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Twenty Ways I Thought I Died. Part Two. Chapter Nineteen.

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I am Ufoma Ogaga, Efe Ogaga’s daughter; there is nothing that can shake me off my feet. When I stumble, I still have my stamina intact, and when I seat a while to rest after a hard hit, do not imagine I won’t bounce back strong.

I remember how it all started, yes those childish dreams of mine. I haven’t got it all, but I sure know I have much more than I asked for. As I sat in my office recalling all the events that took place last year, I had reasons to thank God for His grace! I can’t believe I am still a virgin after dating a womanizer like David for two full years. My heart is still wounded by the deceits I went through, and love is not in the picture for me now.

As for David, I thought I had forgotten all about him until he walked into my office after almost a year.

David! I looked up surprised. The last time I saw you was at your place, that unforgettable day I caught you cheating. I said to him.

Ufoma, it’s a pleasure seeing you again. He smiled as he walked in looking well dressed and dashing.

How could I forget his looks, tall, extremely handsome, that seductive smile, enchanting fragrance and manly built. He didn’t look like a doctor, he looked like an actor meant for only seductive movies.

What brings you here? I can’t believe Promise let you in without informing me.

I have been thinking about you. He smiled. Please don’t query the poor girl, I told her you were expecting me and common you were once my wife to be. He smiled again.

I didn’t want to get angry with David. Believe me it was the last action I had in mind. But what surprised me was the timing, how could he just walk in when I was thinking about him? Still I maintain my coolness, and offered him a seat.

No need Ufoma, I would rather stand because I don’t feel worthy beside you anymore, Infact I am not even worth your chair.

So you haven’t still changed? When will you stop patronizing me? You know what we had was a one sided relationship and you didn’t love me one bit.

Ufoma, I know you probably will never believe a word of what I am about to say right now, but still truth must be told. I really and deeply love you. Its just me and maybe the curse on my parents. I don’t know how I ended up a womanizer but gosh I am so ashamed of it, still there is nothing I can do about it. Do you think you would have been happy with me? No! At first I thought I would with you because I would just have my affairs in the office or somewhere else and you probably won’t find out. But Ufoma I can’t! With you I can’t be me, I would feel so damn guilty! I will hate myself for what I am doing to you. He paused then went on. Its not about you dear, I love you and you are a good girl. It’s about me and my stupidity. And that’s how I ended with someone who doesn’t make me feel guilty.

David, what are you here for and what’s your point in this degrading conversation of yours?

I am here to say I am so sorry for everything I did to you. And I want you to know I love you and always will.

Okay thank you but don’t even imagine I will take you back. I warned him.

That’s not even the last thing I want myself. You are too good for me Ufoma. I am here to plead properly for your forgiveness, please Ufoma find it in your heart to forgive me. He said going on his knees.

I just stared at him in amazement wondering what was really going on. I did not really understand the meaning of this drama, but I knew it was heading somewhere. David and I had not spoken for almost a year, in fact he did not even see it fit to call me or my family all these while to say anything or apologize or even ask how I was doing. And this is someone I even use to call friend. Now he was kneeling before me asking for forgiveness that I had long ago given him without him asking.

I don’t even know what to say. I managed to say. I had long forgiven you and here you are reopening old wounds.

I am sorry Ufoma if my coming here has starred up mix feelings but I just needed to do this. I didn’t know how to face you, that’s why I stayed away.

And you couldn’t call?

I didn’t know you wanted to hear from me. What could I have said?

Exactly what you came here to say. I said bluntly.

I am sorry. He said with his head bent, still on his knees.

Next time if you know you have some demons in you, get rid of them first before involving someone in your mess, that you are obviously not ready to clean. And please when you know a woman is just too good for you for a wife, do not disrupt her peace by proposing twice.

Okay. I am so sorry.

You can get up. I am long over that. I smiled confidently.

Oh Ufoma thanks so much for your generous heart, I really appreciate this. He smiled and went on. I really need one more favor from you so I can finally feel forgiven.

And what’s it?

I want you to attend my wedding, please. He stared into my eyes and handed me his wedding invitation.

At that point, a lot of thoughts were roving through my mind. Was David really sincerely remorseful for what he had done to me last year? Was he here to mock me? To hand me his wedding invitation and watch me feel bad about myself? Or was I too quick to have given up on us? Should I have gone back to talk things out and try help him out? His wedding invitation really hit me so hard that I didn’t even know what emotions to display. I felt I was going to die, but somehow I passed it.

You are getting married David? Was all I could ask.

Yea. I finally did it. It was a long hard decision but with Sarah pregnant and her family calling and asking for us to get married, I just had to do it.

You are getting married to Sarah? The woman I caught you on bed with?

Yes. He plainly said.

Its okay. I will attend. When is it? I asked opening the invite he had given me.

Its on the 23rd of this month. He replied calmly.

