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Twenty Ways I Thought I Died. Part Two. Chapter Twenty.

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The very day Ejiro announced her pregnancy, the whole Ogaga family has been up and doing with purchasing of baby cloth’s, shoes, bags, diapers and the likes. Even Efe Ogaga was buying some really nice baby beds.

Dad how many beds will the baby sleep on? I had asked my father.

It’s a baby, he should have five beds in case he wets one, he gets to sleep on the other.

My maternal grandparents were already here in Lagos and everyone was really in expectant of the arrival of Kelvin Jr.
I have been told it’s a boy! Ejiro had announced over the phone, when she went for her regular checkups.

After five failed IVF she suddenly gets pregnant naturally. Her husband took the six months off to be with her pending till the arrival of the baby. Kelvin loved her to stupor!
I use to dislike him for cheating on her while they were dating, but I was rest assured he never went down that lane again.
My love for him grew when I got to see firsthand how he was so afraid of losing Ejiro when she threatened to divorce him. His family adored her and never bothered her when it took so long for her to conceive. In fact Kelvins mom had told her not to stress herself with getting pregnant, because she was worried about her health.

Aunty Ejiro could not curtail her joy when she finally conceived again. Her first child Chika had grown and was already asking for a sibling. I was exceptionally joyous because I wanted my aunty to be happy, and I knew what this boy child had brought to her these past few months. Stanley was always there for us both and Ejiro didn’t fail to patronize him to me everyday.

Stanley is a good man, why can’t you just agree to marry him? Haven’t you seen the way be treats us all? Compared to that David that was so nonchalant.

Hmmm aunty, when I recall the caliber of some men I have dated eh, I just begin to laugh. You remember that Tolu I dated via emails, that asked me for transport fare to come see me for the first time? The one I wanted to loan money to rent a place?

My dear, I remember. Please don’t let Stanley hear that crazy story of yours o! I remember how mad I was to hear that. See how you for take miss better man because of that idiot.

Aunty, you have been my special adviser e don tey! Thank God I have you. I would have made a mess of myself. I am thirty three now and still single, but I feel fulfilled

Ufoma, there is something I want to discuss with you and I want you to promised me to keep this private. She said becoming unusually serious.

What is it aunt? I asked getting curious as I sat in her bedroom with her.

It’s the doctor, he told me something that scared me yesterday when I went for checkup but I don’t want to tell Kelvin. You know how he is with me na, small thing he will start crying and begging me not to leave him.

Aunty what’s it? you are scaring me.

Don’t be scared. I just need to prepare someone at least, so even if I leave this world, I will have given myself an opportunity to prepare.

What! What do you mean by leaving this world?

Babe listen first. Remember that day when you and Stanley attended that idiot’s wedding?

You mean David's wedding?


Okay that was last year, what about it?

I had gone to the hospital and was told my womb had shifted, that’s why I was having abdominal pains.

Shifted? What does that mean?

I don’t know. They just said it wasn’t were it was suppose to be. And another doctor in the same hospital said my womb looked wider than usual, that’s why I was finding it hard to conceive.

Are you serious?

Yes. And the following week I had gone for a minor operation. They had my womb tied and placed well.

So what’s the issue now? I asked getting impatient.

I was called over to the doctor's office yesterday and he said he was afraid that the baby was growing too big. In fact he said bigger than expected! And I should be very careful with my diet now, because my womb was tied so something doesn’t rupture.

Aunty what the hell are you saying? What kind of risky thing is this? And you still want to give birth in Nigeria? With our low facilities?

Don’t say that! I traveled far and wide to various hospitals abroad but non could help me get pregnant. These doctors did a great job here in Nigeria and you want me to leave them and go deliver abroad? No I can’t risk it.

So what are we going to do now with this news they just gave you?

Ufoma, I need to have this child. If I should die, please take care of my children.

Are you mad? Are you mad! I asked crying. Do you want to kill me auny Ejiro. What kind of nonsense are you saying?

Please don’t shout and keep calm. Kelvin might hear, you know he has been clinging to me like a child since.

I don’t care if he hears! In fact I want him to hear. Uncle Kelvin! Uncle Kelvin! I screamed at the top of my voice.

Ufoma will you stop shouting! I need you to stay calm and strong for me. Can’t I trust you with this task?

What rubbish task? What nonsense task? Look if you die, I die. You better get that clear. I said in tears.

What’s it Ufoma? Why did you scream my name? What’s going on here and why are you crying? Kelvin asked as he rushed into the room breathless.

Its your wife! She is hiding something from us all. I blurted out.

Common don’t mind Ufoma, you know how she can be so dramatic sometimes. Ejiro lied.

Then why is she in tears? He asked.

We were just talking about her past, that’s why. She lied again.

