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Venus in Aries Love

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Fiery Venus in Aries Emotions

Allows commercial usage in the public domain

Allows commercial usage in the public domain

When we know what sign Venus was in at a person’s time of birth, important information can be found about how that person expresses their emotions in personal and romantic relationships.Venus usually makes its trek around the solar system in about one year, but the natal, or birth position of a person’s Venus never changes.

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Venus Rules Social and Love Lives

The sign that Venus is in also tells much about how a person expresses their feelings, and what kinds of things they find beautiful. The Venus position also gives us clues about how a person likes to conduct their social life, what kinds of possessions they like to surround themselves with, and what kind of social and philanthropic causes interest them. It also lets us know if the person is a flirt who likes to date a lot of people, or a relationship kind of person, who is looking for “the one” to settle down with.

Shameless Flirts!

Alicia is a very independent Venus in Aries woman, and recently became the teacher of the hatha yoga exercise group courses in her local gym. Venus in Aries people have a lot of physical energy, and are usually always thinking up new things to do. Eventually she wants to open a gym of her own. Lately, as the class comes to an end, she has been noticing an attractive man who is leading a group of others on various exercise machines. He gives her an appreciative glance when she passes his way, and Alicia is attracted to him. Venus in Aries people are shameless flirts. So the next day Alicia waited until this guy, Antonio, was finished working with his class, walked on over, and introduced herself to him. He was thoroughly delighted to meet her, and by the end of their lively conversation, they had plans for dinner and dancing Saturday night. A Venus in Aries person is very assertive about going after what they want, just as you witnessed here with Alicia and Antonio.

Freedom Needed in Venus in Aries Relationships

The dinner at an Asian Fusion restaurant turned out really well. Neither of these two are clinging vines, and both Antonio and Alicia both saw people they knew, and made the rounds of the place. They ended up at a table with a group of people they both knew, upstairs in the bar area. Alicia is quite the flirt, but is jealous too, and didn't appreciate it when she caught Antonio looking at other women. Antonio was a little put off that Alicia was hugging one of the guys in their party, it turned out to be an ex-boyfriend, but he still wasn't happy about it. Both of them love the thrill of the chase though, so be prepared that once a Venus in Aries person begins a routine relationship with another, it may quickly bore them. They will swiftly want to move onto someone new. So this beginning part when two Venus in Aries people go out a few times can make or break a relationship. As illustrated, they are just getting to know each other, so why the jealousy already? They aren't even a couple yet.

Antonio asked Alicia if she wanted to go kayaking the next weekend, but she was seeing another guy. Although she liked Antonio, she saw no reason to see him all the time when she was interested in other guys. Of course, if she kept putting off date offers with him, she would lose him. He was really hot, and she didn't want to make a mistake. So later that week both of them took a vacation day, and hiked along the Appalachian Trail from sunrise to sunset. They had a quiet dinner at a little Mexican place they both liked, and had a chance to talk a little more.

Venus in Aries people are competitive and care about the dates they are seen with. Alicia was very attractive, with long, curly black hair, and Antonio was no slouch either, with his intense hazel eyes and brown wavy locks. So they enjoy being seen together. They both respected they way each each other worked at a gym. Venus in Aries people are a little immature, so don't think about the future or growing old with anyone, and are horrified by people in their age range who don't work out a lot and gain weight. They are a little bit shallow.

Since this date went pretty well, Alicia and Antonio began a class which consisted of a swimming in lanes competition at the gym where they both worked. Each had to do laps in the pool, and a certain amount of those laps translated into miles. Sometimes he was ahead and sometimes she was, and they both enjoyed sharing this activity together two afternoons a week, and both began to look forward to it. After the class, they would cool down and have a fruit or some kind of vitamin drink in the gym cafe area, and just talk to get to know each other better. It was really fun having an interest to share, and the friendly competition was something Venus in Aries people love.

Aries is a cardinal sign of leadership, and when you have two people who want to lead, that can be difficult. Both of them would make suggestions, but both of them usually wanted their own way. However, they both had a great sense of adventure and love to try new restaurants, and always ordered the two newest drinks or dishes on the menu, or wear the newest styles of clothes that were available. So Alicia and Antonio began to appreciate each other, as both shared that love of doing new things together, and finding that when they did go out, their dates were always really fun.

