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Venus in Sagittarius Love

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Room for One More!


Venus in Sagittarius People Have High Ideals

Sage and Sawyer Shepherd are a fictional couple with Venus in Sagittarius, who have been married for five years. You can find out what astrology sign your Venus is at:

They live in a newly refurbished loft apartment just outside of New York, which has open concept living space and several bedrooms and baths. There are also two other large buildings on the grounds. After quite a bit of planning and getting the buildings up to code, one is finally opening next Sunday to be Unity Methodist Church, with Sawyer as the Pastor, and Sage has plans for the other building to be a Charter High School founded by her, beginning ASAP. These ambitious plans took a long time, as the couple were together, and trying to make these dreams come true, for quite some time before they married.

Sawyer is thrilled to be able to have his own congregation, and since the Methodist motto is “Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors,” he expects a nice turnout on Sunday. He and Sage have worked hard to get to this point, and their goal to begin the Charter School is a formidable one. But together this couple has a way of knowing what they want and hitting their targets, much like the archer which symbolizes their Sagittarian Venus signs.

Venus in Sagittarius People Have Lofty Goals

The apartment is great, it is spacious, with high ceilings and lots of light. When Sage and Sawyer worked with contractors and friends, they left as many natural elements intact as possible to keep the costs down. There is also a full attic for storage, or perhaps for teenagers someday down the road if they have children. They bought the three buildings for a steal, as any Sagittarius vibes come from Jupiter, and things come easily to its natives. They both worked hard towards their shared dreams though, and a little cash inherited from Sawyer’s Uncle helped so much to build the dream space they both envisioned.

While Sawyer was in Divinity School, he often took a lunch break in a nearby park. He noticed a pretty woman with long blonde hair who used to also eat her lunch there, but she would meditate first. Interested about her, and outgoing as well, one day Sawyer walked over to start a conversation when she was done meditating.

Sage was a High School Humanities teacher, with a minor degree in Business. Gradually they fell into a routine of eating lunch together in the park, and learned a great deal about each other. Both of them loved the study of religions and philosophies, and Sage was very distressed that traditional schools were not doing a good job of teaching all these fascinating topics. Sawyer did not look the part of a traditional minister, with his shoulder length blonde hair and big blue eyes, but she never doubted his passion, and was impressed that he did care about principles that were really important to her too.

They were both outspoken people and knew they had something special from the start. Both were very idealistic and wanted to use their talents to make a difference. They dated for about a year, and both were outdoorsy, so lots of skiing, hiking, and bike riding took place. Living in NY and living alone, both mostly ate take out, but once they knew what they had was serious, they got married quickly, as they both respected tradition. Sage supported Sawyer’s dream of having his own congregation. She was not a Methodist, but Sagittarians do have a way of persuading others that their way is the right way, so when they married, Sage converted.

When they bought the property, Sawyer and Sage discussed her dream of beginning a Charter High School. She strongly believed each person had the right to learn in a safe environment where they were treated with respect by their peers. Sage wanted her students to get close to the Earth, to grow food and learn to cook with organic ingredients. She thought the class should go camping in the beginning of the school year to learn to depend on each other as a group, and as a class.

Sage believed Physical Education should concentrate on meditation, self defense and other relaxation techniques. The cuts to art and music programs were a travesty, and Sage wanted to try to engage her students in these subjects. Since college is so expensive, and senior year is mostly about waiting for college, Sage thought basic life skills should be taught; cooking, sewing, basic car maintenance, and young people definitely needed to learn how to set up a financial plan to be able to pay their bills on time. How to set realistic life goals, and how to manage successful relationships in life and love, mattered to her a lot too. Her ideas were good, and once they bought the property, Sawyer was sure they could set up a Charter School with Sage as the Principal, and that it would be a success.

A Modern Charter High School


Sagittarius Couples Need Mental Stimulation

Now, Venus in Sagittarius people have big dreams, but they are generous and impressionable people, who appreciate fine arts, love to travel and learn of other cultures, and give very kindly of their time and money. They are sensible people who think big, and usually have the kind of long term commitment which is necessary to reach such lofty goals. As a romantic couple, they are not jealous, in fact they appreciate a partner with activities and interests of their own, as they like freedom, even though they enjoy being part of a couple. They are lighthearted too, and that’s why they love the outdoors and like to keep physically active. They are emotional and care deeply, but Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and having Venus there means they have a lot of passion. In public they support each other and treat each other respectfully, and will express pride in each other’s achievements.

