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My Life Living In A Haunted University - Pt.2: The Man In The Mirror

Part of my experience living in a haunted university. There will be more parts available.

This is a continuation of some of the events that happened while staying in my college dorm. I had stayed in many of these dorms before, during my high school years while participating in different educational programs for the summer, so I knew them all very well. I'd heard all of the urban legends of activities that happened in each dorm, though never really experiencing them. This is another one of those urban legends I'd come to find out was true.

Within the same month of finding out what my friend was going through, I awoke in the middle of the night to knocking at my door. I was the only one in the room that weekend, so I had to be the one to answer the door. Looking through the peephole of the door, I realized there were three people standing right outside my door. One of those people I recognized as one of my other friends I had made through classes. When I opened the door, he looked tired. When I looked at the other two faces, I recognized them as a couple of boys I had seen around campus and at their dorm (another dorm separate from mine). One of the boys looked like he had just woken up and was still a bit in dreamland, but had a little bit of confusion mixed in there somewhere. The other boy looked completely freaked out. He stood next to my doorway, looking at the ground, somewhat shaking, trying to make sense of whatever had just happened.

My friend addressed me by the nickname he used for me. I could hear the sleep in his voice as he said, “I need your help. I need salt”. I said sure and offered them to come inside and sit down for a bit while I grabbed what he needed from its hiding place. He thanked me and said no, they would wait there. The first boy was still standing half asleep, while the second boy seemed to shake even more as he shook his head “no”. I told them okay, give me a second, I’ll go get what you need. After dumping a bit of salt into a napkin, I handed it to my friend and asked if everything was alright. My friend told me something had happened in their (the two boys’ room), but would tell me what happened later. I asked if he needed me to come with them or if the two boys wanted to wait here while he did his thing. They all shook their head “no” and said they would go back to their own dorm and if they needed to, they could all sleep in my friends room. I said okay and bid them a good night as they walked away.

Later that day, my friend came walking into my room. I and most of my neighbors around me never locked our doors. Our rooms were somewhat in a public area, but out of the way enough that no one ever seemed to bother to go to. As he walked in, he addressed me and smiled. He handed me a small bouquet of flowers he’d found growing on the campus. The dainty little flowers were pretty and sweet-smelling, so I thanked him as I placed them on my windowsill. I turned to ask him how his two friends from the night before were doing. He said he was awoken by one of the boys (the obviously frightened one) yelling. When he ran out of his room to check what was going on, the two boys were running out of their room to get away from whatever had frightened the one boy. When he asked them what had happened, the one boy said he had woken up hearing someone clear their throat. He thought it was his roommate, so he didn’t think much of it. But then he started hearing someone talking, and that’s when he started to get nervous. He realized he didn’t recognize the voice he was hearing. When he called out to his roommate, he didn't get an answer. Wondering what was going on and why his roommate was playing such a weird prank, he turned over to see what his roommate was doing.

After turning over in bed to talk to his roommate, his gaze met another face. The face he saw in the mirror across from him wasn’t his face or his roommate’s face, it was another man’s. He said that’s when he started yelling, which woke up his roommate. When his roommate jumped up in bed, he happened to get a good look at the same face his roommate was seeing in the mirror. They both ran out of the room, almost running into my friend. When they explained what happened to my friend, he told them he had heard the story about the man in the mirror (No, I’m not talking about Michael Jackson here), but didn’t think anything would happen. It was a few minutes later that they found themselves at my doorstep, asking for a bit of salt from me.

While staying in their dorm building during one of the many educational programs I had attended during the summer, we were told the story about the man in the mirror (Again, not Michael). Not being sure whether it was an urban legend or if there was any truth to the story, I simply pushed it to the back of my head. My friend confirmed it was in fact true. He knew these boys were telling the truth, and, I, having seen the frightened look on the one boy’s face believed them as well. They eventually had to cover up the mirror with papers, making sure they were securely attached. Since no one knew if it would happen in his roommates mirror, they'd covered his as well. Nothing else seemed to happen afterwards

I'd only heard the stories before this experience, so naturally I assumed it could have been made up; just another urban legend. Though I knew it could be possible since I'd heard it from multiple sources, I still wasn't sure how believable it was until I'd seen it for myself. Though I didn't see it first hand, I believed them. It’s one thing to be told a story while sitting around, having a fun conversation, but to be woken up in the middle of the night by three frightened people at your doorstep, you know there has to be some truth to what is being told to you.

For those of you wondering why they were asking me for salt, without getting into too much of the boring details, Salt has been used for centuries as a means to clear negative energies, including spirits. There are multiple types of salt available around the world, most of which are important to specific cultures. In this case, the salt that was asked from me was from our culture. Although it’s an item that’s easy to get and store in your home, not everyone takes it with them when staying away from home (like on vacation or to college). I, on the other hand, having had been through a fair amount of spirit related activity, have always made it a point to keep at least a small container of the good stuff somewhere in my room or bag.

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