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2.0 Following the Trail of Tears

Greg spent 10 years in the US as a foreign student, growing up during turbulent times and falling in love with the people and the country.

The disease from the valley of fear creates hysteria

The growing unrest and fear created by the uncontrolled spread of the Amazon plague has now reached hysterical proportions in the major metropolitan centers of the American subcontinent. Many of the South American governments are now reverting back to their old military roots to impose a semblance of order to prevent the public hysteria from erupting into riots and violence. Some of them have even imposed quarantines and no-fly zones into and out of their borders.

International medical organizations and even some private ones are trying to recover samples of the green plague which is the cause of the infestation but several recovery teams which were sent to the Amazon have not returned or communicated with their principals. A small number of teams of Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) agents under the auspices of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, a US health agency, have traveled by helicopter to various potential hot spots but news on their progress has been kept confidential pending consultations with the host nation.

In the last few weeks, vague reports are emerging from the jungle of the discovery of completely decimated villages and settlements. These reports have described the passage of the plague as leaving an unmistakable swath or trail of death and rotten corpses through the jungle, and of precipitating the disintegration and disappearance of well disciplined military and medical teams into the wilderness. Unconfirmed reports speak of a rapid and vigorous infection that is unsurpassed in its ferocity, swiftly creating fear and hysteria.

It is believed that the plague's viral toxicity and proliferation are unparalleled in the history of Field Epidemiology

In Brazil, the heart of darkness lay dancing........

The darkness of the Amazon jungle was unmistakably calm as the Bell UH1H helicopter passed noisily overhead. From his pilot seat, Capt. Melo and his Red Cross crew tried to look past his cockpit instruments into the darkness but there were no beacons or signals to advise them of a safe landing zone.

Instead as they approached the city of Rio, they observed numerous fires from scattered buildings and vehicles. Bonfires fueled by stacked human bodies and wooden debris illuminated the evening sky, but all they heard was the static hiss from their aircraft radio and the occasional call pleading for assistance. The captain and his men knew that it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue landing near the clearings when the disease had not yet finished its passage of death, riot and destruction.

"The plague is still not finished with its dance," the faith healer had told him before his flight had taken off, "you will know by the sound of its heartbeat and the darkness of its eyes."

After several days of flying over the jungle, Capt. Melo began to understand what the healer had meant.

Possible plague hotspots

In Mexico, dreams don't always end with a glorious sunset

Puerto Morelos is a fishing village in Mexico facing the Caribbean Ocean. Until recently, the growing proliferation of retirement villages in the town had aided in its economic growth. But as the spread of the plague approached closer to the village, many of the homes had emptied, leaving a once vibrant tourist town looking more like an eerie and abandoned dust bowl. Even the fishing boats lay empty, their owners having abandoned their source of income when one of them had been found with the taint of illness.

Bill Adams looked at the desolate visage of the town from his vacation home positioned on a hill above the town's plaza. He and his wife,Sheila, had retired to Puerto Morelos when the blizzards up north had become too painful for them to overcome. Their children had even encouraged their parent's choice of retirement. At first, the prospect of fishing for swordfish and eating lobster ceviche daily appealed to Bill and his wife, but her unexpected death a year later had left Bill without hope or reason to enjoy his surroundings.

From the veranda of his house, as the plummeting orange sun signalled yet another glorious sunset in Puerto Morellos, Bill began to think of plans to return back to the US.

"Maybe the kids will need my help..," he started to mutter to himself and then thought of his wife, "she wouldn't have it any other way."

"First of all, I'll need a mask or an NBC suit to keep the contagion off."

"Second, I''ll have to bring a rifle and enough ammunition."

"Third, a vehicle....."

This is not a drill......

San Francisco was burning uncontrollably. Engulfed in smoke, the city was descending into chaos and anarchy as police and firefighters fought to control the riots in the streets, the panic, the fear and the violence.

Smoke from various burning locations highlighted the city and marked the extent of the plague's coverage. Alarms and sirens continued all night while the lights of emergency vehicles raced to homes and buildings. Civil defense vehicles continued to broadcast their message "Do not leave your homes. Do not panic. Emergency aid is on its way." But no one listened.

Further south, the smoking embers of southernmost American cities like Los Angeles and San Diego appeared through the haze as rows of blackened concrete gravestones reaching outward into the desert, their roads and freeways showing the direction of many of those terrorized by the infection. Many of them disappeared into the desert.

Kathy's blog

Mom has been crying in the kitchen the whole day. She just learned that Grandpa and Nana can't make it to our home, their village is on lockdown. Dad is out front with some of our neighbors. He and my brother Sam spent the afternoon going through the garage looking for weapons. From our home, we can hear the noise and screams of the people in the village next to us. There's no use in calling the police, even 911 has stopped answering the phone calls. Dad says we can't leave the village gate, there's an army truck blocking us.

In a few hours, I am going to call Sis in Manila. Maybe Mom will smile when she hears her voice..........

Hotspots in the US

News start to disintegrate

Channel _____ has just learned that there is renewed rioting at the airport. Several passenger jets are on fire and only 2 firetrucks can be seen covering the blaze. The remains of a private jet can be viewed at the end of the runway as it attempted to land. The army has been called out to contain the chaos. Many fire and emergency services are inoperative after being found to be contaminated......authorities are asking for volunteers....

In the south shore neighborhood, a whole apartment building erupted in fire when a gas line ignited. Many of the fire victims have said that a gang was involved and may have set the fire as a distraction. ...Scattered gunshots interfered with firefighting efforts.....There are at least four more buildings in the path of this fire, but this reporter has so far failed to see any responding fire trucks.....

Jason waited for another looter to stick his head in thru the building's front doorway. His modified 9mm carbine did not have the range or firepower to stop all the gangs from entering and looting his family's convenience store, but the pile of bodies by the front entrance served as a deterrent to many of them..

The Global Broadcast Service has just announced an evening curfew starting......

the Pacific Military command has declared martial law in the following coastal states,,,,,,,,,

no word from the White House on.........

all cellular repeater sites in the Pacific Northwest have shut down following an alleged Chinese cyber attack .....

Naval Base at San Diego reports sporadic fighting, contagion spreading.........

Military units under the command of the ...................have taken control of the production facilities producing Biohazard Suits. Several Shipments to foreign countries have been seized, with all future orders assigned for domestic and military use................

The night holds no secrets........

In The White House, an emergency line was incessantly buzzing but no one answered. Access to the Executive Wing had been closed off when alarms began sounding about a computerized lockdown. Several monitors in the Situation Room had been left on to survey the crisis all over the world, but their shrill volumes played for no one.

The screams and shouts from the mobs of people trapped outside were audible even through the bullet proof windows and reinforced concrete walls.

Bigfoot - Alien Revelation

© 2020 Gregory Floro

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