool.” Called one man.

“Way to go, dude.” Remarked ivy-leaguer Terry Giovanni a student who was completing his Master’s in Marketing.

“Terry, do you think you can get me the ‘hook-up’ on a few fellows in the Accounting Department?” Joe said.

“Only in Accounting?” Terry replied rather hurt.

“Terry, you and yours will head up my Marketing Department. Don’t take it like that, man.” Joe tried to smooth ruffled feathers.

“Alright, then. I will see what I can do.” Terry said feeling a little better. Although his roots were in Alpha Pi Alpha, he enjoyed hanging out with the brothers of Beta Sigma Epsilon and was as often mistaken for one because of his constant affiliation.

“I saw you putting the moves on Bridget “tender-roni” Hathaway.” Ellis joked.

“I think she is a nice young lady, and watch what you say about her.” Joe defended.

“Hey, man, I didn’t mean any harm about it. Most of us guy here would have loved to be in your place out there on the dance floor. You had it all together, man. I congratulate you.” Ellis said extending his hand and giving Joe a firm brotherly shake. All the other frat brothers joined in on congratulating Joe for making “the move of the year.”

There was no doubt that Bridget would prove to be a beautiful trophy bride for Joe.

There was no doubt that Bridget would prove to be a beautiful trophy bride for Joe.

A Conquest Worth Pursuing ...

Joe was in his environment loving it up. It was at that point when he decided that he would devote all the spare time he could muster (which wouldn’t be much) to giving Bridget a call and getting to know her better. One thing he knew would be in his favor was the fact that she would be working on her advance degree. This would keep her busy; however he was going to make sure that she would be the permanent woman in his life. “It’s part of the grand plan.” He chuckled to himself. Then he amused himself some more before deciding to call it a day.

That weekend, Joe went home to Davenport to visit his father and mother. It was always a joy to be home. His mother would busy herself making things comfortable for his father and him just like in his early years when he lived at home. He never heard his mother complain one time about how she had to give up a promising career to take care of his father. The house was a showcase designed by his father. Beautiful winding staircase, indoor fountain with live fish and flowers and an additional built-in aquarium with the largest goldfish imaginable.

To Be Continued ...

When Love's Not Enough Part 3

  • When Love's Not Enough Part 3
    After visiting his parents to reaffirm that everything was still as it should be with his father at the helm and his mother a willing and very obedient 1st mate; Joe proceeds in making matrimonial plans of his own.

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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