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What is Love? Short Stories: Part3


What is love? A very philosophical question right? And it's too hard to answer. You love your partner and you do love your parents right? But you also love your pet, your morning tea, your job. You love your friends and also that movie star whom you have never met. You love to help someone and at the same time you love to full fill your wishes.

Talented Trio

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Bianca is anxious and happy at the same time. Tomorrow is her wedding day. There are thousands of butterflies in her stomach right now. She could not be more happy. Everyone who are close to her are present here to share the happiness with her.

‘’Hey! have you finalized the look, because Mrs. Jones will be here in any minute.”

‘’Yes, I have Rita, my dear!”

Rita is taking care of more than Bianca would have imagined. They are best friends from school days. People have come and gone, but their friendship still remains the same. But there is another one who used to be their friends. Actually three of them were best friends. People used to call them the TALENTED TRIO. But one day Bianca had an argument with Emma and they were not talking to each other for some days. And suddenly one day Emma left the school. What they have come to learn that due to her father’s transferable job, they have to leave the place. But Bianca did not want to be left by one of her best friend like that, she wanted to talk to her just for once, she wanted to hug her tight before she left. They did not have her new phone number or address anything at all. Two teenage girls did their best whatever they could at that time, but it was not enough.

Today she is missing Emma a lot. God knows where is she now?

‘’Bianca, Mrs. Jones is here, come fast, she is waiting in the living room.’’

‘’yes, I am coming’’

‘’Hi, Mrs. Jones, sorry to bother you but I really have to discuss the look with you, actually....’’

Suddenly one young girl enters the room.

‘’Excuse me, Mrs. Jones you have left your phone in my car...”

“Oh dear! It is so kind of you. Bianca, this young lady gave me a ride when my car just got punctured.....’’

The rest of the words of Mrs. Jones are obscure to Bianca and Rita.

They notice the girl and look at each other in surprise. That girl also look at Bianca and then at Rita and then just stay still in astonishment.

Time has changed a lot, but it is not enough to fail three of best friends to recognize each other.

Bianca speaks first, ‘’Emma? Emma Clarke, right?’’

''Oh my god! Yes Bianca it is me, Emma. Where have you been? Both of you?’’

Bianca could neither resist her tears nor her anger.

‘’Shut up and come here.’’

Bianca hugs Emma and just breaks down.

‘’Rita, what are doing there? Come here’’, Emma asks.

And after a long long time three friends are together. It turns out as both the families of Bianca and Rita had moved to city Emma also could not contact them.

''It would not have been same if you are not here, Emma. You do not know how much we have missed you. God has worked in his own mysterious way, and see, today, one day before my wedding you are here.’’

‘’Yes, God does work in his own mysterious way indeed. Otherwise why could have I met Emma or even leave my phone?”

‘’Yes, Mrs. Jones. So no more tears, Bianca and Rita. Let’s be the TALENTED TRIO what we used to be.''

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