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Two Barriers to Magic (Part 1)

One Side


A story within another story

Long ago - even older than some people can date - there existed a world where humans and magical creatures coexisted peacefully. It was a vast territory with a shape elongated by width; it was completely surrounded by leagues and leagues of sea, so that in all directions it was covered by the same thing: by sea. This fusion of two worlds was the most beautiful ever seen. In the day, the sky was always full of colors, the great guardian fairies were in charge of painting it with their great wings in such a delicate and subtle way that it looked like a work of art made in months. At night, the dwarves were in charge of throwing stars to the sky to be able to light their ways back home after a long day of work. All the magical creatures are in charge of giving life to everything will surrounds them; while humans, characterized by being full of energy and curiosity, discovered and learned new things every day. Although they do not have the magic of creatures, they have in their favor something much more powerful, the ability to create everything imaginable.

Thus for many years they all lived in harmony, accepting their differences and similarities, until an atrocious episode suddenly arose. A drought like never before seen began to plague the world, bringing famine and scarcity. At first it was not so clear but then this disaster brought with it a new one: humans began to surface the worst defects that could be conceived, some defects that they swore to the creatures did not exist in their hearts. Since, apart from magic -which amazed everyone who witnessed it-, another thing that differentiates humans from creatures was negative emotions: hatred, selfishness, rancor; they were not typical of creatures.

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