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Venus in Cancer Love

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Moonlight Lovers


The astrological sign which a person’s Venus is in tells the story of their love life and their social life. It shows how a certain person relates to other people, and the kinds of things they like to do. These things may not be obvious on the first meeting, since they are planetary positions in which the effects will be noticed more as you get to know a person. One may find out what sign Venus was in at their time and day of birth in a book called an ephemeris. But I found just the place for you to find out where YOUR Venus sign is:

The couple who both have Venus in Cancer are Courtney and Christopher. It is not really common for people of the same Venus sign to be a romantic couple, although it does happen. It is just easiest to give you two examples of how these people will behave in social and romantic matters.

Often Meet at Family or Friend's Events

Courtney is at her older sister Caitlin’s house, helping her get ready for the joint Memorial Day picnic/birthday party for her five year old nephew. Courtney idolizes her sister, and hopes to have a good marriage and nice home like Caitlin someday. She also hopes to have children, but right now she loves her job managing the town library, and enjoys the freedom of finally being able to afford her own apartment. Lately she’s been really busy with all the painting and decorating, choosing furniture, and just making the place cozy, the way she wants it.

Courtney adores these family affairs; they are always so much fun. She made a beautiful Spiderman cake for her nephew, because she’s also a great cook. It’s a beautiful day, and she’s coming in and out of the house with food and dishes for the party. The young party guest children are excited and rowdy, playing in the pool.

Feeling the Spark

Courtney’s brother in law Carl is talking to a nice looking friend she has never seen before. She can’t hear the conversation, but actually his name is Christopher, and he works with Carl at the local hospital where Carl is a doctor. Christopher notices Courtney as soon as she walks into the yard laden with party goods, and asks Carl, “Who’s the pretty redhead over there?” Carl tells him that she’s his sister in law, that she’s a great person, and that he’s so lucky to have married into such a nice family.

Christopher keeps on asking questions, and finally Carl decides to introduce them. “Hey Courtney,” Carl says, helping her with a heavy platter, “This is Christopher, from work. Chris, this is my sister in law, Courtney. She’s a Librarian.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you Christopher! You work with Carl? How can you stand it?” she teases. “Oh, it’s tough sometimes, but I do my best. I’m a physical therapist, so if I have to hurt him, I can fix him up again!” You can see from this exchange that both Venus in Cancer people have a nice sense of humor. It is a gentle one, never one that would be hurtful or would make a joke at the expense of another. “Do you need some help here?” “Sure”, Courtney replies.

Wow, she’s thinking to herself, those are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. And that curly brown hair grown just a little past collar length looks really good on him. At the same time, Christopher is thinking that she has gorgeous green eyes and a killer smile. The other guys are calling him over to have a beer, but Christopher decides he’s going to try to get to know this woman a little better, and says no.

“I hope you like Spiderman cake,” says Courtney. And Christopher remarks how talented she is to have made it herself. Things are going well here, because Venus in Cancer people are sometimes painfully shy, and this family gathering is a good place for them to meet, since both are family oriented people, and have the same friends they had from elementary school. Venus in Cancer people tend to hang onto relationships.

Shy and Careful

Both are very sensitive to other’s feelings, but are masters at keeping that hidden underneath what seems to be a tough exterior. Think of the crab, symbol of Cancer. Even though it’s their Venus in Cancer, this just means their social and love lives will take on Cancer traits. They always act dignified, and at first glance it’s hard to tell how they feel. Its lucky Carl introduced these two; it would have taken ages for one of them to make the first move. So at least that’s out of the way. All the noise of a children’s birthday party, and a Memorial Day barbecue, means a lot is happening at one time, so Courtney and Christopher can talk, but not feel like everyone is staring at them. This is a definite plus.

Once her nephew blows out the candles on his birthday cake, Courtney and Christopher can finally sit down, loosen up with a few drinks, eat and chat a little more. He’s impressed that she runs the town library, and Courtney is enthusiastic as she talks about landing a job she really wanted, as she’s been an avid reader all her life, and loves helping direct people to whatever they are researching. She is impressed that Christopher is a physical therapist, because she knows to have a career like that, he must be a very caring person, which he is.

Venus in Cancer people have very deep emotions, and will do much to help another. They will move mountains for family members or their best friends. Both are people who like financial security, but both already have good careers for their ages, and in fields they really like. Courtney is taken by Christopher’s gentle manners and patience with the kids at the party, and Christopher is a hopeless romantic, already lost in Courtney’s green eyes. They feel comfortable with each other, and she invites him to see her new apartment in a few days.

Old Fashioned Romantics


First Date

When Christopher arrives at her place, he has a bouquet of daisies for her, and she is very touched by that. It turns out they both like home improvement projects, and Christopher already promises to get a group together to help her build a deck outside of the French doors. They also both like cooking, and trying new places to eat.

After dinner, they talk more, and Christopher admits he became a physical therapist because his best friend was in a severe auto accident when they were young, and was confined to a wheelchair for a long time. A good physical therapist got the friend walking again, and that’s when Christopher decided that was the career for him. Courtney admits that she likes people, but has a private side (all Venus in Cancer people do) and so her work at the library is soothing and the academic and quiet atmosphere suits her.

