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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites) chapter 7

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After calling the emergency officials and telling them what had happened Lisa slits one of her hands open and spreads her blood around the apartment room where she had been held captive. Writing out a note she makes it seem like she had been killed and her body destroyed. Then she walked out of the apartment before the cops and ambulance could show up. That would be the last time she was seen.

The door was brought down by the emergency officials as they came into the room laying there on the floor, they saw two bodies. The officials grab the body of the first man and call for the paramedics to bring in a gurney. Then they pick up the second one on another gurney and as they are taking them to the ambulances, they see the second man move. When he tries to sit up, he is brought down by the officers.

He then tries to talk but his words just become gibberish as the officers take him to the ambulance. As the officials load the first man into an ambulance and have him taken the morgue, they must maneuver him through the door. The man was then led to a room where a young man is standing over another motionless body. The young man turns around to see the officers and says “Oh, hello who do we have here?”

One of the officers says, “We don’t know yet we were hoping you could help us figure that out Trey.”

Trey nods and motions his hand to the officers for them to leave. He then grabs a pair of gloves and puts them on his hands. Then he grabs the black tarp that was laid over the man’s body, turns it back and starts the autopsy. As Trey continues looking at the body, he grabs the hand of the man and on his index finger he could see a papercut.

He puts down the hand and starts looking at the head. He sees that there is a bullet wound in the center of his forehead. There is also a bruise on the back of his head, which possibly fractured his skull.

As he finishes up as a man in a black suit comes in and Trey starts to speak just as the man says, “I’m Detective Robert I’m here to see if this man was possibly a suspect in our case.”

Trey nods and says, “Well there isn’t much evidence for identification but there is a paper cut on his finger.”

The detective looks down at the body and says in a surprised voice “I know this man.”

Trey looks at him and in a questionable voice says, “You do?”

The detective nods and says, “His name is Bob Wilson, him and his wife filed a missing person’s report for their daughter not too long ago.”

Trey nods and as he is about to grab his coat, he hears the detective mutter “Is this what Ruben meant or was he wrong?”

Trey looking confused asks “What did you say?” even though he already knew what the detective had said.

“Oh, nothing important.” The detective looked at his watch and made a face of surprise he then said “Already 9:00pm.” The detective waved goodbye to Trey and left.

Trey had a few questions like who was Ruben? What did he say, and was he lying?

© 2019 Vic Watts

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