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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites) chapter 9

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Meanwhile across town at the apartment detectives are just beginning to search the premises for clues as to what really happened. Just as Detective Robert walked into the front room an officer came out from the back holding a piece of paper in his hand. Looking at him detective Robert asks, “What have you got there?”

“Sir, it is a note written by Bob Barnes about the missing girl.” Answers the officer holding out the note for his inspection.

Taking the note from the deputy’s hand Detective Robert begins to read:

I killed the girl. I ran DNA and found out that she wasn’t mine. I was not willing to allow Cara to continue to lie to me about the little brat. You will not find her body. It will never be found…. Ever…. It will forever be a mystery what happened to her and how…. BOB!

Shuddering openly Detective Robert places the note into an evidence bag. Muttering to himself, “Geez… now I not only got to tell Mrs. Barnes that her husband is dead, but also her daughter.”

“Sir,” states another officer, “We have found a gun. It may be the murder weapon.”

“Bag it and tag it to evidence.” Answers detective Robert.

“Sir,” states the officer who had brought him the note, “I think you should see this room.”

Walking over to where the officer is standing Detective Robert enters the room that he was indicating. Seeing the amount of blood splatter around the room turns the detective’s stomach. All he can think is that whatever happened to that poor little girl had to be awful. Turning to look at the officer next to him he says, “Get the crime scene technician in here to analyze everything. I’m going to go have a most dreadful conversation with the child’s mother.”

© 2019 Vic Watts

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