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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites) chapter 11

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Five minutes later the nurse comes in with her discharge papers and Cara signs them. Then she grabs her coat and walks out into the hallway. Just as she is turning toward the elevator, she catches sight of a name on the file a few doors down. Thinking she must be seeing things she walks closer to the door and sees Rubens name on the file.

Without knocking she pushes the door open and barges into the room. Searching the dimly lit room she finally finds Ruben sitting on the side of the bed with an officer at his side. Barging over to the bed side she is about to speak when she notices his bandaged shoulder and cuffed hands. She comes to a halt at opposite side of the bed from where he is sitting, she asks, “Ruben, what happened to you?”

Caught off guard he turns to see Cara standing behind him. Gathering his words in his mind before speaking he just looks at her at first. He must have looked for too long because she once again speaks and asks, “Ruben, tell me what happened?”

Finally finding his voice Ruben looks at her and says the only words he can think of to say, “Cara, I’m so sorry!”

“Sorry, for what?” she questions as she looks at him as if trying to read his thoughts.

Pondering what he is going to say Ruben takes a moment before he answers. Finally, still not knowing what words to use he just looks at Cara and says, “No matter what you are told, Cara, I did not kill Bob because I wanted to.”

Stumbling backwards Cara looks at Ruben and screams, “You did what?”

“I was protecting our daughter, Cara, Bob was going to kill her.” Answers Ruben solemnly looking at her.

“What do you mean was going to kill her?” asks Cara as she stares at him stunned by his words.

Shaking his head Ruben goes to answer her when suddenly Detective Robert steps into the room. He motions for the officer sitting with Ruben to bring him out of the room. Cuffed and pretty much being pushed along Ruben looks at Cara one last time and says, “No matter what you hear, Cara, I was only doing what I thought was best.”

Finally, the officer leads him out the door past Detective Robert and into the hall. Cara watches as he is lead away and then looks at Detective Robert and asks, “What did he mean?”

“Mrs. Wilson, stop torturing yourself. Go home to your son and try to put all of this behind you.” States Detective Robert and adds, “We have the one responsible and he will not be out for a long time.”

Looking at him for the last time Cara responds, “I hope you are right.”

© 2019 Vic Watts

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