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Valentine Chocolate Teddy Bear, Chapter 5


But Daddy Promised

"But he promised!"

"Well, you will have to wait until he gets here. Now get started on your homework, as I said."

"Fine," she said as she stormed out of the kitchen.

Off to her room, Alisha went. Peeking in her brother's opened bedroom door, he wasn't in there. She wanted to get a second look. Creeping in, she first looked under the bed. There was nothing but a bunch of magazines and empty chip bags under there. Next, she looked at his drum set. Then, she opened his closet door. At about that time, Jake walked in.

"What are you doing here," he yelled.

"I'm looking for Dexter. I know you got him. Give him back!"

"I don't have your bear. Now get out of my room, before I throw you out."

"I'm telling Daddy," she cried as she left his room.

While slamming the door shut, he said, "I don't know why in this world I would have that crazy bear. Somebody needs to burn it," as he put his headphones on his head.

Alisha went back into her room. Crawling on her bed, she began to cry, with her face buried in the pillow. She had no idea where he was.

Soon, Lisa called them both down for supper. As usual, no one showed up at the dinner table. Lisa fixed her a plate and began eating. While she was eating, Carl came in and sat down at the table.

"Where are the kids," he asked.

"They are in their rooms. I called them, but as usual, neither of them came down. I don't even know why I bother cooking supper every night."

"You do a terrific job. The kids will come down when they get hungry. They always do."

"Yeah, and be fussing because it got cold," madly said Lisa.

"Well, I would love to have a plate. It smells exquisite."

"Here, I'll make you a plate," said Lisa, as she got up from the table and headed back over to the counter to fix Carl a hot plate of food.

While Lisa was making Carl's plate, Alisha ran into the kitchen, "Daddy! Daddy, you're home!"

"Yes, Pumpkin, I'm home. Why are you not eating your supper? Your momma called you to the table," he responded, as Alisha climbed in his lap.

"I thought you were going to help me find Dexter," sobbed Alisha as she hugged him around the neck.

"Here, Alisha, get in your seat and let me fix your plate while you are in here. Your dad is hungry and would like to eat his supper while it's hot."

"But mom, I'm trying to find out when he's going to help me find Dexter."

"I know you are. You can find out while you are eating your supper."

"Come on, get in your chair, Pumpkin, and I'll tell you whatever you want to know," said Carl, as he helped her get down, out of his lap.

While Alisha was climbing in her chair, she asked him, "When are you going to help me find Dexter? You promised!"

"Yes, I did. Didn't I? Well, let's see. How about in the morning after breakfast. I have tomorrow free."

"That sounds great. But I wish you could help me find Dexter tonight."

"Now, Alisha, your dad has had a long day at work. He will help you tomorrow, he said."

"Man," as she grabbed her fork and began eating her supper.

"I promise, as soon as we get done eating breakfast in the morning, we will start the search for Dexter. We will turn this house upside down if we have to," Carl said, grinning from ear to ear and giving her a wink while trying to cheer her up.

"Woo Hoo! We are going to find Dexter!"

"Yes, we are. So don't worry your pretty little self any longer. By tomorrow, Dexter will be back in your arms."

"Thanks, daddy. I love you so much," she said, smiling tremendous.

"Now, finish your supper before it gets cold."

"Yes, sir!"

About that time, Jake entered the kitchen to get him a plate, as well.

"Hey dad, can you run me over to Jason's tomorrow. We have got to finish practicing for the big show we got next week?"

"No! He can't help you. He has promised to help me look for Dexter," scolded Alisha.

"Cry, baby! All you are, is a little brat," said Jake as he rubbed his hand around in her hair to mess it up.

"Stop it! Daddy tells him to stop!"

"I'm sure we will have found Dexter by then, Pumpkin. What time do you need to be there, son?"

"Around one o'clock."

"I think we can work around that."

"Ha! See there, it looks like I get my ride after all, and you get your stupid bear back.

"Now stop bothering your little sister and eat your supper."

"Yes sir," Jake said as he stuck his tongue out at her as he sat down in his chair.

Will Saturday Morning Every Get Here

When she got done with supper, Alisha went back to her room. Laying back on her pillow, she stared up at her bright stars on her bedroom ceiling.

Shortly after that, she drifted off to sleep. She dreamed of finding Dexter, buried deep in the mud, in her back yard. She grabbed him up and wrapped her arms around him, getting mud all over herself. She sat under the big oak tree that stood in the middle of the yard and danced in circles with her muddy Dexter.

Eventually, she woke up to find that Dexter was still missing. However, a sign of relief ran through her as she saw the sun coming up, just outside her window. Today, her daddy was going to help her find Dexter even if it meant turning the house upside down.

Alisha ran downstairs to the kitchen. When she reached the kitchen, she found no one was there.

Ugh,” she thought to herself.

She looked at the clock on the wall. It was only six forty-two.

Man, no wonder, no one is up yet.”

She ran back upstairs to her parent’s room. She busted in their bedroom, hoping they were up. There was no movement on the bed. Dashing off, she ran and jumped right in the middle of her parents.

Time to get up,” she told them as she was bouncing around in the middle of the bed.

Alisha, please. Go back to sleep. It’s too early for all this,” moaned Lisa.

But daddy promised to help me find Dexter today, after breakfast,” whined Alisha.

Well, he’s not even up yet. Go back to your room until we get up.”

But mom!”

Nope, there will be no moms about it, now go. I want to sleep a little longer, and so does your dad.”

Fine,” she said as she climbed off the bed.

Heading back off to her room, she wasn’t pleased. All she wanted to do was find Dexter. Crawling back up in her bed, she yanked the covers over her head.

Good grief,” she thought.

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