She confesses that she broke up with someone who hurt her rather badly about six months before, and feels that it is fine to confide in him about this. She was with someone unfaithful to her, a definite no-no with Venus in Cancer people, they are serious about love. Both are very vulnerable people, and their feelings get hurt really easily; some might say they are too touchy. Ironically, being so easily hurt themselves, Venus in Cancer people are not always as considerate to others as you would think, and don’t recognize the behaviors they have that can be hurtful of others. They need to learn to be more mindful of that.

Fluctuating Moods

Although both enjoy staying home, Venus in Cancer people get bored easily and have fluctuating moods, which change every few hours. Once you get to know them, you will be able to see what mood they are in by their expressions. Don’t worry, it will quickly change! They love travel, and will plan and go on great vacations, as they are restless and enjoy the variety that a vacation gives one. Venus in Cancer people love movies, Broadway shows, music concerts, and other entertainments, like circuses or festivals.

They can really get in the mood if they go to a Renaissance Fair, enjoying the jousts, pretending Courtney is a maiden all decked out in a floral headpiece, Christopher her dashing Knight. They enjoy costume parties as well, because both have creative flair, and it’s so much fun being someone you aren’t for one night! Venus in Cancer people are privately very romantic, and sex is something that is not only an expression of emotion, but a spiritual experience for such a person. It is not ever taken lightly. Both will be shy and take it slowly, but once they have given of themselves in this way, it means very much to them, and is a commitment in itself.

Value Security and Marriage

Venus in Cancer people value family and want security that marriage brings. Financial security is a must too, but both are willing to work. They may change careers, because of their boredom levels, or because they are not moving up the ladder as quickly as they would like. They are fine with changes, and will take calculated risks. They want to own their own homes, and will love entertaining in them and puttering around doing projects to make their homes what they need at the particular time in their lives. Both will love children and hope to have them someday. They have nurturing personalities, and are always taking care of other people. These are the responsible ones who bail the screw ups in the family out of their problems.

Home Improvement Projects


Devoted and Caring

Courtney is a very feminine woman; she always cares about her appearance, dresses well, and likes jewelry. She likes a man who is a little old fashioned. Christopher is a man who enjoys the domestic side of life too, so they make a good pair. He thought she was beautiful from the day they met, and she likes his appearance as well. But they are both aware it’s what’s inside that counts.

Both need lots of affection, but both are willing to give that, being very demonstrative to those they love. If they don’t get what they want, they can get a little sulky, but the mood passes quickly. It would be unwise to forget any important dates, like anniversaries and birthdays. Both are devoted to their Mothers, maybe to a point where they may have to be a bit more independent. They will be the ones to take care of older family members when the time comes.

Venus in Cancer people are conservative, but can take liberal attitudes when it comes to helping others. These are the ones who give generously to food pantries. Courtney is active in literacy projects, and offers all kinds of learning seminars at the library. Christopher will take patients pro bono if they are in pain and can be helped, but just don’t have the insurance.

Venus in Cancer people are sympathetic, kind-hearted, loving and responsive to the emotions of others. They love being near the ocean, or any large body of water. Some are psychic and may read the tarot or be astrologers, clairvoyants, or intuitive healers. They will be interested in metaphysical topics, in fact, Courtney read Christopher’s tarot cards the first time he visited her apartment. As you already figured, it was a very good reading! These are two very deep spiritual people, and whatever they engage in has an important meaning to them. They will grow to be old, sweet lovers for the rest of their lives.

Questions & Answers

Question: What do you think about the compatibility between a man with moon in Aquarius and Venus in Cancer, and a woman with both moon and Venus in Cancer?

Answer: Actually Cancer and Aquarius have things in common. Both are nonconformists and do things their own way. He's a little harder to pin down emotionally. But he is a romantic, even if he acts like it one day and ignores you the next. That's typical, Aquarian, erratic behavior. If he says he cares, with Venus in Cancer, he does, he's just changeable.

Since you also have Venus in Cancer, this is complicated. This position seems to make people sulky, and their feelings get hurt very easily. I had an ex-friend with Venus in Cancer. She was always going on about how everyone hurt her feelings or did something to her, but was very insensitive to others. You would think to be so super sensitive herself, she would be mindful of being kind to others, but she wasn't.

Since your Moon is also in Cancer, your feelings are strong, but also very changeable. This is OK with his Aquarian Moon and keeps things interesting.

I think you both are caught in a spiral of expecting too much from each other, but not giving the other the attention they deserve, kind of like my ex-friend. You can work on this, because all your other planets are in a zodiac sign too and that can be helpful in working this out. But if you each expect the other to do all the pampering and pout about it, I don't know if you can get past this. Talk about it and give it another try, but if it doesn't work, move on.

Question: What do you think about the compatibility between a woman with a sun in Capricorn and Venus in Sagittarius, in a relationship with a Gemini man with Venus in Cancer?

Answer: The Capricorn woman's Sun is opposite the man's Venus in Cancer, definite fireworks! Then her Venus in Sag is opposite his Gemini Sun, more fireworks! People think oppositions are bad, but generally in a partnership, you both want the same things but go about getting them in different ways.

You are serious and plan for the future. You have definite dreams and goals. Your Venus in Sag rules your love life, and you need a little bit of freedom, time for yourself, now and then. You probably are outdoorsy, and Sag never judges others.

A Gemini man is smart and usually doesn't show his emotions often, his head rules him. He is hard to pin down at times and may often seem preoccupied But that Venus in Cancer means he's very soft hearted and very romantic. I think you would have a good relationship and see no reason why it couldn't work.

© 2015 Jean Bakula

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