So Ufoma has become dumb that she can’t answer for herself? He asked looking at me.

Uncle Kel, aunty Ejiro is lying to you. I bursted into another pool of tears.

Ejiro what’s going on love? Please baby talk to me. What’s happening here? Are you okay? Is the baby fine. He asked coming to kneel before her.

Honey everything is fine by God’s grace okay. Just have faith.

Uncle, aunty Ejiro just told me that the doctor said the baby is getting too big for her womb. And you know her womb was tied.

Ejiro, what’s Ufoma saying? Who tied your womb? And how is the baby too big? He asked looking more puzzled than I.

So she didn’t even tell you of her health condition? I asked looking at Ejiro who now had her head bent. Aunty Ejiro how could you hide something like this from uncle Kel?

Do you really want to know? Its because I need this baby! She screamed. You really think Kel will agree to impregnate me if he knew the risks involved? No. So now the bubble is burst. Here’s the news; I had a little operation unknown to you. The reason why conceiving was difficult was because my womb had become bigger than its size, so it was tied to enable conception. Now the doctors are saying the baby is growing unusually bigger than its size and my womb could rupture. And I might die. She added slowly.

What! What’s this rubbish you just said? Are you kidding me or what? Kel asked getting on his feet. Ejiro! Talk to me please baby.

What else do you want me to say! That’s it okay! Now I need my strength to stay alive so please, you and Ufoma can let me be now.

You must be joking! Pack your bags, we are flying to the US this minute.

Too late dear, I am in my seventh month and my pregnancy is complicated. No airline will allow me fly.

I am going to sue that stupid hospital! Kel shouted.

I am the lawyer here. So baby please calm down okay. Its not their fault! Look at the bright side of things, they helped us conceive our precious baby boy Kelvin Jr. He will soon come into this world, so I need all the strength I can get now to help me do so. She said crying. I need your support.

Ejiro, do you want to kill me? Do you want me to die? How could you even take such a decision without even for once thinking about me? Baby you are my life! I love you Ejiro, I love you. Why are you doing this to me?

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry baby. Please forgive me. I was so selfish and I didn’t think about you but our child alone.

Did you even consider Chika? Our daughter needs you! I kept on asking you every time what you needed a second child for? Am I and Chika not enough for you? But no! You kept on thinking of getting pregnant till you chose the most selfish way to get pregnant. Now I am just going to die. You have killed me. He said going down slowly to the floor crying like a baby.

Honey please get up, don’t cry. Everything will be fine please. She said as she went over to pull him up. Hon please stay calm and be strong. Everything will be fine.

So what’s he doctor saying now? What’s he solution? He asked leading her to a sit. And no more lies and half truth.

He said I should have the baby this month at seven months but the risks involved is very high. And it’s a fifty fifty Chance for our son. But if I wait till nine months, then its twenty percent of me surviving.

So let’s get the CS carried out this month dear.

What! What rubbish are you saying? No way! God forbid! I will never do such a thing to my baby. I will never put my baby's life at risk over mine. I will protect my child till my last breath. My son is going to stay in my womb till nine months. End of discussion! She walked out.

Ejiro you can’t do this to me, you can’t leave me alone in this world. He said following her.

I stood up with my teary face and followed them. Aunty Ejiro please listen to uncle, you can’t wait till nine months. Its too much of a risk! If the doctors are really good as they say, then putting the baby in an incubator at seven months shouldn’t be an issue.

You both should stop disturbing me! I can’t risk my child being in an incubator! Do you know how many babies have died in there? Don’t even mention that to be again. You both are making me weak, please I need water to drink.

Ufoma please get water. Kelvin ordered.

As I ran to the kitchen for water, I heard Kelvin’s voice screaming Ejiro's name. Ejiro what’s it! Ejiro ! Ejiro!

By the time I got there with the water, she had fainted. I thought I had died that day. Aunty Ejiro was like a mother to me, and for the first time in my life, I knew what it felt like to lose a mother. It was the most horrible feeling in the world. I just stood there motionless, like I had died standing, watching Kelvin try revive her as he took her to the hospital.

Aunty Ejiro on hospital bed.


That day still remain fresh in my mind up till this day. The thought of losing someone so dear to me nearly took my own life as well.

I remember all four of us, Kelvin, Efe, Stanley and I standing round Ejiro's hospital bed after the doctors had examined her. We were all in tears, even dad too. The doctors had said its either Ejiro had this baby now, or die in two months time after giving birth. Father had slapped one of the doctors and asked him why he got her pregnant.

The doctor had lamented in confusion that he didn’t get her pregnant but her husband did knowing fully well the circumstances involved.