Alicia and Antonio Compete in Swimming


Outgoing and Passionate

Venus in Aries People are also rather competitive about the people who they pursue in love relationships, so for your sake I hope you do not like the same person they do. It’s tough, because sometimes you will not be able to tell if Alicia’s feelings for Antonio are genuine, or if it’s a game for her to win Antonio’s affections because she knows you like him too. And that would be a shame for you, because you would “lose” the competition, but be the one who has sincere feelings for Antonio. You wouldn’t view it as a game of wits, with a winner and loser.

One night, Antonio was out at a club with some friends, both men and women. Alicia had just finished teaching her last yoga class, got dressed at the gym, and decided to stop at that club to have a drink. After the bartender served her, she turned around and saw Antonio at a table of friends, but he was sitting next to a really attractive blonde, and every now and then would put his arm around her.

Jealousy in Venus in Aries Lovers

Alicia was really angry. She had no right to be, they were seeing each other, but nobody ever said it was exclusive. Venus in Aries people can also be too impulsive and jump into relationships without thinking about it enough. But just because they go out with someone once or twice, doesn't mean they own the person! Aries people are fun and attractive, and don't really like being tied down that much anyway. But they can be immature and view someone as "theirs" when that isn't really the case. It's always "me first."

Alicia immediately headed over to the table, giving a casual "hi" to Antonio at first. But as the night went on, she kept flirting and putting her arms around him. When the blonde, named Emily, went to the Lady's room, Alicia grabbed that chair and started hanging all over Antonio, like she was staking a claim. Finally he asked her what the hell she was doing while he was out with Emily! They never made a commitment to each other, and he was having a nice night with Emily and the mutual friends they came with at his table. Alicia had no right to get so jealous, but jealous she was. When the Emily came back to the table, Alicia stayed sitting next to Antonio, made a lot of snarky remarks towards his date, and in general, made a fool out of herself.

The Venus in Aries vibe can make one insecure, and in turn; wear out a more reticent partner; or a person who will say, “I love you” once or twice. Finally Antonio got pissed off and left both women at the club, and Alicia continued to be mean spirited to Emily, acting like she and Antonio were closer than they were. Any planets in Aries can make a person emotionally immature, but Alicia really crossed the line here.

Generally, the Alicias and Antonios of the world are cheerful, fun people to be around. They are active in creative pursuits, and usually the President or highly placed in any organizations they join. Don’t forget that competitive aspect! It gets carried too far! Venus in Aries people love travel, and in fact would make excellent cruise directors. They could tell a whole ship filled with people what to do and do it cheerfully, happily explaining all the exciting activities available aboard! Plus they could have a few no strings attached flings here and there! This placement also attracts actors and musicians, any people who love to be on the stage and the center of attention.

Venus in Aries People Show Their Anger

Antonio was positively furious with Alicia. They got into a big argument, as he never made any attempt to tell her or consider her his exclusive girlfriend. He was just enjoying their time together. They both enjoyed a date or sleepover now and then, but it was evident neither was looking to settle down into a living together or marriage arrangement. Alicia didn't take this well, Venus in Aries people have big egos, and she couldn't understand how Antonio thought another woman was more interesting than she was. She thought everything was going well and was really beginning to like Antonio. Or was it just jealousy? Did she always have to the "winner" even if her feelings weren't really that strong? Apparently she was seeing other men and really had no intention of just seeing Antonio exclusively.

This is a mentally active sign, so keep it in mind that their boredom level is low. Very low. If you are the type who likes to order take out Chinese and watch a movie on the weekends, and that's the most exciting activity on your agenda, a Venus in Aries person is not for you. Alicia has loads of male friends, and would never understand why Antonio might by bothered by this. But if Antonio thinks it’s OK to have Sunday brunch with two old friends, who happen to be women, think again. Alicia will show up and try to act like she is as important to him as his childhood friends. What's the point, when she isn't that serious about him anyway? That Aries immaturity has ruined many a relationship.

Venus in Aries people tend to marry young, though considering the times we live in, “young” is a relative term. But since they also tend to be emotionally immature, it can be unwise to do this unless they have steadier planets in their astrology charts. These two seem like they made good friends, but neither was ready for a steady relationship yet.

They did still compete in the lap swimming and kept seeing each other at the gym. They ended up going out once in a while when neither of them had anything better to do, they still had common interests. But obviously, they were not ready to commit to a lasting relationship. Antonio lost Emily's attention after the debacle at the club that night. But Alicia is childish to think someone owes her undying loyalty when she dates others and does spiteful things for attention. Who needs someone who keeps hurting them? Why waste the time? Wait for someone more mature and save yourself the trouble.

© 2015 Jean Bakula

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