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Twenty Ways I Thought I Died. Part Two. Chapter Twenty One.

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.

CHAPTER Twenty One. The end.


Everything was going so well now as I stepped into thirty four single but in a very serious and satisfying relationship with the most wonderful man in the world. I have indeed come a long way, and I am satisfied with the path I took. It was a long one, but its just simply the best so far.

My only regret is that, I would have said yes to Stanley much earlier, but non withstanding my life has become a bundle of moral lessons for everyone growing up. Life has taught me a lot and I am happy to be able to tell my story as an autobiography. I am certain that my ghost writer Jade George Anibor will do justice to this book, and I wish and hope it gets into the hands of ninety nine percent of world’s population if possible.

I remember sitting in my room that faithful day discussing with dad and Efe junior when my phone rang and the caller was the love of my life Stanley.

Honey came his sweet voice. Please can you come downstairs?

Why? Are you around?

No but just come down okay baby. He ended the call before I could say another word.

I rushed downstairs with dad and Junior, straight to the front door and opened it. I stepped out and saw a young boy standing looking at me smiling.

Who are you? I asked in wonderment.

I am your son. He replied smiling.

Jesus Christ! Don’t tell me Stanley has a son somewhere! I screamed.
I immediately dialed Stanley’s number with my heart beating so fast. I heard dad telling me to calm down but I wasn’t considering it.

Hey baby are you downstairs now? He asked as he answered his call.

Yes I am and am seriously freaking out!

Why? He laughed.

Who the hell is this little boy in front of me? He said he is my son.

What’s bad about him being your son?

Don’t tell me you have a son Stanley! What the hell is this! So you have a son somewhere all these years and you never told me? Like seriously? And you throw it to my face like its nothing? Are you crazy or insane?

Baby please calm down. He laughed.

What’s funny about this shit! And don’t you dare tell me to calm down!

Baby why can’t you just hear me out. He laughed again.

Will you stop laughing? Because this is really killing me! I feel I am going to die right now!

Why? Why do you want to die Ufoma?

What kind of stupid question is that? I don’t want you having children from any other woman! I want to be the only one to have all your children! I cannot marry a man that has a child elsewhere! Now you throw this rubbish at me and act like its nothing! I am going to die now for real Stanley! You have broken my heart big time! I trusted you but you have deceived me. I broke down crying like a toddler.
Father was trying to console me but was so confused himself that he just couldn’t utter a word.

Ufoma my love please stop crying. Came Stanley’s voice from behind the house.

Stanley. I turned and saw him walking towards me looking so beautifully enchanting. Stanley what’s the meaning of this? I asked in tears.

Now for a certainty, I know you have truly fallen in love with me. I was scared that if I propose you might turn me down so I decided to try this method. This young boy isn’t my son dear, he is my nephew. I just told him to say what he said to get you think this way, so I can see how you will react. But hearing you say all those beautiful words to me, that you want to be the only woman to have my children, and that I have broken your heart and you will die now, just answered it all. Ufoma I can’t believe this day actually came whereby you can express your love for me so deeply and intensely. Ufoma I love you! I love you with all my heart, mind and soul. After God baby, you are next and there shall be non after you. You are the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. Ufoma, please honor me as a man by marrying me.

At that moment went down on his knees and brought out a tiny diamond ring and said those words I have always wanted to hear. How come it took so long for us to get here?

Ufoma Ogaga, Efe Ogaga’s daughter, will you please marry me?

Yes! Yes! Yes my love I will marry you! I will marry you honey I love you so much! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I thought I was going to die that day but Stanley revived me and gave my life again. It was a well thought out, simple and honest proposal.

By the time I wore my ring, Stanley had made a call to some small group of singers by the gate who were waiting to be called in. They came and played some nice songs for us, and another decorated the while compound with pink roses, and Stanley was holding me in his arms, hugging me so tightly as I whispered into his ears: never let me go baby, never let me go.

My wedding day!


Our introduction was fixed for December, while the bride price payment and white wedding went into the following year. So at thirty five, I became Mrs Ufoma Ogaga Ojewe.

On my wedding night, I gave my husband the best gift I could ever give him; my virginity. And the following morning when I woke up, he presented me with mine.

My love, I bought you a wedding gift. His eyes glittered.

Hmmm a gift, what is it then? I smiled shyly as I stared into the eyes of the man I had just given myself to.

Here it is. Take the cloth off. His smile broadened.

Right in front of me was something small in size and covered with a cloth. I wondered what it was as I pulled off the cloth.

A ball shaped map of the world? A ball map? I asked again. This is your gift? I laughed.

Yes honey. He laughed too. Now I want you to spin it and anywhere it stops, there we shall go for our honey moon.

Wow baby are you serious?

Yes I am love. And you are going to have to spin this every year to mark our anniversary. Every year when you spin this ball, wherever it stops, we go.

Oh honey I think I am going to die out of joy and excitement. This is so romantically generous of you.

I am ready to give you the world my darling. I love you madly. And please no more dying okay. He laughed. Let today be the end of you thinking you will die. But let today mark your beginning of a while new life and reasons to live.

I love you incredibly crazy my hero. I love you my husband. And yes, today puts an end to the times I have thought I died.

Who could ever imagine that marriage could be this beautiful at thirty five? Your guess is as good as mine. At thirty five, I married the most spiritual, good looking, intelligent, successful and caring, loving and generous man on earth. Did I tell you I met my husband too a virgin? He is a complete gentle man to the core. I am so blessed. But remember as they say, nothing good comes easy. I have been through the fire and back! It was not an easy journey but here we are smiling at the end.

I thank God for this gift from him; my husband. Only God could have given me this man at this age of mine. Stanley was there through it all but I didn’t know. I was so consumed by my fears from beginning that it crept into my daily life and I made some rash decisions, undermining God’s will for me. But I am glad its now all over, together with my sweet husband forever is how I shall always be. That year marked the end of Twenty Ways I Thought I Died.

I mentioned at the onset, my joys and rewards for waiting for the right man. I had triplets right after my wedding and today I am a grandmother at sixty five years of age. The same age as many of my mates who married way before me.

I and Ini are still very good friends. Her marriage finally ended when Itoro abandoned them for an older woman who had enough money to give him. Unfortunately she lost one of her older twin son in a car accident. The other three children are doing fine but non married yet. So I became a grandmother before Ini who married way before me.

My sweet aunty Ejiro is doing great even in old age. Chika got married and had five children! And three of her children are now married with children of their own. Which makes aunty Ejiro a great grand mother now! Kelvin Jr is also married with children and has taken over Synthex his father’s company, which his mother once threatened to close down. Life can be so funny when you reminisce over it.

My lovely father is eighty year old now and is still bubbling with life. He never got married again and decided to forget about women. He trained Efe Jr in his business and he has taken over it successfully. Junior is married with four lovely children and one is married with a child now. That makes father a proud great grandfather of many.

Grandpa Ogaga and grandma Ogaga died the same week Five years ago. Grandma died first, and grandpa followed suit. They died proud and well satisfied with years. Ogaga empire was willed to I and Efe Jr.

My lovely maternal grandparents, grandpa and grandma Ejiate, remain in my memory exactly where my birth mother is. I miss them terribly.

I and my loving, darling husband Stanley Ojewe are doing great together, and I am loving him more every second my heart beats.


From the author: This book is completely a work of fiction, and doesn't resemble anyone dead of alive. Thanks for reading and please stay safe..


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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