Venus in Libra Love

Updated on February 10, 2020
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Jean teaches astrology and metaphysics. She is a reader, author, ordained nondenominational minister, and member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.


Love for Venus in Libra People

This is a story about Venus in Libra people, who always dreamed of being married, and like to do things in partnerships. These optimistic and kindhearted people are generally good looking, popular, and sought after by others. They easily empathize with people, and have harmonious, close bonds with their friends.

All of my "Venus in the Signs" articles should help you understand their love natures and social lives. Both characters are given Venus in the same sign, to enlighten you on the traits. Have fun!

Libra Career Choices

Libra rules the scales of justice and fairness, which brings us to Lee, a prosecution lawyer for a downtown firm, on a partnership track. Lee is well liked by his colleagues and friends, because he seems like a friendly and easy going guy. But no lawyer wants to be against him in court on the defense side, because Lee is firmly on the side of justice, and rarely loses a case.

Of course, being a Venus in Libra person, he always looks terrific when he is presenting his case before the court. He loves well made designer clothes, and if all else fails, that dimple in his smile renders the jury helpless. He holds himself to a high standard of behavior, and expects those around him to behave in a mannerly way as well. Lee is always kind and respectful when he speaks to others. He is a considerate person who likes to please people, and has a warm, engaging manner, which makes others feel liked too. Well, not the people on the defense side.

Lauren also has Venus in Libra, and loves her career in the Hospitality Industry, as she is a party and event planner. She’s a social butterfly, but is also a very brainy woman, behind that lovely exterior. She comes across as very competent as a business woman though, because she can charm the birds out of the trees.

Lauren makes a good living, and likes to surround herself with beautiful and luxurious things in her townhouse. Venus in Taurus people (ruled by Venus as well) also enjoy that same love of nice things, but for them it is more of a security issue. A Venus in Libra person just wants to have nice things because they love to be surrounded by luxury, and feel that they deserve this. Lauren dates now and then, but Venus in Libra people are choosy, and seek to “marry up” or date people based on social status. But once they are part of a couple, they are inseparable.

Descriptions of Lawyers and Librans


Venus in Libra Lovers Want to be Together Every Minute

Lee first noticed Lauren at his law firm’s Christmas party. It was held in an upscale restaurant, in a private room. He quickly spotted the vivacious blond with the big brown eyes as she quietly told others where to place the food trays, and walked around re-arranging decorations. She smiled at everyone she spoke to, and he heard her lilting laugh a few times. Lee finally got to exchange a few words with her when she was telling the staff how she wanted the desert table displayed, and Lauren thought he had a pleasant way about him.

Towards the end of the evening, when everything was served and the party went off without a hitch, thanks to Lauren, she talked with Lee a little more. They found out that they both liked music. Lauren almost became a music teacher, but there were not too many job openings in the field, and she always liked helping out at family parties. So she turned it into her career. Lauren liked the way Lee was attentive to what she had to say, and Lee was impressed with how coolly Lauren handled the sizable crowd at the party. They exchanged email addresses and phone info, and made tentative plans to go out together the following weekend.

The first time Lee and Lauren went out was with a group, because Libra in Venus people enjoy going out with friends, and having philosophical discussions with them. It was a group of mixed people, some friends of his, some of hers, but they had a great time. They went to an Off Broadway play. The next time Lee and Lauren went out it was just the two of them, at a Lady Gaga concert. They talked over coffee for a long time after the concert, and found they both liked work and rest in equal amounts. Both also knew it was important to discuss problems, but hated hurting anyone’s feelings. These sensitive ones will keep quiet to avoid a disagreement, they crave harmony that much.

They each liked intellectual pursuits, but found they were both romantics when it came to love. People with Venus in Libra want to do everything with their partner. They shower together, get dressed for work together, text message each other all day, meet for lunch, and hate it if they have to be apart for any length of time. They just have a need to be closer more than a couple who likes to keep a little more space for themselves. If one of them has to work in the evening, the other will sit in the home office and read, or work alongside the other. All that togetherness may not work for some people, but for Venus in Libra ones, it’s the only way.

A Busy Event Planner


Venus in Libra Weddings Get Grandiose

Because they had so much in common, it did not take much time until they decided to get married, they were so compatible together. After all, Libra rules the seventh house of marriage and war (you can ponder that one)!

Both were getting established in their careers, and both had townhouses, so after the wedding they would sell the individual ones. Then they could buy a bigger home to accommodate them as a couple, and decorate it to express both their personalities and tastes.

Since Lauren had so much experience with party planning, it was something of a shock to her when relatives and bridesmaids were making so many demands on her. It’s different when you are the one on the other side, and others are planning YOUR event. Especially in a family event like a wedding, where families are involved and feelings can be bruised. Both sides of the family were inviting too many guests, and Lauren was getting overwhelmed by too much input in what was essentially her and Lee’s day.

Lee didn’t like seeing Lauren turning into a Bridezilla, and was a little hurt that she wasn’t including him in the wedding plans very much. He understood it was her field of expertise, but it was his wedding too. So although he didn’t want to argue, he did have a serious talk with her, to express that it mattered to him that they plan their wedding together, to make it what they wanted, not what all their relatives and friends wanted.