Kelvin had given him another slap for hiding his wife’s medical condition from him her husband. And had said if he knew the risks involved, he could have never in this life gotten his wife pregnant.

Ejiro still insisted that she would never opt for a CS at seven months and put her precious child at risk.

After some days, when Ejiro was discharged from the hospital, a family meeting was held on her behalf. His mother in-law in tears begged her to have this child at seven months, but Ejiro refused.

The matter was now an everyday discussion at home that even eleven year old Chika knew what was going on and had asked her mother if she doesn’t love her, and why she was putting her life at such a risk.
Ejiro had told Chika, that if it were her in her womb, she would have made the same decision.

Everyone was in tears and our hearts were so heavy. How could a child just about to come into this world bring so much joy and so much pain at the same time? I had asked dad who just returned from seeing Ejior at her home.

I don’t know Ufoma. I am so confused as you are. The whole situation keeps playing in my head. I keep remembering your mother and how she died giving birth to you. I pleaded with Ejiro not to leave me too but she just won’t listen. She reminds me so much of your mother, and she has cared and loved you like one. How will I cope if something were to happen to her? Why can’t Ejiro even think about us? Who else can criticize me like her? I know we aren’t best of friends but I love her as a sister all the same. She is part of my family and I am so scared to lose Ejiro. Ufoma I am so scared. He cried. We both cried that night and it was a sad picture to view. But there was nothing we could do, Ejiro had decided to give birth to her child on the ninth month.

That year was the slowest and the saddest. We kept on waiting and praying that everything went smoothly. Finally the long awaited day came. Kelvin called father to let him know he just rushed Ejiro who was in labour to the hospital.

Immediately father called me, and his parents. Everyone drove straight to Dominic Ani specialist & diagnostics hospital. I had called Stanley our way there, and wasn’t surprised to see him already there with Kelvin and my maternal grandmother. Stanley had took some time off to make himself available in this period. That was exceptionally sweet of him and it made me love him more.

Ejiro had been in labour from home, but on arriving at the hospital, the doctors made it clear that she would give birth through CS.
Immediately a caesarian section was carried out and we heard the baby cry. That brought lots of joy but then came the sad news.

Congratulations sir. The doctor had said. Your wife just gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy.

What about my wife? Kelvin had asked.

I am sorry sir, but she has gone into a coma.

Immediately he said those words, Kelvin fainted on the spot. He was rushed in to be revived. While we all cried and prayed for God’s intervention.

I went in to see aunty Ejiro’s son, he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. His eyes were opened as if searching for his mother, and his tongue was out looking for breasts to feed on. He cried as he laid on his bed so alone. I was moved to carry this innocent buddle of joy. I couldn’t help myself even though I was so angry on how things had turned out.

As he cried, he starred at me and then smiled. Then he put his tiny hand into his mouth and began sucking it to pacify his hunger.

No aunty Ejiro had to get up! She has to hold her son in her arms. I can’t do this. I cried as I carried Kel Jr in my arms.
Kelvin Jr was left in the hospital to be observed by the doctors, while Kelvin had been revived and refused to go home until Ejiro opened her eyes. I sat with him by her bedside as we recounted lots of wonderful memories with her.

I told him of the first time I met aunty, I was in my teens then and was in a coma too. I had heard her voice and had woken up from it. She introduced herself as my aunty and later on fought for my custody which she lost. But ever since then, she had become like a mother to me and my soul mate. I love her with all my heart, and I didn’t know how my heart will survive without her. I knew I couldn’t make it. Ejiro was a huge part of my life I wasn’t ready to lose. She needed to see me get married and have my children and raise them with me. How could she leave me half way into life? I regretted not getting married ever since. And I promised to get married as soon as she gets well. I vowed that day, I was going to accept Stanley’s proposal and become a responsible married woman.

We spent three days in the hospital and aunty Ejiro was still in coma. The doctors feared that her situation might get worse.

With annoyance, Kelvin took his son and placed him beside aunty Ejiro and told him to start crying. He said he and his son will not stop crying until Ejiro woke up. I cried along with them as junior's voice echoed through the entire hospital, which made some nurses and doctors come plead with us to carry the baby so he can stop crying. But we didn’t carry him. He kept on crying like he knew why he was asked to cry, and we continued with him until we heard.

Kelvin, Kelvin baby stop crying, your mother is awake.

Ejiro! Ejiro! Kelvin screamed.

I stood motionless just watching her and hoping I wasn’t dreaming.

I'm sorry Kel, Ufoma am sorry I took so long to come back. Am back now.

There is no word or words on earth I can use to describe the joy I felt that day, its just simply indescribable! Its like my mother retuned from death for my sake, to be with me again. It was then my own tears started. I cried and cried and cried until Ejior vowed not to get pregnant again for my sake.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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