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Twenty Ways I Thought I Died. Part 2. Chapter 2

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Don’t you dare touch me! Aunty Ejiro screamed. You this rude, disgusting man! So you have the guts to get another woman pregnant? Not just another woman but Rosa your employee? How demeaning of you Kel!
Don’t be so hard on me my love. Kelvin pleaded on his knees. You know how women are with me. I will lose everything now if you walk out on me. We have to work this together darling.

Work what together? If not for the crazy law suit would I have had the slimmest idea that you are having an affair, and that you could ever have one? Gosh! Kelvin, so you can look at another woman? This is really just crazy. I have been thoroughly deceived, upon my profession!

My love please why are you talking this way. Rosa is the only woman I have ever slept with while married. It was a complete mistake.

Are you sure kel that Rosa was a mistake? Because the last time I checked, she is pregnant, and she was dismissed from work by you, and she has filed a case of sexual harassment at work which led to her carrying an unwanted pregnancy owned by you. When you found out that she was pregnant, you dismissed her.

No dear that’s not true. I never knew she was pregnant when I dismissed her. I dismissed her to save my marriage. I did it for you!

Really? How about you shouldn’t have had an affair for me? That would have sounded better. Where do we start from now. Because Kel the truth is I am going to divorce you.

Baby please you need to calm down okay, divorce isn’t the solution here. I have told you to call Ufoma, she knows about everything. She even told me not to tell you, that you would freak out. When she found out about I and Rosa, she said I should end it and let it pass. She knew how Rosa tried getting me, making mad advances at me, and how at last she drugged me and made love to me in my office. That woman is obsessed with me. Call Ufoma and ask her honey.

Look just shut up! Because you are really beginning to sound like a pussy now. And why are you pinning all these on Ufoma? My Ufoma would never lie to me. I know her, and she is family. If she knew you are cheating on me, I would be the first she would tell. Besides I have summoned her and her father here. You just wait and see how I disgrace you, you this sick liar. When I am done with you, you would have wished you married Rosa instead.

Good morning! Efe greeted from outside. Ejiro we are here!
Please come in Efe. Good morning. She greeted as she saw both him and her beloved niece Ufoma.
Ejiro what is wrong? Your call this morning really got me worried. I haven’t heard you so broken down on the phone before.

Yes Efe you are right. But that is what happens to a woman when she marries a man just like you.

Aunty Ejiro please what is going on? I asked. And what did father do this time. This time I walked over to hold her hand.

Your darling father, sent me a note telling me that my dog has impregnated a bitch.

Oh common Ejiro why would I do that? What do you mean? In fact what are you even talking about? Efe asked.

What am I talking about Efe? What? You thought I would not find out? That you are having an affair with one of the nurses at Epe general hospital? And you got to know through her that I am pregnant? So you said to yourself, this is the right time to act, to prove to Ejiro at her weakest moments, that her husband is as useless as you. So you gladly gave Rosa the boast that she needed to sue my husband for sexual harassment. What are you trying to prove Efe? That my name can be dragged in court the same way yours was dragged in court by me? An act you committed voluntary.

Okay hold on now. Kelvin said in shock. What’s going on here? What are you talking about Ejiro? Did Efe know? Is he behind this?

Aunty please talk to me. What’s going on? I asked again looking into her now sad eyes.

Ufoma, what can I say? I have said it all. No wait I think I haven’t. Because my husband just claimed or keeps claiming that you know about his mistress and his adultery. And you even told him not to tell me. Is that true dear.

What! I exclaimed. How did I know? And why would I tell him not to tell you? What nonsense! I can never hide anything from you aunt. I am so much in shock right now that uncle Kelvin can do something like this. But uncle Kel, why would you even say I know about this? I asked him wide eyed confidently.

Ufoma, please don’t lie, my marriage is at stake here. Remember evidences can always spring up. He said that to remind me of the little video he had planned to use blackmail me.

Please I need to see those evidences that claims I know about your office romance. I smiled at him wickedly. And father, how are you even involved in this? I asked dad as I turned to him.

