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Unexpected Bitterness (2)

Keyur is a college student, studying in India. He loves to write, and wants to take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Nora couldn't look Jaime in the eyes anymore. She was weeping with her head down.

"Whats the matter now?", Jaime asked.
"I just want to know why. Why did you betray my trust ? What's wrong with me ? I did everything for you. For us. And all that was for this ? Your love made me into something I wasn't, and something I wish I never became. Just tell me one thing. Was it a mistake ?"
Jaime's tears were cold. A stream of fresh blood was pumping every second from his foot, but that pain was too little compared to the mental pain he was in.
"Answer me", he said, "was it just a mistake?"
"No. It wasn't", Nora said.
Jaime rolled his eyes. He had never expected their beautiful relationship to take such a bitter turn.
"You don't love me?" Jaime asked, his voice shaking.
"I'm sorry", Nora said.
"You never did ?"
"There was a time I did love you. But-- I don't know what to say Jaime. You deserve love. You deserve to be loved dearly. I don't think I will ever love you the way you deserve. You deserve better Jaime. I am sorry."
Huh. Jaime chuckled.
"Nothing matters anymore. Not a damn thing. I think you should leave", Jaime said.
"Jaime please--"
Jaime rose up and started walking in the direction of his bedroom, dragging his right leg. Nora went to the door. She saw Jaime enter his room and shut the door. Nora did not leave. She sat on the couch there. She wiped her tears. She felt horrible cheating on Jaime. But her happiness was not with him. She looked out of the window. There were no stars. Even the moon was hidden under the coat of dense clouds. The night itself was pale and sad. Nora rose up and went to Jaime's room. She opened the door slightly and peeped in. She saw Jaime sleeping. He was calm. She closed the door and left.
Next morning Nora got a phone call. As it turns out, Jaime slept that night, but he never woke up.

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