Sage and Sawyer did go a little overboard on the house and Church/School buildings, but after all, Jupiter rules expansion, and in the years to come, Sawyer would be seeing parishioners at their home to discuss their problems, and Sage would become accustomed to the many responsibilities that come along with being a minister’s wife. The good part is they realized they would need all that space, what with counseling teens, married couples, and just plain socializing with the good people of the congregation and school. Sage’s students would learn to feel comfortable dropping by too. So it is great they did think big in this case, Sage and Sawyer saved themselves expensive renovations down the road. They believed in each other. And they made sure they went on one really good vacation every summer, someplace exotic and romantic!

So the next day was Sawyer’s first sermon in the new church, and he was a little nervous. But Venus in Sag people love to talk, and he built the sermon on a simple premise we are all familiar with, why not practice a random act of kindness every day, and try to make it a habit? People need to be more mindful of how they treat others, and this was an idea that worked for all ages in the group. Sawyer and Sage met each person at the front doors, and made them feel part of the family right from the start.


Sagittarius Lovers Make Dreams Real

Another issue he felt strongly was that most religions have the same basic tenets, and Sawyer did not want his congregation thinking their religion was better than anyone else’s. In his Sunday evening religion study group, of which Sage took part, they took a new religion each week and studied it, so they could understand other people’s religious views. The Church congregation was growing quickly as word got around, and the couple was very happy about that! Before they knew it, a group of teens began their own study group based on the kinds of issues that they faced with their favorite Pastor and Teacher. And in time, they were running it without them!

Sage was also getting ready to write the Mission Statement and advertise the School so classes could begin in September, so the couple decided to take a trip to Bali to relax and take a break before they had to tackle that job. A week on the gorgeous beaches, massages, evenings of dancing and playing beach volleyball did the trick, and they returned home refreshed and energized.

Sage didn’t want the classrooms to be set up in traditional rows, but preferred round tables, rooms painted in bright colors, and she wanted to have small class sizes. She received some grants of musical instruments and art supplies from generous benefactors of the Church and others, and a local restuarant offered to build a kitchen when they learned cooking skills were on the curriculum. Then later they would offer an internship, first as a dish washer, and later a sous chef, if the person showed talent. After all, in New York, Sage could be turning out world class chefs! She decided to name the school Dream Charter School. Summer was mostly about interviewing teachers for the various positions.

Sage had 100 teens to begin the new class year. That seemed good, not too many, but enough to make a start. Sage also wanted intelligent children, so requested transcripts and at least 3 letters of recommendation before she would accept a student. So at least she began the school year knowing everyone really wanted to be there!

Sage had the jitters the first day, but found the students to be a lovely and earnest group, very enthused about a school that honored their love of music and art, and actually encouraged them in it! Soon a specific group of gardeners and cooks emerged, and before the first month passed, and Sage had her first parent/teacher conferences, it seemed like things were moving along very well. By mid-year, Sage already had applications for another 50 new students! It was already time to begin the search for more teaching talent, and more administrative help too.

Sagittarians and Geminis Often Have Twins

As time went on, Sawyer and Sage noticed that many of their families were both parishioners at Unity Methodist Church and their children went to Dream Charter School, so it was nice that they were getting so close. Sawyer was learning the ropes, and sometimes being a minister is hard. He had to visit sick people in his flock, and it was always difficult when someone died. But they all carried each other through hard times, and also had picnics and craft fairs, becoming great friends as well. The christenings were always a joyous time, and the Shepherds often insisted on hosting parties in their loft. Sage’s art students turned into several talented ones, and a local gallery sponsored a special scholarship program each year, with a prize of $5,000.00 towards college for the winner!

Life was going smoothly, but Sage was beginning to notice she felt very tired, so made a doctor’s appointment. She and Sawyer found that they had twins on the way! What a lovely surprise, and the timing was perfect, since both of their dream projects were launched and they had ample help to keep both up and running! They were thrilled, and so were all the dear friends and colleagues they met along the way.

Sagittarius is the opposite of Gemini, which rules twins, and often we see similarities in opposite astrology signs. This couple will have so many baby sitters, they will have to make up a fair schedule so nobody gets their feelings hurt. And thankfully they had a little “celestial help” when they added so many bedrooms to the private part of the house when they had it refurbished. The extra room is not going to be extra anymore! But Sawyer and Sage have room in their hearts for everyone.

The New Arrivals


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