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Venus in Capricorn Love

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.


Romantic Traits of a Venus in Capricorn Person

People who have Venus in Capricorn are reserved and shy, keeping their most personal emotions locked up tight, until the right person comes along to share them with. They are actually much more emotional than they appear, but do not think it is proper to show too much emotion in the public eye. They have kind natures and a dry sense of humor. Do you know what sign your Venus is in?

Secretly Sexy Capricorn Women!

Chloe is a nurse, as she has the nurturing and patient type of personality necessary to take care of sick people. She is also a person whom others trust in a position of much responsibility, like most Venus in Capricorns. She is gentle, yet carries herself with a quiet authority, and is well respected by her co-workers, both the doctors who depend on her, and the patients who she always treats with the utmost kindness.

Chloe is a natural redhead with big blue gray eyes. When she is not dressed for work, she prefers longer skirts and shawls, old fashioned and feminine frills. She likes to let her “girly” side come out. There’s nothing like a pretty silk scarf and a great handbag to make a woman feel good! Chloe works hard and she deserves to have some fun with her “hang around” look. She dates once in a while, but never lived with a man before, as she never felt strongly enough to want to spend that much time with anyone.

People with Suns or planets in Capricorn don’t like to waste time, they are very discriminating about who they like and how they spend their time. Venus in Capricorn people want to have a family of their own someday, and prefer being married. Chloe would like to marry into a big family, and have children too. Her parents would love to be grandparents.

Another one of her passions is the environment, because she cares about nature, and Chloe is the President of a not for profit environmental organization in Northern NJ. She fights her battles with developers passionately, and has won a good amount of them. Pragmatic and conservative, she is well spoken and gets her point across to the crowds when she is moved.

A Romantic Attraction

Casey is an architect, who loves to organize the plans he makes for the beautiful buildings he wants to build. He happened to be attending the same meeting as Chloe one night. A developer wanted to convince the Town Council to knock down the historical old building that was once the town’s only Elementary School, built in 1850. Both Chloe and Casey were there to argue that the building was an important part of the town’s history. Chloe was arguing against a strip mall the developer wanted to put on the old school site, and Casey was there to argue that he and his firm could preserve the building, by fixing what was wrong, and still keep the building in character with its features from the 1800’s.

Chloe went up to the microphone to say her piece, and was there for a good ten minutes, well prepared with facts and reasons why this part of the town’s history was worth more than a strip mall, only to make stores easily found in any other part of town. She finished what she had to say; then turned around to let the next speaker have a turn. When she saw Casey, standing there with his curly black hair and blue eyes, she almost felt her heart stop. His eyes got wide when he saw her too. The electricity between them could be felt like a jolt, and the looks they gave each other did not escape the attention of others in the room. People do not often have such dramatic reactions to each other, unless they are Cosmic Souls, or Karmic Partners, who have been together before in other lifetimes.

Casey is the owner of his firm, and quite well established financially too. He cares about the environment and wants to build projects which enhance the natural features of a piece of land, not to destroy the Earth for future generations. Many Venus in Capricorn men like to marry up the social ladder, or find women older than they are, they do not necessarily marry for love. But they do have a romantic side; it just doesn’t get out enough. Casey is a lot more soft hearted than others think. He just never met anyone who really moved him that much either. So although he dates and makes the rounds, he was very startled by his reaction to Chloe that night at the Planning Board meeting. They way they locked eyes unnerved him, nobody ever made Casey feel like that before.

Love and Nature


Dying to Know Each Other Better

Both of them looked forward to the meeting next month, hoping to see each other again. And both of them were there. After the meeting this time, Casey rushed to catch up with Chloe, to try to get a chance to speak to her. She was carrying not only a briefcase, but many informational files, and appeared to be struggling with them. Luckily for Casey, she dropped one, and he happened to be right behind her to pick it up. She thanked him with a brilliant smile and those blue gray eyes which unnerved him, and they chatted about the meeting a little. It was cold outside, so he suggested that they go for a cup of coffee. Chloe said yes, but she had that crazy feeling again, like she knew Casey before, that he was important for some reason, but she did not know why. She wanted to lift one of those big, black curls out of the way so she could admire his dark blue eyes better. What was happening to her? She was normally the epitome of practical!