Don’t worry David, all will go on fine. You were worried I would disrupt your wedding that’s why you came here. I am not a angry woman David. But if I had not left you when I did, I would have began to exhibit was really horrible traits such as anger, jealousy and a vengeful attitude. And Of course I wish your wife a very safe delivering, may she give birth like the Hebrew women.

I stood up from my executive chair, and walked over to give him a friendly hug.

Congratulations dear, all the best. Marriage really isn’t an easy journey, I am sure with God's help, yours will be successful. Happy married life in advance. I smiled deeply because I meant it.

Wow Ufoma, this wasn’t the kind of reaction I was expecting.

Really? I asked smiling. I am no longer in love with you. In fact I am glad I didn’t marry you. And Of course, I deserve better. They say monsters are not born, they are created. You wanted to great a monster out of me, but God vindicated me and here I am today.

So you will be at my wedding? He asked again.

Of course! Why won’t I? Didn’t you invite me? I asked smiling.

Thanks dear, this means a lot to me. I still love you Ufoma, I always will.

Thank you David. God bless you.

I know I will cheat on Sarah.

Why? I asked.

Because its just my thing. So never feel I love her more than you. I am just marrying her.

Wow well that helped. I laughed.

What? You don’t believe me?

David please, I hope you are not trying to ask me for sex again? I mean I know I was acting irrational when I came over to your house that night to offer you my body, but you know deep down it won’t have happened right?

Yea. Yes I know.

And I also know you knew right from the start who you were going to marry. You just wanted to sleep with me and you felt I will fall for it if you proposed. I know your kind of man now, it’s just so unfortunate I got entangled with you. This is a lesson for every woman, never get carried away by a man’s looks, but let his handsomeness be the secret person of the heart. Who he really is inside, and I must tell you today David as a friend, that you are a disgusting man within. I really pray and hope you repent and stop sinning. But all the same, you marrying your type so that’s fair enough.

My day at the office was ruined! I went home that day so sad. I wasn’t sad because I still love David, I was sad because it became obvious I was stupid! And had wasted my whole two beautiful years with that disgusting man. I couldn’t believe I almost married him!

David was so disgusting to me now that I felt so ashamed of myself. A man’s looks should never be a priority for any woman seeking a mate. Being a husband is a very weighty responsibility and it’s a woman’s obligation to choose her spouse wisely. How could I have ever called David my husband? What was I thinking all along? He suddenly became so ugly to me that I began to wonder what I even saw in him? It wasn’t that he was perfect looking. In fact he had bad eating habits, and he wasn’t really that built up, he had a little protruding tommy that irritated me. He also had one stained tooth that got me pissed when I was angry at him. And lastly he was a dirty man, who didn’t bath twice and brushed twice. He found it difficult cooking his meals and never washed the dishes when he did. So what was really attractive in that kind of man?

From that day onwards, I told myself that I wasn’t ready for any relationship until I was sure of who I am dating. I am never going to be carried away by non essential things, and desperately accept one fool because of my age. I would focus on my business, take care of my looks, be happy and experience the joy from being single.

That week, I decided to take a week away from work to give myself nice treats and body treatment. I changed my looks by having my hair cut short and dyed wine with curls. I went for a body wash and scrub at the spa to bring out my glowing black skin, and had my nails done.
I also enrolled in a gym and got the right diet for my shape and height. I drew closer to God and had both my spiritual life and physical life intact as I my business made more money.
When I resumed work the following week, everyone saw the difference. It was more like the new Ufoma Ogaga and I was loving my heart. I was sincerely happy.

That week was David’s wedding and I had not gone for shopping. So I went through some nice attire online and was making a selection when Promise came in to tell me someone called Edirin was here to see me.

What was really happening this month? First David, now Edirin, was I safe? Edirin and I weren’t really on a friendly note since she took sides with her brother Stanley. I wonder why she was here to see me.

Edirn! I got up to give her a hug as she came in. Wow quite an age! What reminded you of me?

Ufoma, I have never forgotten you. She said coming out of our embrace. I just felt you and Stanley needed to sort your stuff out and I needed to chill.

You are looking really good! I complimented.

Thank you. And you looking stunning! Love your new look more! And I am sure Stanley will kill for this. She smiled.

Thank you dear. Speaking of Stanley, I hope he is good?

How would he be when you have chosen to break his heart?

Common! Edirn be fair with me a bit.

What’s be fair? You know I am always blunt and honest with you. I am sorry if it hurts you but I love you so much more than to lie to you. I don’t know what is really going on, but I just feel you should hear Stanley out. Please Ufoma, its breaking his heart that you have decided not to see him. You keep on telling him to give you space but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out? He is your Friend. Stanley is a very patient man and I am sure he is ready to wait for you till eternity but please, let him see you.

Okay. Was all I could say.

And I am also here to invite you to my wedding! She smiled.

Again! I just couldn’t believe it. Was everyone going to get married and leave me behind? I felt shame sweep through my face. I recalled the day I had used David to spite Edirin at my place. And how she had warned me about him and said, I was only going to get an engagement ring from David. How right she was! Here I was standing before her disengaged and single, while she was getting married. I thought I was going to die, but I survived it.