Venus in Libra people are romantics, and when they finally sat down and talked about their dream wedding, they envisioned the same things. They both wanted to be married on a tropical island, and to be accompanied by a few close family members and best friends for the big day. But then later, they thought it would be nice to have another reception close to home, to invite all their other friends and more distant relatives. It gets too expensive to ask so many people to fly to an island paradise somewhere.

Lee surprised Lauren with a beautiful chocolate diamond pendant to match her engagement ring the morning of the wedding, to match those pretty brown eyes. Lauren gave Lee gorgeous onyx and diamond cuff links. Everything went off without a hitch, and it was a relief to Lauren that Lee and their families took some of the burden off her shoulders.

Venus in Libra After the Honeymoon

So they booked a resort for those special few in Antigua, who stayed for a few days after the wedding, then Lee and Lauren stayed on the island for another week to relax and honeymoon. The extra time to relax for the couple was important, because up and coming lawyers work 80 hour weeks, and Lauren had a frantic schedule too. Plus they wanted to move out of their separate living spaces and buy a home to accommodate their married lifestyle together now. It’s hard for two people with serious and time consuming careers to find time to do all the things they need to do together, so they had to promise each other that once they returned to reality, they would always make time to stop and discuss what was bothering them, and get it all out into the open. Libra is represented by the scales of justice, and when its natives get upset, those scales get tipped, often making them ill. So Lee and Lauren would not be able to hold in any difficult emotions.

Honeymoon in Antiqua


Libra Venus Couples Need Constant Attention

Venus in Libra people bore easily, so it was going to be a delicate balancing act to find time for each other and for the kind of social life these two craved. They wanted to travel the world together, all while both climbing the corporate ladders and decorating that new home they still had to buy. So they had to promise each other that no matter how busy either one was at work, one weekday night would be a date night, with cell phones and all tech devices turned off. They would concentrate only on each other, not hard to do with a couple who has such a need to do things together.

Once they found their house, they quickly fell into a routine where Lee brought coffee to Lauren in bed, then they would get ready for work together and talk about their daily plans as they got dressed and ready to go. They would text each other to be sure each got to work safely, and often managed to have lunch together if Lauren was planning an event somewhere near the courthouse or Lee’s law office.

He really wanted to make partner in the law firm, so Lauren tried extra hard to find time for entertainment. She made sure she didn’t let him work on briefs for court on Saturday nights, those were for going out with friends only! And the house they bought was set up for entertaining, so often on Friday nights they had the whole crowd over. He had to work on Sunday evenings to prepare for his week at the firm or in court. When Lauren got too busy planning events, Lee would often meet her for dinner at the venue where she was working out plans for other people.

Venus in Libra People Work Hard to Keep Love Alive

So it is possible to be two romantic people with a need to be with each other a large percentage of the time, but also to have time to advance in their careers. It just takes a lot of persistence and planning. Will Lauren and Lee have a family? Maybe down the road, right now they need time to enjoy their new home, and to devote their energies to where they want to be in their careers. Libra people are competitive, it is a cardinal sign of leadership, even though Venus in Libra people are social creatures, they need to be satisfied in work and love.

This partnership will be successful if Lee remembers to send flowers to Lauren often, to remember their anniversaries, and to buy her jewelry and pretty things on a regular basis. Lee needs to feel that he is first in Lauren’s life, so no matter how busy she is, she must make time for him, whether it’s a candlelight dinner she cooks for him at home, or a night in where they order take out, watch a movie, and cuddle.

Although they enjoy spending time with friends, as they are married longer, they will find they are happy just being home together by themselves, so they can unwind and spend a quiet and romantic evening. And in time, maybe that family will come along, once their careers have stabilized more. They both have enough love in their hearts, but it’s really each other they care about the most. With Venus in Libra lovers, everyone else comes second, though they do adore their family and friends. And really, good marriage partners should put each other first, it’s the secret to maintaining any long term relationship.

© 2014 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      8 months ago from New Jersey

      Libras are social butterflies!

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      11 months ago from New Jersey

      Thanks so much, I hope you learned about your social and love nature.

    • Cooking Jam profile image

      Muhammad Abdullah 

      11 months ago

      I really loved your article.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      2 years ago from New Jersey

      Thank you for your kind words and for reading my work.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      5 years ago from New Jersey

      Thank you for sharing your views. Each person has different beliefs, depending on many factors. Best Wishes.

    • mobiledevelopers profile image


      5 years ago from India

      I do not believe in these things because of you are running a blog for spirituality. I believe in spirituality there is no option for these things. libra pices etc. Because when you enter this word all the things washed out by Master. You write your future and your past is washed out by Master.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      5 years ago from New Jersey

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      5 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi, nice to see you. It's not a dumb question, in the old days you had to look up all the planetary positions in a book called an ephemeris. If you look at the end of the beginning paragraph, I have a link for you. Click it, and you will be able to look up your Venus sign by using your Birthday.

      Since Venus and Mercury are closest to the Sun, you would think that they would be in the same Sunsign as the person has. But I've seen few like that. I'm a Cancer Sun, with Mercury and Venus in Gemini. So I'm a more mind ruled Cancer than some.

    • misterhollywood profile image

      John Hollywood 

      5 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Love this hub! Libra signs have such wonderful balance. I'm going to email this to a few Libra friends. How does a person know if they are. Venus in Libra? (Dumb question you are probably thinking) lol.


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