Okay hold on ladies before things gets out of hand. I admit I know about your husband’s affair alright, but that doesn’t mean I did anything wrong. At least I tried to tell you through a note, because if I had come face to face, you wouldn’t have believed me. So I sent you that anonymous note informing you that a lady is carry his baby. I am a good guy you know.

Dad, again I ask, how did you find out?

Okay I found out through Isoken. Rosa happened to be her friend and she had confided in her of how Kelvin demanded sex from her, and how he vowed heaven and earth to protect her and her job, but ended up dismissing her and denying their unborn child. So I only advised her to fight him legally, which is what she is doing. And I warned you through a note, when I also found out you are pregnant from a nurse at the government hospital where you registered. I had to let you know that you are not the only lady carrying this guy’s baby.

And who is this nurse to you father?

Ufoma, please today isn’t about my escapades, but Kelvin’s. So can we just concentrate on the culprit.

You know what Kel, just go upstairs to the bedroom you and I once shared, and pack everything belonging to you there. And I don’t ever what to see you in this house again! Will serve you the divorce papers soonest.
Hey Ejiro please calm down. Efe pleaded. That’s one thing about female lawyers, they hardly forgive.
Wow and that’s coming from a man who specializes in women! You dare tell me Ejiro Ejiaeta to calm down!
Efe and Ufoma will you both excuse me, I want to talk to my wife privately.
There is nothing for us to talk about Kel! Ejiro shouted. Just go pack your cloths and get out this minute. You stink like the dog you are, and I cannot breathe by you anymore!
Guy, kelvin my guy, make we dey go abeg. You see this lawyer, I know her very well. Let’s go to my house and chill a bit.
With that, dad and Kelvin where about to leave and I tailed behind them full of guilt, when I heard aunty Ejiro's voice stop us.

Where are you going to Ufoma?

Aunt I am going to work. Today is work. I emphasized stupidly.
What work? And what company? The one I have closed down? You know that company is a gone for good Ufoma.
What are you saying? Kelvin echoed. Look Mrs lawyer wife, you are my wife! I married you and in no circumstance can you take me to court, close my company or divorce me. I am Kelvin Okwu, I am an Igbo man to the core! You better begin to arrange yourself before I come back from Efe's place. So calm down and let’s talk like two mature adults.
To late Mr Kelvin Igbo man to the core, I have decided to take up Rosa's case as I lawyer. And I am going to make sure you pay through your teeth for damages. And I barrister Ejiro Ejaiete will bring down Sythex forever!
Aunt please hold on. I had to speak up at that moment. I just couldn’t imagine losing my job I love so much, and the few friends I have come to make. How can aunty Ejiro even go this far?I have to do something. Aunty Ejiro, are you sure that baby Rosa is carrying is uncle Kel's? Rosa was really close to Sam too, and I am sure they were sleeping together.
Ufoma, where is that coming from? She asked me.
I think Ufoma is right. Kel muttered. That guy was really close to her, I suspected them and I asked Rosa about it too, but she denied.
You are so shameless Kelvin! Ejiro shouted. So you dismissed that girl because you suspected she was sleeping with your employee too?
Damn it Ejiro! When did I say that?
You didn’t have to spell the word Kel, I am a lawyer, I read in between the lines. Am I saying the truth or not?
Aunty please, let’s focus on finding out if really that baby Rosa is carrying is uncle Kel’s. Please let it not be you are assisting the enemy.

That day at aunty Ejiro’s , we all sat and had a peaceful discussion surprisingly. At the end, aunty called for a separation for the main time, while we investigate who really owns Rosa's baby. Kelvin moved over to our house for the main time, he actually did it to calm aunty Ejiro’s fears, to make her feel he isn’t what Rosa made him to be, that he can be a faithful husband and father. He thanked me for saving his marriage, and I told him that his so called evidence on me is over, that I had gotten rid of it. He promised to be the best in-law to me, and said he would promote me as soon as he comes out of this trouble.

What next?


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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