Wow! This is really good news! I got up to hug her again. Congratulations! So you saved the best for last. I am so happy for you dearie.

Thanks love.

So who is the fortunate guy?

Who else na? My childhood love Nathan.

Oh yes! I remember you told me about him.

See you! You have forgotten everything about me na because of that dog David.

My dear I am so sorry! That’s in the past now.

Yes o! Because no other person fits better as my maid of honor than you. She smiled.

Oh yea! Are you for real?

Yea yea I am! Okay let me ask properly. Please Ufoma will you be my maid of honor?

I will love to!

We had dinner.


That day Edirn left my office, I promised her I would give Stanley a call. He was so glad I did that he quickly asked for permission to come over and see me. I told him to meet me at golden chicken restaurant by 6pm as I would be having dinner there.

I closed my office two hours later by exactly 6pm and drove to the restaurant. On my way there, Stanley had called to say he was already there waiting for me. His voice sounded really excited over the phone and I just remembered the first day we met.

Stanley is a good black man, I said to myself. But I was not going to make it easy for him, he had to be my scape goat for the heartbreak I suffered last year.

When I walked into the restaurant, I saw the most handsome gentleman in there, stand up to signal me. I walked up to him and he drew out a chair for me. He was so polite and gentle. After I sat, he took my hand and pecked it.

Ufoma, I wish you know how joyous I am to be here with you today.

I know Stanley. I am glad too.

What can I say? Today is a miracle for me.

Miracle? We are just having dinner right? I asked him smiling.

Its not just dinner for me. He smiled and then asked. What will you like to eat?

We placed our orders and sipped a bottle of expensive wine while we waited for our meal.

Ufoma, I love you. Why are you treating me this way.

Honestly Stanley, I don’t wish to have this discussion now.

Why? You are breaking my heart. Ufoma do you know how long I have been waiting for you?

Are you tired?

Never! Never my queen. I will wait until you become my wife. I love you so much Ufoma, I love you with my whole heart. Please baby marry me.

I am not ready Stanley. I need time.

Okay then I will wait but please at least be in a relationship with me. I want to be able to flaunt you as my fiancée. I have been dying to do that. Honey do you know how many years ago I met you? Its seven years this year. What wrong did I do to you? My love please be my woman. Call me your man please.

Stanley I need time.

I know and I will give you all the time in the world. Even if it means you saying yes when I am one hundred years, I will wait for you. But I want to know if I am free to call you my woman?

After a deep pause, I said yes.

I had punish Stanley unnecessary more than enough. I did not have any excuse to say no. I mean what had he done wrong? Deep down in my heart I knew I loved him, and I always have. Its just that a lot had happened.
I remember when I met Stanley, I was already communicating with Thomas and had made up my mind to marry him since he had loved me since childhood. Thomas died mysteriously and I was left devastated. I could not follow up with Stanley and he also traveled then for an official duty.

When he came back, I had already met David and even turned down his proposal, then dad shocked me with his betrayal of marrying my ex's wife’s sister. I was so devastated that I just needed to get married. Stanley came over and saw my frustration and decided I needed to come out of it first before anything. It really made me sad but it was the best decision! He helped me heal and I started my business with his help.

Everything was beginning to go fine for us and I knew he was going to ask me out and then came my failure. I failed my exams and felt so ashamed that I ran into the arms of David. David took advantage of the situation then and proposed the following year when I passed my exams and got my masters degree in mass communication.
David engaged me for two full years with no plan for marriage and I walked Stanley out of my life, only for David to leave me heartbroken afterwards.

Here I am again with Stanley having dinner and him asking me to marry him. If Thomas had not come into the picture then, there would have been no distractions for I and Stanley! We would have married a long time ago and I would have had my kids.

Ufoma dear, what are you thinking about? Stanley asked in between our meal.

Nothing much. I have a wedding to attend by weekend.

Whose wedding?


David’s? Wait the same David?


He invited you?

Yes he did. He came over to my office last week.

You want to go?


I will go with you.


Why? Because I don’t want another clown disrupting our relationship. I can’t afford to lose you again baby. I have been through a lot, I don’t know how much my heart can take anymore.

I really felt sorry for Stanley. Why did he suffer much when I loved him silly? He was more handsome, richer, taller, educated and of course spiritual than David. So why did things turn out for us this way? I loved Stanley so much for a husband, and he loved me more. Still, I wasn’t going to give in easily.

You don’t need to follow me, I will be fine.

Ufoma please let’s not argue about this.

I insist I want to go alone.

And I insist you won’t. I allowed you have your way for so long and that’s what caused this rift between us. It won’t happen again. Its either you and I go to that wedding or you don’t.

Okay we will. I smiled inside me. I was happy he was finally taking control over me, it made me feel safe and secure. That is something he should have done a long ago before I clocked thirty two.
I was glad he was accompanying me to the wedding, because even though I was strong now, I didn’t know how I would be then seeing David and his betrayal getting married.

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