They stopped at Starbucks and drank a few cups of decaf, as they had quite a lot to say. Chloe told Casey about her nursing career, and how much she loved her patients, how every time one smiled or said they felt a little better, it felt like a victory for her. Casey talked about his firm, and they discussed their shared love of nature and the environment. He assured her he was on her side in this battle to save the school, and that the firm could restore the building to its former beauty, even though it would no longer be needed as a school. Perhaps it could be the new library or media center; surely it would be useful for some purpose. Both of them were privately thinking how shaken they felt just having this conversation. They both felt they KNEW that this was going somewhere; that this relationship was very serious in a way they could not quite grasp. Of course, neither one of them could say that so early, on their first get together.

Sex Slowly Smolders with Capricorns!

Venus in Capricorn people need both emotional and material security. Since Casey owned his firm, and Chloe was a well paid nurse, this wasn’t an issue. Plus Chloe was a well known environmentalist. They were very impressed with each other. She liked to watch him speak with quiet, self assurance. He liked the way she had stature, and that other people often deferred to her out of respect. She looked really hot, and that was in business clothes!

Phone numbers were exchanged that night, and plans were made for dinner that Saturday night. Casey walked Chloe to her car, and on a whim, hugged her and gave her a kiss that almost made her breathless again. They said goodnight quickly, as they were both weak in the knees. The next day, before their date, Casey texted Chloe often, sharing funny little observations about his day. He never met a beautiful dynamo like Chloe, and that kiss almost knocked his socks off. Chloe’s mind kept wandering too, she never had such a strong reaction to a guy she just met.

Venus in Capricorn people are very sensual Earth signs, they just like to show it in private, not in public. But with these two, the whole room seemed to be charged up when they walked into it together. Even if one of them walked away, their eyes would lock onto each others, with such an intensity it was unnerving and confusing to them both.

The first dinner date went well, and they went back to Chloe’s apartment for a nightcap. Casey felt like he could sit on the couch and twirl those dynamite red curls around his fingers forever. When Casey was kissing Chloe, she never felt like that before, so safe and aroused, like being in Casey’s arms was all she ever needed. They had to talk about it, and agreed they must have been together in another life. That’s no easy statement from two pragmatic Capricorn Venus people, but we do travel in Soul Groups, and these two obviously were in love another time too. That’s why they felt so comfortable together so fast; and there was no pretense or that “good behavior” sort of way people act when first dating.

Casey grew up in a family with three sisters, so was pretty used to all the habits girls have, but to him, Chloe was up on a pedestal, he was madly in love and thought she was perfect. When he introduced her to his family, he was delighted that Chloe hit it off so well with his sisters, she was just like one of the gang, and immediately they were joking and making shopping plans together. It is most important to a Venus in Capricorn person that their family like the person they love. While at Casey’s townhouse, Chloe found out he liked to paint, and had some lovely landscapes and other paintings. He told her eventually he wanted to try to sell some of them, but for now he was too busy getting his business off the ground. Casey also asked if Chloe would let him paint her, but she felt shy about that yet. Both of them also had a love for antiques, as Capricorns have an eye for expensive and well made items.

Soulmates Plan Their Lives

It did not take long for Casey and Chloe to begin making future plans, they knew they were meant to be together the minute they first laid eyes on each other. They decided to live in Casey’s townhouse until he could build the home they would live in after the wedding, and they drew up plans for it together, which was fun and creative. They decided to buy property and build a home that took advantage of a small hill, so a little part of it would be subterranean, but the larger part would have lots of natural light, especially skylights, and they could use a few solar panels to utilize the sun’s natural energy. There would be room for a painting studio for Casey off to the side of his drafting table (he often brought office work home, Capricorns work hard). They would also make a home office big enough so Chloe could have room for her environmental group to meet there, instead of paying a fee for a meeting hall each month. People with any planets in Capricorn are thrifty by nature. But they work hard to save, and usually get less serious and reserved as they get older.

It is not too often we meet our Karmic Partner or Cosmic Soul, or some people are not intuitive enough to realize it as quickly as Casey and Chloe did. But once they knew what they had, they were going to make damn sure they never let each other go for a minute. And if you ever have that chance, make the same choice, or at least give it a try, you will never regret it! Always trust your intuition.

Wintertime Love


© 2015 Jean Bakula

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