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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites) chapter 10

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Sitting up in bed Cara can’t help but wonder what Ruben had been talking about when he came to visit. She also couldn’t help but wonder where her husband had disappeared to. She had not seen him since she asked him to get her something to drink. Shaking her head, she couldn’t help but have a feeling that something bad had happened.

Little did she know she was about to find out just what the bad thing that had happened was or how it was going to affect her. Hearing a sound at the door Cara turns to see what was going on. Standing in the doorway of her room at that moment was the doctor and Detective Robert in heated conversation.

“You cannot tell her that.” Says the doctor angrily as he glares at the detective.

“Why not?” questions detective Robert staring at the doctor curiously.

Shaking his head, the doctor looks at the detective and replies, “Sir, she just came to after being ran over. You cannot possibly be serious about telling her the news you just told me. You will most likely break this woman in her fragile state.”

“Doc, I really have no choice, the woman must be informed about her husband and daughter.” States Detective Robert looking over at the woman sitting up on the side of the hospital bed.

“Detective Robert, what is going on?” questions Cara as she stares back and forth between him and the doctor.

“Mrs. Wilson, may I have a word with you please?” questions Detective Robert looking over at her.

She goes to answer just as the doctor cuts her off by calling her attention, “Mrs. Wilson, You are free to leave the hospital whenever you are ready. We just have to get you to sign your discharge papers.”

“Oh, thank you doctor, I appreciate that.” Answers Cara as she glances once more at Detective Robert. She notices the age lines that seem to have appeared on his face since she had seen him last.

Calling her attention back to their conversation Detective Robert lightly touches her arm and says, “Mrs. Wilson!”

“Yes, Detective?” says Cara looking at him with worry in her eyes and unanswered questions on the tip of her tongue

Rubbing his hand over his face the detective tries to determine what will be the best way to tell this woman about her family. Deciding that the direct approach is best Detective Roberts clears his throat and replies, “Mrs. Wilson, I regret to inform you of your husband and daughters’ deaths.”

Shocked Cara cannot speak at first as she takes in what the detective has said. Two minutes pass before she speaks in a low voice, “No! That can’t be true!”

“I am so sorry Mrs. Wilson.” Answers the detective.

“How?” as she chokes out that one word, she is almost frightened to hear the response.

Clearing his throat again he responds, “We do not know how your daughter was killed ma’am, but we do know that it was your husband who killed her.”

Crying softly Cara buries her face in her hands. A few minutes pass as she sits there and cries mourning the loss of her daughter. Then suddenly, she looks up and says, “If Bob killed my daughter than who killed him??”

“At the moment we do not know, but we do have a suspect.” Answers the detective as he looks at her.

“Who is your suspect?” questions Cara as she brushes the tears from her cheeks.

“Ma’am, I cannot share that information at this time.” Responds Detective Robert as he looks at the distraught woman sitting on the edge of the bed.

Glaring at him as if challenging him she questions once more, “Was its Ruben?”

As if reiterating the previous statement to a child he says again, “I cannot share that information at this time.”

“Fine!” snaps Cara as she glares at him and then says, “Can I leave now?”

“Oh, um yea, just let me get the nurse to bring in your discharge papers.” Answers the detective as he takes a step toward the door.

“Good you do that!” she snaps as she gets up and starts getting ready to leave the hospital.

© 2019 Vic Watts

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