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Valentine Chocolate Teddy Bear, Chapter 4

Missing Dexter

Missing Dexter

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The Aching Headache

Pulling into the first convenience store, she parked the car and went inside. Looking up and down the aisles, she looked for something for her headache. Finally, on the last aisle, she found the single packets of medicines. She picked out the one she wanted, grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler, and headed towards the checkout counter.

On the way up to the counter, the owner begins yelling and chasing after a guy towards the door. Some young guy had run out of the store without paying for his items. Lisa just stood there at the counter as the clerk steadily yelled out the door at the young guy, running off. The clerk then ran over to the phone to call the police.

Lisa didn't think she was ever going to get to take her medicine. Her head was throbbing more and more. She just stood at the counter, waiting for the clerk to get off the phone finally. At one point, she thought about just leaving five dollars on the countertop and walking off. Since what had just occurred in the store, she felt that she better wait and pay the clerk personally for the items.

Fifteen minutes after been on the phone with the police, the clerk finally apologized, “Sorry for taking so long. What can I do for you, ma'am?” he asked.

"I just need these two items please," she responded as she was holding her head, trying to make the throbbing stop.

after paying for her items, she headed straight to her car. Attempting to open the medicine packet, she tugged and pulled on it. It was sealed tight in the thick, plastic envelope.

"This is just great," she said, as she took her key and tried to rip it open.

No matter what she did, the packet wasn't going open. Finally, getting back out of the car and going inside to see if the clerk had something she could use to open up the package. The clerk was standing there, writing down what all the young man had taken.

"Excuse me, sir. Do you have anything that could open this?"

"Yes, those little packets can be quite aggravating. I have just the thing," said clerk, while pulling out a pair of scissors from underneath the counter.

Lisa reached for the scissors and cut into the thick, plastic packet that was holding her medicine inside. Afterward, she handed the scissors back and thanked the clerk for letting her use them. While standing at the counter, Lisa turned the packet up and swallowed both pills within the container. Then she walked out of the store.

As she got into her car, she grabbed up her water to wash down the two pills down that she had taken. While guzzling the drink, she remembered she had to go to the cleaners to pick up the clothes she had dropped off a week earlier. Placing the cap back on the water, she buckled up her seatbelt and headed towards the cleaners.

After picking up the clothes from the cleaners, she stopped by a friend's house to check on her agenda for the upcoming Valentine party. The party came every year, and Lisa wanted this year to be the best. She got her list from her friend, and they discussed several of the items on the list.

Lisa wasn't pleased with some of the items on the list. She didn't believe that it would make the party spectacular as she saw it in her mind. Looking over the menu, she tried to decide on how to make it somewhat better.

Leaving her friend's house, she threw the list in her purse and decided to work on it later. Hoping to come up with some better ideas than her friend did. Feeling like she was the only one who had any sense of direction in coordinating a party, she had no idea why she just didn't put it on herself.

Getting back to the house, she took the clothes inside that she had obtained from the cleaners. As she laid the keys on the kitchen counter, she dropped part of the clothes on the floor. She began fussing at herself for dropping them on the floor. Picking them up off the floor, she carried them to the rooms and hung up on everyone's closets.

Looking down at her watch, she still had some time left before having to pick up the kids from school. She went back downstairs to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. Then sitting down at the table and begin to look over her party list again. Scratching her head as she looked at the menu, she scribbled down some ideas on the side of the paper. Marking through some of the other designs, she replaced them with her own.

Forgetting all about the time, Lisa glanced down at her watch; it was two forty-five, already. Lisa jumped up from the table, grabbed her keys, and drove to the school. While running late, she got stuck in a long line of cars at Alisha's school.

Where Is Daddy

"Good grief," she thought, as she looked at the long line of cars in front of her.

Ten minutes later, she was pulling up in the front of the school to pick up Alisha.

Alisha crawled up in the car, saying, "Where have you been? I've been waiting forever for you."

"I've been here for ten minutes. Did you not see that long line of cars?"

"But you are always at the beginning of the line. So what took you so long?"

"I had a lot to do today. I have things of my own to do, you know."

"Sure you did," as Alisha sat back in her seat and put her seatbelt on.

Pulling up at Jake's school, he was nowhere in sight. Lisa tried to call him on his cell phone, but there was no answer.

"Maybe he gave up on you and walked home," rudely said Alisha.

"Now you know he's not going to walk back. Where has he gotten off too?"

"Maybe he went to band practice again. I wish he would stay there."

"No, I don't think so, and that's not very nice to say about your brother. He didn't say he was going, or did he? Why won't he answer his phone?"

"Look, there he is over there, talking to those guys," said Alisha as she pointed to the other side of the school.

Waiting impatiently, Lisa tooted the horn a few times to get his attention. Jake turned his head and gave Lisa an evil look. However, it didn't make him come to the car any sooner. He stood there for several more minutes, laughing with his friends, hoping that they didn't think the car honking was for him. He waited for his friends to walk off first, before heading over to the car.

As he got into the car, he spoke with a hateful tone, "Ah, didn't you see me talking to my friends. How embarrassing."

Alisha spoke up, "You act like you, the only person in this world. I hate to tell you, but the world doesn't revolve around you, Goofus."

"What do you know? You just a kid, who's upset cause you can't find your teddy bear," whined Jack in the backseat.

"Mom, I know he has Dexter and won't give him back," fussed Alisha.

"I don't have your bear. What would I want with it? All you do is whine about that bear that you can't even keep up with," rudely said Jake.

"Good God! Will you two please stop all that arguing! That is all you two ever do! Why can't you get along, like all the other brothers and sisters in this world?"

"That's because they don't have a spoiled bratty little sister as I do."

"I am not! Mom!"

"The both of you stop it. Sit in your seats and don't say another word until we get home," scolded Lisa.

Arriving back at the house, both the kids jumped out of the car and headed towards the door. Jake pushed Alisha as she got to the front door first.

"Mom, Jake pushed me again!"

Lisa paid them no attention. Unlocking the front door, she headed on to the kitchen to begin supper. Getting the dinner out of the refrigerator, Lisa changed her mind. She put all the items back into the fridge and started peeling some potatoes.

While peeling the potatoes, Alisha came into the kitchen, "When is daddy going to be home?"

"I don't know. Your father didn't say. Now get started on your homework as I prepare supper. I'll call you when I get it done."

"But he promised to help find Dexter," whined Alisha.

"Your dad is a very busy man. He doesn't have time to look for your bear."

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