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Veil Removed During the Coronavirus Lock-down #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


In this position was a lady standing and there

Was a guy directly behind her. They started talking

To each other and would get to know each other

In that position that day before the network was

Restored. Before they are being attended to they

Had exchanged phone numbers. The guy after

They have parted from the bank started

Calling the lady because the lady was not

Living in that island, she has gone to the bank

That day to withdraw from her account

Lest she be stranded in that island for she

Needs to return to her base early the following

Morning but she has no money on her

Again. After their separation, they started to

Build their relationship soon their relationship becomes

Romantic. About two years after their meeting

They got married to each other. However, their

Marriage was not the one the neighbors wished and

Hoped for, for the guy, for they had known

Him to be level headed guy. They fight regularly

And about three occasions they had attempted

To be separated from each other. At the

Twilight of coronavirus when the government

Of the island is contemplating on lock-down

Fear gripped their hearts of how they would

Be living with each other in their house because

Of the recurrent fist-cuffs that had taken place

Among them in the past. They were fighting

When they both have works to do, now that

They will be twenty-four hours indoor, how


Would it look like? This was the thought in

Their hearts won’t they kill themselves now?

After seeing some people who have contracted

The disease, the government make do with her

Promise and she locks down the island. During the

Time that they were indoors, that was when things

Changed for them as they started studying

Each other, knowing each other’s likes and

Dislikes, these they have not had time to pay

Close attention to when they were dating

Because they live in different islands before their

Wedding. As they had time to study each other

The wife stopped doing what her hubby does

Not like and so does the hubby. Then the fight

That they thought would engulf the family

Does not engulf the family but love has

Replaced hatred, friendship has replaced fighting

Their children too are happy seeing their parents

In harmony, the neighbors are surprised that

There has been no occasion of settling rifts

Between the duo which was the common thing before

When the lock-down was eased they are

Always seen together, and the man would say

To one of his colleagues in office that

“I have just been married”, while the wife

Also shared this on one of her social media

That “this is the kind of man I have been praying

To be married to all my life” and people would

Respond to her share that, “they are ready to love again”

The couple have made the most use of the lock-down

The veil that covered their eyes and separated

Them from each other have been removed and

They are now happily living.


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